"Style" Him Collection Hairuwear Review & Application

Here is my review of "Style" in M44S, part of the HIM Collection by HairUWear. Learn how I applied this men's wig and styled it.

Products I used in this video are below:

Style at WowWigs in M44S


It Stays by Medi (my Amazon order history pulled up this product which is different, so I guess they sent me something different)


Jon Renau EasiHair Piece Out Contour Fiber Creme'


Brandywine Non-Aerosol Wig Spray


Hey guys stay tuned for my men's wig review of this hair, which is style from the hem collection by hair. You wear everyone welcome back, like I said I am going to be reviewing a new wig that I got in this week. It is style from the him collection by here you where I got this one in the UM 44s. I think it's the color so confirm that here in a minute but like I said this, I was going to try to do this as an open box and it kind of isn't it kind of isn't. I already opened the box and looked at it, but I haven't put it on or anything so. This would be my first time actually trying it on for you on camera, to kind of see what it looks like. So, let's get it started again him they do. A great job of packaging, the way it came, it actually comes with some tissue wrapped around the lid. Let me take that off, so you can take a look at it set that on the side. So once you take it off again, more tissue wrap on the inside with the logo, and then I should peel the tissue back or paper back. There is your hairpiece or your wig, and I have a piece and it's actually bobby pinned in so actually you can take it out. It'S pretty secure, what's really cool also about the way they do the packaging is. Your tag is actually kind of like a shoe box. How you have the tag on the outside. It'S actually placed out there so kind of a neat concept to not have to repeat cutting the product label on the outside and actually on the tag so yeah. This one is style in the M 44s. So M 44s is like a 50 % gray and 50 % dark brown. So just what it looks like, let's see, I also has some netting to keep the hairs. I guess together, so I'm gon na take that off quick, the hair enough. So there it is there. You have it again with the hem collection. You'Ll get the lace front here, as you can see, you'll also get the silicone on the temples here to help keep it down and then again on the nape of the neck as well. So, okay, not what I thought I actually thought it would be a little bit more gray than us. I know it said 50 %, but I thought maybe it'd be worn a bit wider. Maybe I should go for a more white or gray color next time. So here we go. I'M gon na put this on we'll see what this looks like. I'M gon na make it sure it's straight. First whoo, okay, this to me definitely looks like men's wig, not feeling the same about this so far as it did about edge. When I have to first put it on, but again, this style is a lot shorter. It'S called style, it looks like you may need some style needs some styling to it. Okay, I didn't get a bigger mirror, so I'll, be using a handheld, mirror real quick to see what I can do with this where's. The part need the partes parts on this side here, which is my right side there. It is styling it up, yeah guys. I don't know about this. One definitely gon na need some work. Maybe I got used to the blonde. I think maybe I look better as a blonde, so same issue here, as I had with I'm shedding a little bit as I did with, dare which I have a feeling. I'M gon na have this issue with any of the wigs from the hem collection. Is that again, the the side come up or they're a little high again? I wish I'd come down just a little bit more, so I feel a little more comfortable with it granted I have not. I haven't played with this one like I did with edge before. Actually reviewed it, I actually spent a couple days playing with it and styling it, so it would look right or it would look the way I felt comfortable with it. Looking the tag back here yeah, so you can see it's sticking out here on the sides. A little bit again, hopefully glasses, will fix that as I put them on so yeah. This is kind of what it looks like and styled, even though it's called style, I don't know, I actually am a little disappointed because I thought it would look better again. You know in the photo it's always gon na look better because it's been touched up and photoshopped a little bit and or a lot, but still. I would think that this would look a little bit closer to what the photo look like. So let me go and style this as best as I can see what it looks like with some product in it see what I could do with it adhere it down. Maybe that will help it up just a little bit, so I will be right back, hopefully with a better look than this. Well guys, it's amazing what a little bit of product will do to a men's wig. I think just needed a tame it down a little bit. It'S not that bad. I actually kind of dig it now that it's fixed up the y'all can, let me know what y'all think again using a couple styling products again. This is the genre now easy: hair peace out, contour, fiber cream yeah again got that at Amazon and then also Brandywine wig spray. Again, I would recommend using synthetic friendly products if you're going to use, if you have synthetic wigs, just to kind of help, prolong the life of them. The back yeah. Let'S take a look at the back real quick. What I like about this one is, of course a style is a little bit shorter, then edge. So I don't think I'm have to trim the back on this one. I kind of like the length of it feels good. I think again, you just needed a tame. This beast a little bit and I think I think I like it. I like the color, as you could see in the back and it's gray and that it starts going to a brown or your darkest Brown. So yeah, let me know what you think again, like my video subscribe to my channel. Give me your thoughts really almost faded through the whole video without any dog interruption. So sorry about that again lads keep watching I'll, be reviewing my next wig that I have, which is reserved from the hem collection. But here you wear, so let me know what you think guys appreciate you watching and we'll see you next time. Bye. You

Madradder: Before you styled I was thinking NO WAY, but after you styled it looked great! Looks natural on you!

