Timeless & Glueless & Flawless Melted Wig! Classic Bob With Yaki Hair Never Goes Wrong

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Aries - Blunt Cut Bob Wig Short Hair Glueless Invisible Lace Front Wig - Aries003

Cap construction - 13x6 Lace Front Wig

Hair Color - Natural Hair Color

Hair Length - 10 Inches

Hair density - 130%

Hair Texture - Yaki

Knots - Deep Bleached

Hairline - Deep & Ultimate Pre-plucked Hairline

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Foreign welcome back to my channel, so you guys already know it's another week, it's another week, okay! So today we are reviewing this weird from my first wig, and this is a 10 inch Yaki Bob wig. It is so cute. It'S like perfect for a sexy. Classy. Look so I'm going to be showing you guys how I install this wig. This wig is so easy to install you don't have to use glue, but if you want to, you can definitely use glue. So, with this wig, I'm gon na show you guys how it looks with glue and without glue. Okay, this unit is perfect for a glueless install as well. So you guys I'm gon na go ahead and cut my ear tab off camera, because when I cut my ear tab off, I have to get really really close to the camera. If not, I will mess it up so so I am going to position my unit. How I want it - and this is so cute - I'm definitely going to wear this to on my little stay vacation this weekend, I'm gon na show you guys how I'm gon na rock it and stuff like that. So let me go ahead and cut the ear tabs off and I'll be right back now the ear tabs is off. So what I'm going to do is push the hair back, so I can make sure I don't get it and nothing okay. So today, I'm going to be using my Erica J glue. Okay, so we are going to okay. What I'm gon na do is because I want you guys to see how the wigs look without glue and with glue. So what I'm going to do is do this side first with the glue and then I'm going to cut the lace off on this side and we're gon na. Do this side without glue without spraying, without anything and we're gon na see how it lays so because I'm gon na eventually glue both sides down? I just want to show you guys how it looks if you decide not to use glue, because this unit, you don't have to use glue, if you don't want to, is places the places. Okay, right now, you guys I am just cutting off the lathe, I'm not doing it really neatly. This is how the lace look when I cut it off, so I'm gon na just go back with my spray to make sure everything is laid down. This spray. Do not play oh before I finish this unit up and style it. The way you know make it like customize it to my like, like me, liking um. I just wanted to show you guys you can wear this unit glue. This, like this side, is completely glueless. So all you have to do is make sure the comb is hooked on really tight. Maybe I would this side is pretty much glueless y'all. So before I get this hair tube. Looking like what I would like and what I want to wear like me, customizing it. I just wanted to come on here and show you guys that this unit can be worn gloomy. For example, this side has no glue whatsoever, but it's the the lace is super melted, as you guys can see the only thing with the ear tiles. What I would do is like get a little baby hit like just add a little piece hanging like this, and you can cut it a little bit and you can put a little spray just on the edges just to keep that down. But if you wanted to just get up and go, you definitely can throw this unit on and it'll. Look like it's melted to the hairline like this is completely melted. So now I'm gon na go ahead and glue this side on and you know get the hair to fit my face shape because right now it's just it's not fitting my face so right now the hair is pretty much glued down. You guys so I'm just going through it and I'm just plucking it a little bit more, so the hairline can be a little bit less dense. Now one thing about my first wig: you don't have to pluck it. This is the hair company that comes pre-plucked. You don't have to do any of this. Okay, I'm just showing y'all how I apply my wig, even if you don't have to plug in. I still pluck it a little bit just so it can match my hairline. So I want my hair to be really really flat, so I'm just going to take my wax stick and go in between the tracks and just not just hot comb, the top layer of hair. You want to like hot comb everything and you kind of want to pull it. The same time like it needs to. You need to feel it coming through the unit. So that's what I'm gon na do. I'M gon na sit here and just hot comb each section you could do this on your wig head as well like girl, I'm the type of person I'll be here all day, just to get my hair flat. I, like my hair, to be super super black. Is my place looks like it's my hair. I just got my hair pressed so okay, so I'm not gon na bore you guys, I'm just gon na sit here. Take this wax stick and just really go in okay, because this is a Yaki texture, texture. This is yakier, so you know it's gon na look really natural for us black women. That'S why I love getting like yucky pops, and when I do my bun, you guys know I love doing my bun with the part in the middle. That'S like my chill look, but this is gon na like replace my bun for a