Dola Hair Review 2X6 Closure 3 Bundles Of 22Inches Free Wig Option

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Hello, okay, this charade. Today, I'm gon na be doing and that's right, Dola hair. I recently purchased a 2x6 closure, a 20 inch and three bundles of 20 inch, no 22 inches. So I chose the free making. You know the free making wig service and I'm a first-time buyer. I'Ve never worn a week ever so this is my first week and I'm really feeling it. I already you know, put my little touches on it, so it's already on the packaging is, I think it's cute, but it came in this and it also came in a plastic bag, so it came with a plastic bag and then it all came inside of here. It came with this little makeup pouch and it only had just the wig cap liners her head. So I recently purchased this because I saw you know you guys the youtuber, I think his name is Lonnie B. He made a wig by himself and I'm like that is so cute. You know like I want something that I could just put on and go. You know just put on a go, so I'm like okay, I'm gon na, take my chances. It'S really affordable. It'S you know, not, excuse me, it's not, you know like extremely expensive and the quality of the hair is so nice to guard like. I have just got it today. It'S so nice, I haven't had any settings any it's so bouncy and wavy, as you can see, and also came with. We scarf Ricardo right here to secure the wig a little bit tighter. I guess to your liking. Um yeah like this was really good for me, especially as a first-time buyer. I would recommend, recommend my commander here. Super soft. It doesn't have any of those. You know chemically smells on the hair. I don't have anything bad to say. Yes, you've got any questions and in comments and concerns, you know, drop your comments in the comment box below. I also leave a description of the hair and the inches and though we make a service and I'll just follow up with you, guys and I'll say about a week or so and I'll give you guys an update review on hair. So thanks

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