Jill Lynn Beauty Therapy: Holy cow... you slayed the styling and it looks incredibly natural!

Will Mike: The front hairline on this looks good ! You did a great job styling this !

DruidsCalling: I have been wearing wigs for 10 years now, they never look like the pics exactly and always will need some styling. This looks amazing on you, well done

Marc Rover: This one is MUCH better than the more youthful blonde one. This one is professional, classical, and just a great style.

Spliced Up: This wig looks SOO good on you. Thanks for the review!

Curtis Wood: I was honestly surprised at how well it looked after you adjusted it and styled it! At the beginning when you took it out of the box and put it on, I thought uhh it looks like a wig! However when you styled and well groomed it, I wouldn't have believed it was a wig. looks great! I guess when you first put them on it's kinda like bed head, you need to take a comb to it and put it in place for the day!

Annunaki Arzu: You really made it look much better after styling it. Natural on you.

Brandyn Cross: This wig looks phenomenal on you! Two thumbs up

George Herman: Excellent job on styling it. The front hair line looks very good, very natural. Color looks great on you. Well done.

Dan Carb: coincidentally, I purchased this same wig. It actually it fit and looked better out-of-the-box than yours. It really looked better on my partner than me. Thanks for all the good tips

Danny S.: If i ordered this wig I totally gave up right at the moment of trying it on. it just looks like a mess but at the end after some retouches and styling daaaaamn it looks so good! the color and hairstyle including the glasses suits you so so good. But I must say: you look great in both ways! Thanks for the video.

john wells: I just got Daring and will be posting a review when I shave off my beard. Going beardless will definitely be a "daring" move for me since I have had it for 15 years. I am curious...how have your wigs held up since you bought them - and have you tried any other styles?

David Fasano: Please do more of these! I'm dealing with worsening alopecia and running out of natural hair and I can't find too many channels that do reviews like this including what the wigs look like styled

Al Bundy: If I had started this video after you styled it, I would have no idea it was a wig. I'm impressed. I am trying to learn about hair replacement and the differences between a hairpiece and a wig. HIM collection is my choice so far. I'm just concerned about fit. I don't want my hair to fall off.

condellgetinhere: This looked great after you styled it. I was worried at first

Victoria Morosky: Definitely greatly improved after the styling. I think it looks good, and natural. There is something about the sideburns that keeps it from looking 100%, but with the glasses that problem is solved. I've been wearing "hair" for about 4 years now and can relate to your new wig wearer experiences. You probably know by now how addictive wigs can be!

Wesley: Looks great on you! I think they require the whole product and styling after, but your a pro in that department. Looks very comfortable, casual. Nice!

HAUS OF ROSA: Wow, you look younger without hair, actually you look really good without hair. The wig looked awesome after you styled it! Keep making these.

David: Dude that wig looks amazing on you! Very well done.

Indio Raj: Looks great after you styled it. I wish you had showed us while you were styling it. Thanks for the video though, this is the first realistic looking men's wig I've seen. It fits your face perfectly.

Chrise: Looks great! I love the hairline!

David Alan Mors: You're super cute even without the piece but you did an awesome job of finishing

Rusty Shackleford: Wow after you styled it, it looks amazing. Couldn’t even tell it’s a wig

Jim O'Shea: Greetings from UK.Excellent review!.How did you stick the sides down?.Did you use your glasses to fill the gaps?.Looks great on you.I'm 71 and have been bald since my late 20's.What little hair I have left has gone grey so I thought I'd treat myself to a head of hair after all these years!.Best wishes on future reviews.

DA- PROFEZOR: That wig looks awesome on you definitely you can rock it looks great

Tom Livermore: What an awesome before and after transformation after you styled it! I’ve been eyeing this wig for 6 months, same color with same amount of gray that you got. You look very distinguished and handsome. I’m sold!

Sam Jacobs: Hey mate, just wondering how your style hair system is going? Looks amazing on you, by far better than your other ones. Would love an update if you're free thanks! Also did you end up wearing reserved?

JuiceMyRandomness: When you styled it... it looked amazing.

