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So for this one love the video, but I feel, like your edges are a little thin. Do I need to be mindful of the edges girl, hey babies, welcome back! Of course, I have not done a sit down video with you guys in quite some time, but if you are new here, welcome now's a good time to go ahead and subscribe. If you guys are not already familiar, there was a giveaway that I decided to extend at first. It was seven days, but we have some technical difficulties with YouTube. So I decided to extend the 500 giveaway to another week, and so originally we were having some inconveniences when it came to the email, so people were entering and of course you guys, I was able to see some of those messages behind the scenes. Some of them. I was not so I'm just like look just go ahead and comment: hashtag, sunflower, gang and it'll just count as a giveaway entry. Then, of course you were able to get additional entries by following me on Tick, Tock and also on Instagram as well. So I definitely appreciate everybody that took the time to enter, so you guys, I wanted to take some time out of my day to actually go ahead and answer all of the questions that you guys have had um since I've kind of been doing these passion twists. Crochet tutorials, which you guys have found extremely helpful, and I'm very grateful for all of the support and love that you guys have given me. So what I did is, I went through all of the comments that have. I have gotten across about three to four videos. In total and I'm gon na go ahead and just pretty much pop them up on the screen as I go through them uh. Of course, a lot of the questions were kind of repeated. So if you actually see your username shout out to you, okay, um, but I did go ahead and do my very best to kind of just narrow this down, so that we do not have a ton of just like repeated questions and answers going answering. So, of course, let's get right into the video all right, so one of the first questions that I got was. Can you do, of course there's this typo here, but y'all we're not gon na come for it's not that kind of environment. All right. Can you do your entire hair with the rubber band method? Um? I think the answer is yes, but I'm just asking so of course. Yes, you could absolutely do all rubber bands or - or you don't even have to use rubber bands. You guys, you could totally create the boxes just doing plaques and connect them all the way down to your nape. If it was me, I would probably stop one to two rows before you get to the neck area, just so that you are able to pin a braid across right or sew it down bobby, pin it down, Tuck it in whatever it is you're gon na need To do because at some point you will need to end that illusion right and so ideally you wouldn't want to do that. Maybe at the nape of your neck, just because it'll be a little bit more bulky there, and I know you guys are probably going to want to wear this up in like a ponytail like some of the other videos, I've showed you so I highly recommend, if That'S something that you want to do make the make it a point to stop at about the last row or run row above it and kind of just do the boxes here. Boxes here boxes all the way back, and maybe one braid going across to just connect everything and finish it off. So the next question is just hello. Thanks for the video you are welcome. Of course. Where do I get the crochet hooks? Please help now, if you guys did not already know the hair that I usually use is from a company called toyotress. I have worked with a few other brands, like Janet Collection um, but for the most part, the companies that I have showed you guys and kind of showed that packaging they actually come with the crochet hooks. But if, for any reason, you cannot find it definitely check out my Amazon store, I have it linked down in my description box and I actually have the crochet hook, the exact one that comes in the packaging really really inexpensive. I have it linked there, okay, so next question: what brand of rubber bands do you use mine always pop and break after only a few days you guys I'm not gon na lie. I am not sure if you have ever gone into the beauty supply store. You'Ll get like that thousand pack of rubber bands that comes in like this clear container. I don't know the brand. Let me try to find it for you, real, quick, real, real, quick, good news y'all. I found it all right. So, oh, okay, okay! So this is surprising it's actually read by KISS, I didn't even realize they had a rubber band situation happening, but yes ran about kiss. This is pretty much what I'm always using, whether it's the smaller pack and I said a thousand y'all. This is 500 okay, whether it's the 100 pack, 500 300. I don't know, apparently my beauty supply store, has the red by KISS rubber bands, and it says Ultra elasticity, two times stretch and break proof. So I know some of you guys have asked about the whole. What happens if they break you guys once your hair is connected um, let's say you have one Pops in the front that happened to me on vacation, oh, but nevertheless y'all the hair was still in because it's crocheted into your hair. So