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Hey guys,

Just a very quick little "HOW TO" on styling a lace front wig.

I was inspired by the ELLEN WILLE US team to create a little video of quick style on the Hair Society piece. I hope it is helpful!

Be your own beautiful!

Lots of ,



Thanks so much for tuning in, to you all!


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Thanks very much for watching guys!

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I need to be more organized my new videos, so hey guys it's michelle, so I was feeling that inspired last week when I watch life settle with a sail off between in an orbit famille and fellow us, you guys I'm still killed aim and it was clear And I you thought to report when it's in a box - yes and what it says like, but it's on your head as you're here, Quinn stantly, total front, believe it on that. So am I here for ste is called the star by Ellen Villa, and this is here. Society range, invest, highs, emotional release, front on that's here and honestly, so so not to, though, really really, I endured a change if you have total here loss. This is probably my favorite cynthia degree in that moment right. What I wanted to sure was just a really quick sale. A lot of people see a leak attainable by like that came ashore, but I don't feel it's that bears to tell you and I can, I think actually, yes, because and you can leave it like this - you can tuck it behind your ears and make it look. Super short because this is kind of your top ten short it back a few words really, but I made a short sale and what you can actually do. It'S obviously part of that back here. If you want to know what I'm going to do today is just I really like to say up which is really making this or this lease from that we have a button. One with the hand things excuse me and excuse the state of my nails. I have known my alopecia: don't look at that, my user. Can I write it? It'S been terrible, then, what I'm going to do clear? It'S just grab this here at front, I'm going to split it into little sections, and so these bags and start to do a bet over kids throwing amphilocite, and I leave it here and okay guys. So what I have basically done is very very easy to do. Three, its tail and the front of this here now, what it does is it keeps the bands only from your friends, your bangs or you can use. You are maximizing that least front. It looks extremely natural because it's also good and unless it isn't only for you guys, yeah so you're, seeing that includes always front here and you still have the side on the link to see. So I have done this leads right along and then it comes loose here and comes out nope what you would probably be statistically came over here, I'll aspect, horrible tape, saying in the end I don't have one to hand. What you could also do is entak that I do you, you could pin that back if you want II and so it's fatal for me, I think this looks extremely water and I think it just changes that up a bit and it kind of gives you that Kind of funky means I need for not too much what look cane if you take off wick. As my thinking no, this was purely just me starting to play around with my hair. After I watched Eden and Robbie, you guys are so cool and you stay off. Pretty good, I want to see a long stable. That would be cool so guys. I hope this is OK for you. This is just a very, very quick way to scale a shorter way, get take tutorial tape and video. Obviously, for me the total hearing loss. I recommend there ill and fellow huge society being read our water flakes means I actually walked on the cat's, a phenomenal. So this is me sailing one of my and the best work. Obviously, I would say best by Ellen Villa us great available from peaceful it important. Looking at what reason condition it's MSL is honestly, it's just absolutely fantastic. This is one of my favorite stables in a street ball. That kind of can live in this beautiful, ah, usually along here get a little bit. This is just gorgeous and we I booked best Mizuki, I like best West Indies, kinda funky cane, feel okay, cute kind of whatever you want it to be. So if you do the flight you let none of it works. Oh right, thanks for watchin, are you, professor? Beneficial, if you want to see someone work sailing videos. Believe me. I have so many things that I like to do with my here and let me all leave in comments down below. I will if I can to help so in fact so much for watching insane guys - hey! Oh don't forget to like this mistake.

donellawomack: Great Idea!! love this look and it looks great on you!!!!

Suku Mac: What a great idea. And it looks so natural. Great for keeping those bangs out of eyes.

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