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This color and texture is everything A lil bit #highlight always makes your hair poppin

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Hair: our 20" T6/27 ombre curly headband wig ✨

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Hello guys welcome back to my channel today, i'm going to be speaking with you all about this gorgeous paint bed with um dola hair. This headband wig is a light brown color, very pretty color. It has lighter blonde highlights. It comes with four combs on the inside. There'S three at the top and one in the back, and it has a black elastic band that does velcro on the back. The elastic band does secure pretty tight um to where the wig is pretty secure. On my head, not really going anywhere, it is a curly texture, very light weight like the curls are really flowy and really very beautiful pearls. I did put some water on the curls and i also put some eco styler gel into them just to give it give them like a more defined look. So the shipping was very fast. I did receive the hair within within a week or so there was no problems there with the shipping. This is very good quality hair for the price. I can say that take a look and see how beautiful the curls are they're, so they're. So fluffy, like it's really fluffy curls, with great quality hair, the stretch of it it comes about down to my waist, i received my hair. It did come with little goodies on the inside. It came with three headbands which one i am wearing right now. I decided to put this one on because it is a little closer to christmas, so it's gon na be in the christmas spirit, um and then i also had a black and white one, and then there was one that was cheetah print little pouch a stocking cap And also two clips and a holdable um like brush this thing is very versatile um you can put it up into like a ponytail as well as different styles. My hair is a darker brown, so it's kind of a darker brown in the front, but it still gives it like that. Ombre look having the brown hair and this hair is 20 inches 150 density. So it does have some length on it and also it's very thick. So that does conclude. Today'S video be sure you use code 12 to receive money off of your order and don't forget to place your order with dola hair. I promise you will not regret it and be sure you get this beautiful, headband, wig, um and until next time i will see you in my next video be sure you like and subscribe, and i will see you next time.

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