you have a knot literally looped around that spot, so you shouldn't really have too much of an inconvenience but hey yeah, it's the red by kids, okay. So the next question is: can we see how you crochet the back now I'll go ahead and just kind of pop in a clip here of the very last video that I did, because I was very intentional about showing you guys how to do the back just Because I got so many questions and each time that I'm like going through to edit these three to four hour videos, I'm always like. I don't need this part. Oh, let me just you know, skip it and it's all literally whether it's the braiding videos, the quickly videos y'all always like Chrissy. We wanted to see that specific part like we got the front and I'm like um my bad someone asks. It looks good. How many packs of hair is this, so the bundle that I typically get will have about eight packs. I'Ve never really gotten a bundle from Toyo trust, specifically um, that had any less than eight packs, and I typically use all eight packs, which is kind of tricky right, because if you have thicker hair and you need to do smaller parts, if you have more, you Know less hair and you don't end up needing all the packs like it's one of those things where, if this is your first time doing it and you're not sure how much you're gon na need, I would go ahead and get the two packs worst come. The worst girl, you can go ahead and follow my crochet ponytail video, and you can use the leftover hair there to actually do a little ponytail and you don't have to worry about the middle as much because you're only going to crochet around here. Put a couple in the middle put in a ponytail and boom: you got ta style for a week, okay, okay and then I got a question that says I noticed you use rubber bands a lot in your style, two questions: do they break or thin your hair And then is this style compromise if they pop, so no, the style is not compromised if they pop. Unless you have really really silky hair - and you were like relying on those rubber bands to get the job done, I could see how the style could actually be compromised. Now that I kind of look at it differently. But if you do have silkier hair, I would recommend taking a little braiding hair, maybe literally one strand and feeding that into your silkier hair. It will be kind of difficult, not difficult, but let me know if you would want to see me do something like that. Where I just do the crochet method, with no rubber bands at all and maybe just connect, everything like we went over in the first question um because I feel like that might be a little bit more helpful for other people that have different hair textures densities and All that good stuff and then of course, do they break or thin your hair. So, to answer this question plain and simple, I absolutely your hair can break your hair, can thin any style that is considered protective is not truly protective. Everything is going to affect your hair, your skin, all that stuff, all at once, so whether I'm using more oils to kind of help, the rubber bands not sit as tight on my head to kind of loosen up be easier to break and kind of give it Less friction right at the end of the day, this is not going to be the like savior when it comes to protective styles. That'S why I try my best not to leave these Styles in for no more than two weeks. Just simply because I want to avoid as much tension as I can, and I try not to put the rubber bands extremely tight, so just be mindful. No style is truly protective, a hundred percent. Unfortunately, it's all a risk, whether it's a free, afro, wavy, hair, curly, hair straight it doesn't matter just the fact that your hair is out in the environment is already problematic enough, like what can we do? Okay, we want to look cute so for this. One love the video, but I feel, like your edges - are a little thin do. I need to be mindful of the edges girl? Yes, okay, and this is the first time I ever take, took a look at my hair and said: wait girl are your edges. Staying for real, like what's happening and y'all know, I used to text slacks or texturize my edges with like the baby perms, so that actually could be a valid statement. I'M not sure I just remember my hair, always looking like this since high school before I was relaxing. While I was relaxing my hair. Just has always been this like kinda. I don't know what to call it. I I really don't know, but I've learned to love it, and maybe my edges are a little thin. I don't think it's directly related to these Styles, just because nine times out of ten, my hair is in cornrows, underneath a wig or I'm wearing some type of braided style anytime. That you see me do the uh rubber bands y'all have to know it's only gon na stay in my hair for Max two weeks. If I can even make it that long and that I mean I'm grateful to that, just because I know that I can do my own hair, so if you are looking for something that's gon na, you know help further protect your hair. I would highly highly highly recommend avoid the rubber bands and just connect the little boxes with individual braids. Okay. So then we got hey Chrissy. I love the way you did this style. I'Ve been