No Work Needed Fake Scalp Wig| The Best Highlight Wig Ever Ft. Hairvivi

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▬▬ ★☆ Wig Details ☆★▬▬

Yaki Wig in Video:

Length & Density: 20 inch & 180%

Fake Scalp Color: Cappuccino

HD Lace Color: Cappuccino






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-True-scalp Tape & Fake scalp Method

-Multi-color & Invisible HD Lace

-Anti-slip Elastic Band

-Clean bleached knots

-Pre-plucked Hairline

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Hey y'all welcome back to my Channel today I have some luxurious grade, a hair for you, guys, I'm living my best life y'all. I wore this wig from my longest hair by VV y'all, this hair. I can't even Rave. I can't even I I don't think I've had a wig. I like this much in a long time, and that says a lot. First of all, the packaging is Bomb like I don't even know who y'all got up in your production team, but y'all need to give them a raise, because first of all, the box was good. Quality packaging is good. Quality information is good quality, y'all we're not even at the best part, but look at this look at this. I feel like I'm royally, invited to get my hair slayed like come on, because what? Where do they even do this at? They have all their socials laid out like. I just know that a melanated queen is behind all of this like now, but this is this is Top Notch. I'M not gon na lie um. So yes, I'm very impressed with this um. All the information is gon na. Be in the description box too, so if you want to get more details, it's down there. However, what's in the Elegance, is this because sticker on the wrapper nah straight out the box bleached plucked? I didn't do anything to this wig, I didn't even wash it. I just put it on my head, like when you say ready to go. This is ready to go. They made sure that it was red tea to go. I don't know y'all, I haven't had a wig, this great good quality in a minute, a minute. I'M sorry. I really had to just Rave a little bit in the beginning, because I really don't get into it a lot, but I really had to get into it. Okay, all right, so I'm gon na put it on my head real simple. I always do the same thing. Y'All already know nothing crazy. The only thing I had to really um do with this. Wig is cut around my ears because um it had a lot of room like this. Wig is big head friendly, but around my ears like I need it to be comfortable in order for me to sleep in it and y'all I wore this wig for over a week. I removed it three times no two times the first time I removed it. I glued it back down the second time I made it glueless. So, yes, it can be glueless um, but yeah. The only thing I did was cut around my ears to make sure that it Formed well um uh one one. I I I feel, like I'm seeing a lot of Pros. The only cons I saw about this was that the lace tone was just a hint darker than my skin, just a hint just a tad just attack yourself. However, that didn't deter me from rocking this, like first of all, what this wig was eating. The girls up, like you, couldn't tell me anything in this. However, just watch me slay, I'm gon na do the same thing. I always do. I'M using both hold active glue. Y'All this glue got my life together, but just watch me slay and I'm gon na talk through the important parts, but just know I'm living my best life right now. Oh foreign is the hairline matched up like I didn't have to fight with the hairline to make sure it covered. My hair, like they gave me more than enough room that I could even cut and play with y'all. Also it was already plugged like yeah. I could have went and plug some more, but that would just be being greedy and that greed is a part of the seven deadly sins like come on like nah. So I was like you know, I'm Gon na, Let It Rock because it's already eating. Why would I ever want to interrupt a girl in her Feast right? Oh my God, so I highly suggest using a razor comb to get the lace at the razor as close to your hairline. So it looks a little bit more natural um scissors would have made this a little bit too straight, but I think the razor did a great job. Um also make sure y'all are putting y'all headbands on, because just doing this whole process, without tying it down, is really defeating the purpose of having the glue melt in like what are you girlies doing, anyways? As you all can see, the lace is literally melting in, and the hairline literally looks like it's coming from my scalp na na hair review. What do y'all got going on in the factory, because I want I want in I want in because this is giving now. I was undoing the curls because I was like at this point. I need to see what they're giving now I'm gon na be honest. I guess throughout shipping and everything they were kind of like um. They were not the smoothest girls like they were crinkly in some parts. So, of course, in the morning when I woke up for work, I just kind of ran through the curls with a wave um a waiver. However, you say it: wand, curler yeah wand, curler, yeah and um. It just gave it a effortless beach wave, look which I love and I left the end straight, because I liked how the ends were straight and yeah y'all y'all I wish y'all could feel the wig. It did not feel like crusty hair. It felt like silky hair like I wish. I could depict it better for y'all, but either way you just got to take my word for it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you now did. I ever really need edges. No, because this is giving straight the second time I glued the wig down. I didn't do edges the first time I did edges and the last time when I did a glueless there was no edges, so I just wanted to try it out because I felt like it was giving like a lot of boxiness on my head, but I felt Like the edges could have been better, they look a little bit shiny. I should have done it with a flat iron. A lot of sugar could have worse, but I still love it. Anyways um, it kind of frames my face a little bit more but yeah. I think I think the job here is done. It was Signed. Sealed Delivered perfectly no regrets here, foreign y. This is the next day. I just want y'all to see these in ways, because what I didn't, I barely curled it and it's just it's been since last night. I slept on it. Look at these waves, I love it. I mean my edges are kind of messy because I've been wearing a hat, it snowed. So like. Oh, you got ta, you got ta, you got ta, you got ta protect the head. You got ta protect the head. You know anyways um. This hair is super silky. My favorite part of this whole process is how silky it is it's just like you could just tell like it's good quality like you could just tell it's good. I think it's my new favorite, I'm sorry like yo, you know like those you could just tell when like highlight. Bleached hair is just like tangling and just frizzy, and just look at look at this is how it's supposed to be. This is how you know the grade of the hair is just really good: yeah yeah yeah. I love it.

Cindy: For 446 dollars.... I would EXPECT it to be packed that way

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