little bit, because it's just so it's so pretty. Okay, you guys, so I pretty much got the hair flat like I wanted. I want to just take a little bit of my mousse I'll leave it down below, for you guys and just put it on my hairline. The reason I like this mousse - I don't need it for this unit, because the hairline is pretty good for my hair. A lot like the the color matches really well um, I don't know y'all. I just love this mousse and I just love the way it looks so I always use it it. Just your wig can be Flawless, but just just take it up a notch and I'm gon na put my headband on, and you know spray a little bit more with my spray and then I'm gon na put my head back on. Like my little elastic, I'm gon na do my baby Edge, Scoopy scoop and then that's gon na be it, but I just love the way that mousse works I'll leave it down below you guys you can get it from Amazon I'll leave it down below use. So I'm gon na go ahead and let this dry but look how flat this unit is girl and they disregard all the makeup and mousse. Once I get done I'll, wipe it off and do my makeup over, but some cute and I think I'm gon na park down the middle. Usually I do a push back one thing about this unit: you can style it in different ways because um, the part is so long. It has a whole bunch of partying space, so the part go like really far back and when my parts go really far back. I like to take advantage of that, because your hair is going to lay lay and this little wax stick is just helping. My hair like just lay - and this is The Edge booster wax stick, which I love their edge control. So I know the West. It was gon na hit, but yeah. Let me tie this up and then we'll be back. You guys we'll be back. Time'S been moving slowly slowly already In Too Deep can't get no sleep on each other lose control. You don't wan na go slow! Your place my place, I love my hair y'all, so what I'm doing right now, so I did my baby edges as you guys can see my little one, two that I normally do. Yeah, when I tell you Yaki, hair, like a kinky Yaki hair is my favorite type of hair to use when I wan na, like a really like this hair is so pretty so what I'm doing is just taking my height like my flat irons, I'm making sure It has the bump. Now you don't have to have your hair pushed behind your ear. You definitely can wear it like blunt, like in your face, that'd be really cute too, but I'm just a very behind the ear type of girl. So I just like literally just do it like this. This is just so effortless and just very chic. Okay, you guys, so I decided to push this unit back. I just love a effortless. Push fan look, but I did show you guys how you can do the part in the middle. You can also do like a flip over a toss over method. Whatever you want, I love this list, Bob um, because it's not too short. So now I did get a shorter Bob. I think it was a few months ago um and it was just a shorter Bob. It was just like this, but it was shorter. So this one here is just I don't know you guys, it just is super flattering, and I love the length of it. It'S a 10 inch. I think the other one was like an eight inch, so this one is a 10 inch and I really love the way. It looks every time I record there's something going on at the door and, like I said you can wear your part on the side or in the middle, I'm just going to keep my eyes pushed back. I love how effortless it looks just so good y'all. So good, I'm gon na wear this on vacation this weekend. It'S just so Timeless and so pretty you can add a little dry shampoo in it to keep it like nice and fluffy. But I love this. This is like so classy and the way they got this bob cut is so blunt, it's so pretty sure y'all. I didn't really curl the back of it yet, but when I do wear it out, um it actually, you know wear it with the outfit I'll. Definitely wear it with um I'll make sure I bump the back really tight just so it can have like that. I love a volume um about with the volume so yeah just different ways. You can you can style it, it's so full. It'S so pretty and shout out to my first wig if you're looking for a beginner friendly wig make sure you check them out, you will not regret it. I also showed you guys in this video on how you can wear with a wig with glue or without glue um, so you could definitely wear it either way. But thank you guys so much for watching love. You guys so much and I'm looking at myself in the mirror girl - and I love this look. Okay, so cute. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I love you and I'll talk to you later, bye, guys,

MyFirstWig: Love, we even can't take our eyes off you! You made it!

LaSharon Davis: Another great look Ms Bree you definitely know how to slay

Tanisha Latoya: This Hair is ! Its Nothing like a good ol’ bob

Renee Ollie: So pretty


mrs kay: Very pretty. Did you bleach the knots?

tubes200708: So cute

denise: I love that spray.. it's no joke

FADEXL_KADEN: I love all of your videos, but I just keep trying to glue my wigs and can't get t right

Francine Sanders: Nice video sis

Sarah Miller: Hi , pretty great video, quick question is it Indian or Malaysian hair, cos the site has an option to choose so I'm confused. Thanks

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