wanting a passion twist again and I don't want to pay so much for them, but I was wondering if you could do the same method that you did in the front to the whole head. So this is very similar to another question. Absolutely you could at this point I'm just gon na. Do the video for y'all just so, you can see without the rubber bands and also connected them to the back, and if you guys didn't know, Mary Kay Bella was one of the first people that I saw. If I'm remembering her YouTube name correctly, I feel like I am though, but she was one of the first people that I saw do this illusion method. I decided to do the rubber bands, because y'all know I take every style and make them beginner friendly as beginner friendly as I can, and so of course, y'all know. The video is coming at this point shout out to you girl, okay, so this next one says I don't understand how you did the back of your hair. If you didn't part it like the front um okay. So there is a method to the madness. With my illusion method, I did not want to create the illusion that I had individual boxes going all around my head, just because, typically when I would wear this style, especially in the beginning stages, I would only do a half up half down. I wouldn't even wear it like all down part it to the side, like none of that it was literally get some hair out of your face, have a little bit hanging in the back and the style is completed. So I I feel you I get it. I don't know how did you do that to the back of your hair? If you did so, I guess I just I did it. I y'all I'm sorry, I I don't know how to really answer. I really know how to answer this one. I did it with the intention of knowing how I wanted to wear my hair. I think that's the answer. No, that is the answer dope. How long can this style last this okay? So I've done this style on my grandmother without the rubber bands, because her hair is naturally thinner um and this style y'all it's kind of embarrassing. She had hers in for two and a half months, which is like oh D, and when I came to her house to actually remove it. It didn't look crazy, which I was surprised by. Of course, her natural hair has to grow, or what do you call? It grow out why? Why can't I lost the words all right, but her hair had obviously grown um and it was just super frizzy at the roots, but it didn't look crazy. So I would say two months to be on the healthy side. One month definitely make sure that you are washing your hair every two weeks in between this, and I'm quite sure somebody asked that question like girl. Can we watch this, but we haven't got there yet so does the pattern have to be neat because I suck at parting, no girl you can literally, apart into like some little curved little, I don't. I don't even know what these are called, but y'all know what I'm talking about. When you do those little Parts, you could do that and connect them all with rubber bands. It would still give you the same illusion. Um it's called free parting. You don't actually have to make perfect boxes triangles. None of that, I'm just good at it. So, that's why I do it, but if you want you know, you could definitely just do this with a bunch of single Parts, maybe so y'all giving me video ideas, because the questions that y'all guys are y'all are asking. I should I feel, like I'm responsible for answering with a video, so make a note. Okay, all right! So can you reuse the twist or is it better to just buy a new pack of hair? In my case, I have actually reused a pack before not gon na lie um. I had already pretty much taken it out after literally wearing it. For a week, I had some really really long, passion twists, which was just so pretty and plump um, and I did carefully unloop it. I think I actually posted a video showing you how to reuse it or how to remove them, and then, of course, if you want to reuse them, wash them soak them condition, allow them to air dry and then, when you're ready to reinstall, just reinstall girl save You some money, but I wouldn't recommend doing that if you've been wearing them for about a month, because they're, probably just gon na, be frizzy and not really look that good and the hair is fairly inexpensive. So if it is something that you're needing to just like hey girl, I need a quick style. If I'm not mistaken, the hair is in between 20 to about 35 dollars, which is pretty good for a full head of hair install all that stuff, especially if you're doing it yourself. Alright. So so, can you tell me when, when can you tell me when crochet all right? Can you tell me when crochet your hair, how many pieces did you put on each braid in the back and how far apart should you apply each crochet in the back braids? Okay, so I get it right, you're, essentially asking me how many pieces did I put all over right. How did I know where to put everything the best way to do this, because my head is not your head, your head is not my head. It'S never gon na match perfectly, so I could have eight rows going all the way up. You know from ear to ear and I could have five braids in the back three braids, two braids one, it won't matter. What will matter is making sure that you cover the front first, which