M K: Awesome and it suites your face really well. Will you do more reviews??

solarasfire: Great video! And thanks for sharing where you got it- I am gonna order one from there. One question for anyone who has tried or any tips... i have not tried wearing a wig but feel better after seeing your videos. My question is- how do they do during windy situations? My friend wants me to spend a lot of time with her at Kings Island and I worry about being on a ride and it flying off. Haha Thoughts? Does this happen? How do u prevent it?

ThatWigWitch: First time watching a man’s wig review! I think it came out great after products

Neal Mycin: The glasses helped immensely, looks great and grow a bit of side burns.

robinson1010: This all new to me; I was wondering if you had to use anything to glue this wig down. I was also wondering what your favorite wig maker is? The wig looked great on you especially with the glasses. If this doesn't need glued down, I think it would be worth trying out. Great video!

james: I am NEVER Impressed by the "Packaging" I am more concerned about the actual Product!! But it looks Good!

Gary Simkins: I think it looks good on you, especially after you worked with it. Nicely done.

Rick C: Looks very nice. Just curious....how long can you wear it, and does it wear out after a couple months?

Tommy Phipps: That looks GREAT. I ordered one yesterday with the same color. Can't wait to get it in a few days.

Stephanie Oyola Rodriguez: You did magic on this one! Amazing!!!!!

David Page: Hi Nykohlus, greetings from the UK, my 2 wigs have arrived, classic and edge, classic has gone straight back, it wasn’t really what I thought it would be, edge however looks a lot better. I’ve managed to find a stylist who specialises in wigs and hair pieces so I’m putting my faith in Chloe, she was wonderful on the phone so I’m really looking forward to meeting her. Thanks for your videos, they are really inspiring me and giving me confidence, I’ll let you know how I get on, also thanks to the other contributions on your channel, they too have been a great source of advice, David

Tweeter & The Monkey Man: Looks amazing, well worth the $$

Angelic Warrior: Hi. What kind of adhesive do you use to keep the front down ?

Greg Weigel: You Performed some magic with that one!. Would have been nice to see what you did to make it Go from a 5.5 to an 8 ! Is there a brand that has less volume in it? it's still has the too much look to it for me

pobstrel: You made this wig look great!

PJ Mundy: Looks terrific!!

Broken Chains: Wow, looks great with glasses and styling, new viewer here!! Great Channel!!!

4henry4dc: that looks so good also with your eyeglass.

Polish Texan Guy: Do you use any products like tape or glue to keep the wigs secure? Thanks.

Eddie Nielsen: You look so awesome when you hade fix the hair. The color is fantastic on you! Keep it forever^^

Brhonn T.: I think it looks good and the color suits you...more so than the last video with the highlighted wig....I just got the wig-sophistication from HIM in the grayest color they have ..almost white and I really like it but it helps to pick a style and color that fits your face. I'm fair to pink/peach skinned with blue eyes so the gray /white color works well. I did need to do a little tweaking to it ...some trimming and tape on the temples.

John Doe: *It looks great on you. You just need to glue the sides.*

Walter Egielski: Looks great after it was styled and the sideburns were shortened. Do you have to use tape or glue? I am sensitive to adhesives. Thank you. Walter

Jonathan Perez: You should make a styling video for the wigs

rene sagahon: At first I thought it looked like a grey football helmet but after you styled it it looked great looked natural

StampinStyle: I’m in the process of deciding to purchase one of the HIM collection wigs - specifically Classic. I never had a real full head of hair and I think Classic will look the closest to my natural hair. Do you use any type of adhesive for the hairline. The thing that sold me on this company is the realistic headline - a dead giveaway you’re wearing a wig tome. Even out of the box, the hairline looked amazing!

First Name: That was one sorry looking hair until you styled it--now it looks great!

Justin: You are brilliant! Great job styling....looks totally real and natural!

Lee DuVAll: Before you wear it you have to put wig conditioner on it a couple times a week it will calm down if you can’t wait put a little Vaseline on the sides to lay it down

Fernando Ariza Abascal: Good work mate! tha wig seems to have been designed specifically for you! :-)

Javier Sanchez: Omg been looking for a review like this forever!! The wigs are expensive i wonder if u found any other websites that sell less than $100

Anna Samek: Looks great!

Tod Campbell: Looks great!

