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I'M outside in an AMG right outside TT, two times, hi guys welcome back to my channel. So yes, another sad video, so today's video is proudly sponsored by Eunice hair. This is like one of my favorite Brands anyway. This is the how the package looks inside was the wig which you're gon na open later and there's this cute stink bag inside the bag is um. We have weak band, my fave, okay, our lashes, a pair of lashes, and I don't know what this is. Let'S just open it a brush - oh this is so nice, so this hat is shaped out of the pack. I did nothing to this hair. This is exactly how I came okay, so it's a 20 inch, Yaki, kinky hair hope you guys can see the texture. I am so excited guys I Wan na Cry like I've. Been I've been saving this week before I don't know what, but now I'm just like. Let me just record it because, like you know, but this has to be my favorite unit yet so it's attaching by four. This is how it looks inside it has um clips and it has another clip and it has a band and it has um the two strings at the back to help you secure your wig, it also has um the backlace, and my favorite favorite favorite part is That it has kinky baby hairs, so this is how the wig looks. I don't think you guys understand how I am so excited for, like it's giving natural hair huh like look at the edges like come on now, Chelsea come on now online. Where did, I believe, certain things ah wait for me: okay, baby everybody! Please foreign then do my makeup. Then I'm gon na come back and we're gon na decide on how we want to style this hair. I'M gon na. Do my makeup almost done like 90 done. So now I want us to figure out how to do this hair um um. So I can leave it like this. I do not mind, but I once I wanted to look a bit more so, like I said, I'm not doing edges because I just don't feel like doing it just impressed. Ah - and it's the perfect, I love how it's shot at the front and like long at the back, it just makes it look more natural natural, so we're gon na start with this side, then we're gon na work our way to the other side. Thank you. Baby. Hi guys so I finished flat ironing this part. I didn't do like deep flat ironing, because I don't want the hair to lose like it's natural. Look on your blow dry like it's, my hair, but it's gon na blow dry to get so. This is the side. I flat ironed, and this is the other side, as you can see, there's a slight difference. I don't feel like it's a big difference. It'S just kiddogo, so I'm just gon na go ahead and flat iron. This side, then I'm gon na come back and we're gon na decide. Okay, so guys I finished doing my makeup. I finished doing my hair and we back baby, we eat I'm so embarrassing. I had oh okay, true, okay, who's, your guy spider. So this is the end result um. I don't know if I should do a middle part or a side part or just like yeah. I think I'll just say so. This is a final look. I love it. It'S it's giving it's it's giving it's giving big! Thank you to Eunice hair for sponsoring today's video and thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video make sure you subscribe like comment and share, all the details will be down in the description bar and see you guys on my next video bye. Well, baby I've been around

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