usually I can do that in about three packs, easily um and remind you, eight come in a pack, so between three to four packs are going to be spent on the front um. I would say it's probably about six to twelve pieces in each pack. Don'T quote me because I'm really just trying to remember, as I was pulling these off um and then, of course, in the back. I make it a goal to go across the front so that I can cover What's Happening Here, Right that little Gap and then I'll go along the back of my hair. So just that nape area and then I'll fill in the middle. Because once everything is kind of flipped back and down y'all nobody's gon na see it and y'all know. I wear my hair in ponytails in a ponytail if I'm wearing braids, I'm doing a ponytail. So there's that, can you make box Parts in the back of your head and just connect everything, or do you need to do it like the way you did it so same thing? Absolutely you can connect them all if you see fit. I want you guys to kind of get a little fancy and creative with it. My way is not the only way, and it's not the best way. There are so many other YouTubers doing the same method. Um obviously do what makes you feel good girl. Can you rub our band all the way down and braid the hair in the back instead of twisting yeah? So I think she's referring to the second crochet video I've ever done, which you probably got the most views. I and I'm like shocked by this one, but this is where I literally just Twisted the hair going all the way back down to the nape of my neck after doing the Parts in the front just so that it was super beginner friendly for the girls that Could not braid at all, and yes, if you don't want to do the twist, because you want to feel a little bit more secure um, I would highly recommend just doing the braids in the back like some of the other tutorials and do the twist last, because I know somebody's gon na ask that haven't got to the question, but yes, the twist will last as long as you secure it with a some type of rubber band or you break. Well, I guess it's a piece of purpose. If you don't know how to braid um, a rubber band will do the trick just to hold it in place. It'S probably not going to last more than about two weeks, though, and you definitely won't be able to wash it nice. A witch gel did you use on your edges and your hair, so I don't really use gels. It'Ll usually be like some type of edge control, and if you, if I'm using any, then more than likely it's the cream of nature, I'm trying to of Nature has never reached out to me even once. First of all, I hadn't reached out to them either, but at this point we should have been had a collaboration because I've been using the cream of nature Argan Oil. Since my channel has started - and I recently uh - I guess - kind of started using the edge booster. Just like their normal hold - and I really like that - one - it's a water-based products and it does what it needs to do. That'S on my Amazon store as well. What is the brand of that hair and good morning? Hey girl, okay, so the brand is usually toiltress or Janet Collection. Those are pretty much the only two hair that I have like tried. There'S other companies now selling the hair on Amazon. I even considered selling it on Amazon, but I'm like I'm so indecisive, like all the uh leads that I've probably sent to these Brands could have definitely gone in my pocket. If I just got out of my own way and said girl put your own line of crochet hair out but y'all, let me know if that's something y'all would like me to do. I could I don't mind being like a creator that just works with Brands. I really don't I enjoy it, it's something new fresh all the time. How long do you usually keep your braids in and it looks beautiful so whether it is me getting knotless braids, I'm doing the braids myself passion twists, uh, regular box, braids cornrows, I'm never leaving a hairstyle in longer than two weeks. If it's a wig, it's not even staying in for two days, let's just be honest after I do the video it's probably coming off unless I've got somewhere to go, but as it relates to braids two weeks Max question for shorter hair like Mom, would it be Easier to do the whole head like the first rose, because I don't think my hair is long enough to even twist together. So maybe it's a stupid question, I'm just trying something new, definitely not a stupid question. A great idea, though, because had I done this back in like high school, when I first did the big shop y'all, okay, the length retention that we would have had. Definitely I 10 out of 10 think that is a great idea that if your hair is short, I would probably say shorter than like three inches. You could absolutely just connect the rubber bands, all the way down baby golden golden great idea. Can you do this with Senegalese twists? Also, Senegalese, twists and passion. Twists are almost the same thing I really need to like. Do the research to find out. What'S the difference out of a I mean, except for the fact that Senegalese twists originated out of Senegal, if don't quote me, I just made that up just now, but if I'm right, amazing, okay, I believe that Senegalese twists are rich out of