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Thank you. Girls. Like me, foreign welcome back to my channel, so today this video girl, I got a new wig for you, and this is the brand right here Gorgeous Hair y'all. So this is my third unit from the brand and y'all. I absolutely love these units. Now I've always been a fan of full cap wigs, but these are super easy to install human hair like the best fall cat wigs ever so, let's go ahead and get into it. So I opted for a similar unit to the last one that I reviewed, which was a long straight um like a Afro, kinky style unit with bangs. It was really really pretty. I love that unit, but this one is very similar to that, but just in a shorter length this is the baggy bag that it comes with with The Branding on it. So super cute, but let's see what we got inside of the Box. Okay, if you do get a two pack of wig caps, you can never have too many wig caps and they do send it in the beige color okay, so you get the beige Cappy caps, and then you have this cute little pouch. That comes with your wig. With The Branding on it - and you have some bobby pins, some hair clips looks like some elastic band and a tweezer, all of which makes your wig and stalls super easy and convenient. Now this is for extra tightening. Should your wig be loose one of those girls with a little head girl, so you get your little clippy Clips to hold the hair back, but you really don't need the clips when you're wearing and installing um full cap wigs. But it's very very nice. They include all of this with your order. Now. All of this is inside the cute little bag really cute too, carry day to day in your purse, so you can touch up your unit should you need to but girl. This is a full cap wig. We don't have to do the most, so let's go ahead and get right into it. I'M so excited for this. All right here is the units. Now I'm gon na have all the details, the direct links, specs everything you could want to know about the wig. It'S going to be in the description box right there in black and white, so check it out as well as a discount code, so don't skip over that description box, but this is the units. The hair is a beautiful super duper cute. Look at this and the bangs I just love a unit with bangs, Okay, so cute and right off the pack look, look she's ready to go. It already appears to be bumped at the ends. I like that. So it's like a blunt cut style. Bob super cute and she is bleached and then you do have the lace scalp here super nice. Let me show you the inside of the cap, as it is basic Cap Construction. You have Temple Combs, you have a comb at the back as well as adjustable straps. So this is going to make for easy, quick, fast install, so let's go ahead and put her on and girl. We are ready for the night. I don't know this might be my look for the night. She is super cute and just like that, we have on our unit I'm just gon na straighten it up. I'M gon na position, my ear tabs. That'S how you know that you have your wig on properly and even bam. She'S cute, all right! So I'm gon na go ahead and just style it a bit. I may have to use the flat iron chest to get some of the bands out the bins from Shipping, but she is real cute. Oh girl, she's cute cute. So let me go ahead and get my bang situated and I will be right back all right girl. We are back and girl. She is cute girl. We are bobbing so cute. I only literally hit the bangs on this because that it had like a little a bend and that's just from being you know shipped. She is super cute. Let me know what you think. Okay, I absolutely love it. So don't skip over that description box. Oh, my God, this is like the perfect cut, the perfect density and it's human hair. If girl, literally five minutes of effort, okay, three minutes to install two minutes to bump the bangs super cute. You got to see this from every angle. Okay, let me show you the back: I'm gon na loosen up the robes you can see where it hits how it falls. She'S cute, I'm gon na get it together. Okay, yes, it is nice. I am loving this unit girl, make sure you check out that description box to get your hands on this one. I feel, like everybody needs that good human hair unit and their wig collection, because this one is definitely definitely that one, this one's that one okay push through Gorgeous Hair. This one is definitely definitely gorgeous. I am in love, so make sure you check them out, follow them on Instagram check out the description box girl go ahead and order this one, this one's, definitely the one to have don't let this one sell out. Yes, girl, definitely worth the coin. That is it for me. Make sure you subscribe to my channel hit that notification Bell so that you don't miss any of my uploads okay until next time. I will see you in my next video and there will definitely be another video bye,

Barbara Jackson: Love it!!❤

Livin Katie: Here from TikTok. Loving your video. I am fairly new to waring a wig. Love the info. Keep up the great work. We are stronger together.

Carol-Ann Collins: Gorgeous

NYMahogany: Very Pretty!

Melodie Washington: This is you all the way I love looking be this wig it's real cute flawless u do not have to do anything with this wig

malahini09: Too cute I love your intro music too

reddpurselady: Very nice

LaSharon Davis: Very cute

Ashley Woods: Hey love the short hair! Also where is your robe from?

Kraven Rowry: Cute!!!

Sori Yazz: Hey girl hey!! Lol. I really like a bob on you!!

Tanya Things: The short hair looks Good on you, Makes you look Younger...

Dewana Johnson: Mesha Mesha Mesha I like I like I like So much movement

Lenny Costa: You must have arresting powers because you've got me surrendering to your videos, lol


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