M.B: Looks great and the colour suits you

Blackice 12345: Thxs so much for the reviews. And the coupon and site. I’m def gonna order the dare. I wish I had your face cause you rock all of them. I think the dare is for me in a ash brown and grey. It looked really bad when u first put it on but with the products you transformed it. Thanks mate

Fle_Sovaj: I don't know how I found this, but you are super cute and this was neat to watch. I think it looks amazing, love the color too,

Stephanvann1965: Dude, you look amazing. It was just the sides that looked off, but you nailed it! Looks great. I have a full head of hair and I looked at a human hair shoulder ish very messy almost Norman reedus looking wig with bangs in face I want to buy until I can get my own hair grown out. What do you thing? You look great in that!

YHMR: That's an awsm wig mate, looks so natural. Will look killer if you grow natural sidelocks and a stubble

Na-Vee-Ho Kendoll: do you have to glue the sides down with some sort of adhesive to the skin?

dirp birp: What about trimming the sides a bit and adhering the sideburns down for a more realistic look?

russell palmer: Looks great after you styled it

Captain D: Looks awesome

Mike: Damn! It looks really good with product and the glasses!

William Schwank: Loved your styling..looking fwd to see you in Reserved!!!

Free Indeed: Looks great! Nice hairline!

Freedom 2020: Love it!

4gma59: Looks great on you!

R I: The lace front is too good. So real. You nailed it. This hairline is better than Edge. Grey suits you better. Blonde is a bit pretentious. I like the length of Edge, when it is not brushed up

Mike Bingham: Can you use Armor All on these Style HIM Collection HairUWear Hair pieces?

ضياء: Wow looks real hair and so beautiful in front

Muhammad Arif: Just made up my mind, That looks sooo great after you styled it, i know it may look not that good in person but who cares ? its better then wear s cap or bold head, Thanks alot fir your post

Connie Garrick: I like it alto after styling!

ak47man71 kalash: looks good really good i wonder if you can use mild hair tape for sides

Attila709: Are there any other ways to make a full cap template other than plastic wrap and tape?

DevilishAbstractions: Both the Edge and Style pieces look way better after you styled them. The sides of both wigs don't look as natural as the top hairline. Perhaps lace on the sides would help - that way it can be cut shorter instead of needing the longer pieces to hide the hairline. Style looks very professional. Thanks for reviewing these pieces.

Brhonn T.: I bought Edge and took it to be trimmed in the back and sides. I wanted a short back, sides and longer in the front and top...but when I got it home I decided that the stylist didn't cut it short enough so I took some scissors and proceeded to hack away....long story short I really messed it up. I tried to use some synthetic hair spray on it to make it look better...it's still wearable but I am very sorry I did it.....from now on if I buy another one it will have to be a wig that is very short in the back and sides.....I have previously bought Sophistication in 90% gray...it's almost all white. I like it and the cut is short enough for me....I have worn it out with friends and received many compliments.

Rathish Lloyd: Hi. Thanks for this video. Is this cream 'Jon Renau EasiHair Piece Out Contour Fiber Creme' a kind of gel just to make hair shining? and what about this spray - Brandywine Non-Aerosol Wig Spray. how often do we need to use this? I dont have any idea about this. Looking forward to get some inputs from you. Thanks

Marc Duchamp: Actually not too bad. The back side seemed to look fake because of the gray and dark color stark change of colors. Nice demo there!

William McFarlane: When you first put it on I was thinking ...nope...after styling and product....wow what a difference...but this is my question...in order to make these wigs or any wig for that matter look good do you have to either be a stylist or at least have some talent in that direction...or perhaps be living with a stylist? I do not have any talent for hair etc but would like to try one of these hairUwear products..without everyone going Oh look at that terrible wig! lol any advice? Cheers

Joanna Maria Polakowska: Amazing . You look very handsome with or without wig.

D- Boy: Loook awesome - how’s it wearing a wig on daily basis or what do you recommend? Much appreciated thanks

Tren Acetate: Looks really good.

Steve Schneider: I was really scared when you first put it on cuz it looked like a dead possum on your head. Once you styled it though it looks really good and natural even the hairline.

Moon Light: styled looked really good on u i would never guess

Koda Khrome: Don’t fall for it!! I know this guy and his twin brother, nyko the first guy is completely bald and his brother Miko the guy you see at the end has beautiful thick silver hair.

P G Srinivas: U had used spectacles handle to press the side burns area. Frankly the designers of wig can extend the wig base slightly covering the side burn area.

John Claeys: If I didn’t see it with my own eyes.....awesome!

Jacob Israel: You should try the new wigs from moonfiber.com

Hubert Hopscotch: I think it looks really good

JDB: solid video, bro. i want one now!

Christopher Wheeler: Would’ve been good to see you use the products

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