Senegal. Let me look that up: hey Siri: where did Senegalese Swiss originate? I was right. Okay, so senegalese twist originated in Senegal, Africa, hey Siri, where did Passion twists, originate? Passion twists were created by hair stylist uh Kalyn Rogers, also known as the boho babe, hey Siri. What'S the difference between senegalese twist and passion twists: okay, okay, okay, so this is the biggest difference. Senegalese twists are more so used with like a kinky straight type of hair, so that Kanekalon hair that you used to seeing that's a senegalese twist passion Twist, on the other hand, are gon na originate from more of like a curly texture that is literally just Twisted. So your natural hair Twisted would be more of a passion twist. Your natural hair blown out Twisted would be more of a senegalese twist there. You go first of all that wasn't even a question: how do we get here? Can you do some Senegalese twists? Also, yes, baby! Yes, you can do you twist the hair in the back too, or did you braid it down um some of the one video that I think you're talking about? I did twist the hair in the back, but a lot of the other videos. I just braided, I think I only have one crochet video that I twisted in the back um and the others like. I said it's just braided hi. I was wondering what do you do if it has a strong smell if the hair has a strong smell, which I don't typically see that happen, I would highly recommend that you do a uh like some type of apple, cider, vinegar, rinse, shampoo condition. Let it soak that whole thing if it still has a smell which honestly no let me be real if I get some packaged hair and it smells crazy, I'm not about to then go ahead and do labor to get it. How it's supposed to be. I'M probably just going to send it back and be done with the whole thing. If I can get a new package of like hair - and it doesn't have a smell amazing but like if I get it and it stinks y'all, I'm probably gon na return it and I'm not even one of those people that in return, I'm probably going yeah yeah. We'Re gon na return that bad boy um but yeah, if not alternative wash it girl, do what you got to do if it still stink. Maybe I wouldn't use it. How do you get all those little rubber bands out? So if you guys have not seen, I do have a how to remove it. I think I did two of those videos how to remove the rubber bands and, like I said, I always apply a little bit of extra oil before I do that I'll literally lift the rubber band up a little bit off of the scalp and then boom cut. It with the scissors that way, I don't make the mistake of cutting my own hair. I love the quality of your videos. What are you using to record so literally, this is the EOS Rebel t7i. I have been using this camera for the freaking longest. When I tell you lighting is everything it's lighting is everything you do not have to go out and have the most expensive camera um. I think this camera was about eight hundred dollars and I got this three. Maybe four years ago, y'all y'all see the quality it's giving what it needs to give just make sure you have a well-lit room and you you in there you didn't even use your phone. Most of the time, the phone looks better than the camera, not even gon na lie. Does the crochet hair break off your hair? Now I've never really seen a case where the crochet hair would break off your hair. If you do have any type of allergies, it could give you like a Sensitive Scalp, because this is not always human hair um. I'Ve worked with some companies where I have been. You know, given the human hair and kind of done, a braided style, but for the most part it is synthetic hair. Any type of synthetic hair is not always going to be the softest um, and so what do you do in that case apply a little bit of oil, those Edge controls all that stuff will usually help, but the crochet hair, specifically nine times out of ten. It is going to be synthetic and I don't think it'll break off your hair. I mean just don't, leave these Styles in for an incredible amount of time. This is beautiful. Kudosis you have a new subscriber plus. How do we remove it after installation? Well, first of all, thank you for subscribing, and I have videos on how to remove this any of the styles that I have done thus far I'll show you how to take it out so definitely check those out and, like I said, I literally boom boom boom With the oil pop that baby out slide that baby out whatever it takes, we're there as long as your hair is not being pulled out, oh and for the crochet y'all, you literally find the loop because you're only whooping it once find that Loop pull it out. Pull the crochet braid through and you guys it'll be a full strand of hair. Just like you started, can you do this without the rubber bands? It just looks too tight and the rubber bands cause a lot of damage to the roots. I can see that. Definitely if you're gon na use rubber bands do not put them super tight. First of all, it's going to cause a lot of tension by the time you connect. It connect the braids or the twist. That'S gon na hurt, okay, especially putting that crochet hair up under it. Try your best. I know that because I'm using edge control a lot of times, it just looks so freaking tight, but I would never do my hair any tighter than I could bear um and then, of course, if you're gon na do it without the rubber bands. I recommend that 10 out of 10 recommend that over rubber bands go ahead and just connect those boxes with plaits twists. Whatever makes you happy, how do you get the plaque? How do you get the platters? How do you get the flat twist to stay up? Do you leave the bobby pin and sorry I'm watching this on mute at work, um, y'all, I'll watch, videos on me all the time, that's hilarious! So how do you get the flat twist to stay up? I did put a bobby pin in on that flat twist. Video and y'all is staying in the whole time. What I ended up doing is crocheting a piece of hair around the very tip of like the the area that had that bobby pin of everything just kind of pinned in together. I did like three or four crochets, specifically there, not at them that way in case it wanted to move, it couldn't go anywhere, and that is just another point of like why I should have showed you off the back, because I get why you have so many Questions my bad can that be worn down without a top ponytail. This is so beautiful. Thank you girl. So absolutely you could wear them down. I don't ever do it just because I don't actually like the way that crochet uh Styles look. I just have found a alternative to having to sit in the chair for six to 12 hours getting individual braids so because, like I said, I always wear my hair up in a ponytail and without me actually having to sit through that process have tension on my Hair because I'm pulling it up into that ponytail while wearing the braids the whole time crochet takes the thought out of it um but yeah you can wear them down. I just don't I mean I don't I don't like the way it looks. It just looks too crochet, like even with the illusion method, unless you're gon na do your boxes really small and they kind of sit a little bit closer together. I don't ever really like the way. It looks the only time that I have liked it. Uh is when I did like a side part, and I only had like a couple of hairs going over to the right, but that was on my last video check it out what happens when the rubber bands get old and start to pop. Nothing says literally they're. Gon na pop, unless you have all of them popping all across your head and like what's happening, we want to go ahead and just remove the style at that point. But you know for the most part, if one or two pops, it's not gon na, be a big deal. You still have so many other ones that are going to be connected and kind of securing it into place. And then, of course, you have that crochet, which is tied um, which should not make your hair move anywhere and last but definitely not least, King goddess locks or false locks, be done using the same method instead of doing braid squares all over the head. So abs, I'm waiting for somebody to ask me about this, because I have it on my little notepad of like all the videos I'm gon na. Do I want to do fantasize about doing like all that right, goddess locks and the faux Locs, especially the soft locks. I'M like, should I do a crochet method of this because I think it would be beautiful. I did a crochet uh with faux Locs, but it was just all going up into a ponytail, but I haven't done the goddess locks or the goddess braids. Yet y'all got ta, do it and absolutely I could do the squares all over. I think that is probably what I'll do instead of doing the individual. Actually, I'm still gon na have to do the individual ones just for the girls that don't like the crochet but yeah great idea I'll definitely be doing the goddess ones really soon, because it's been on my to-do list for the past like three months. So definitely, thank you so much for everybody to send in a question. I love all the support of all the feedback. All the tough questions, the easy questions it doesn't matter. I like it, so we have finally reached the end of the Q. A if you guys come up with any other questions that have not already entered here, definitely be sure to put those down below and I'll, be very mindful in the next few videos that I upload for you guys um and that's pretty much it for this one And, of course, to my lovely giveaway winners, yay, I'm so happy that you guys got a chance to be a part of the giveaway if you guys would like for me to continue to do stuff like this. Definitely let me know down below, and I look forward to speaking to other giveaway winners really soon, of course, so that you guys can claim your prize. You will have exactly one week from today to reach back out to me just because of all the technical stuff right just so that we can make sure that we can go ahead and claim your prize if, for any reason, I do not hear from you guys In the next seven days, seven days, okay, so by next Sunday, eight o'clock. So if, for any reason I have not heard from you by then then y'all, I'm sorry, I'm gon na have to select somebody else, okay, but nevertheless I love you guys. So much stay. Pretty and without further Ado, I will see you guys in my next video bye babies. Thank you.

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