Color Tutorial: Black & Blonde Contrast! Ft. Luvme Hair

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- Breezie

What is going on youtube? It'S your girl, easy breezy and i'm back with another hair sponsor all right. Now we're going crazy with the colors, because it's summertime and i see y'all popping out with the colors, so i had to add it to my channel. So, thank you. Love me, hair for giving us this wig. So, let's see all right, so we have a curly lace, front wig. So has the combs and a jaw string. So you can adjust it and this lace goes back really far and it's really wide. So we can do basically any style. We want braids half up half down, you know deep side parts whatever and i went ahead and plucked and bleached the hairline. Now with this company, the hairline comes already pre-plucked but y'all know i'll be having to add my little. So i'll be having to pluck and bleach a little bit myself too. Just to you know give it that touch so yeah. So i'm doing like two patches. You know one on each side, i'm doing platinum patches so like when the hair just lifts up. It kind of all right, let's get into it enough, talking all right so we're in the kitchen now, so i'm going to show you what i'm using to do the platinum patches. I just have this bleach. This is, i normally get bw2, but this is basic white by clairol. I am also using the 40 volume by clairol as well. This is my favorite brand of developer because it always just lifts good. You know when i use other brands, it don't be lifting the same. You know i don't i don't. I don't know it. Don'T be. Listen the same to me. So i just go with clairol. Clairol is like my go-to. Also now i know my friend i know she likes her hair to be a certain way and when i do her hair, like back in the day, she used to always dye her hair like her virgin bundles jet black, because she's telling me she don't like how, Like the 1b kind of looks on her, so we're doing jet black on her, so another um color by clairol. This is the 1a and i believe this okay, this is cool black, so this will have like a cool like bluish undertone, so it really gets black black like blackety black and we're using a 10 volume developer to mix in with the diamond. All right, you guys so this has been processing for like 30 40 minutes. I mean it's, it's not necessary, but i had to go get something to eat right now. The blonde looks really good. All i'm going to do now is um tone it with the shimmer light shampoo, but i will be really careful not to let you know this black dye run in the blonde hair while i'm rinsing it out. So i have to be really careful or it's going to turn like gray, and i don't want that. So, let's be really careful, i'ma rinse it out um shampoo, it all and then condition it. I'M gon na show you guys the finished product in a minute. All right, i've been dyeing hair all day had to take a full break had to take a tv break. I had to just get out the house, but i'm finally done okay. This process took a minute, not gon na lie, but it wasn't. You know what it was a lot of labor. It was a lot of labor and it was a lot of sitting and just waiting for the color to process, and i even had to be like super careful washing it out, because i don't want to get the black dye to run on the blonde hair and Turn it you know, gray or you know, because i've done that before and i learned the hard way plenty times. Okay, so this color is a tedious process. But if you take your time - and you know you don't mix any colors and you wash it out right, then it should come out looking clean and looking perfect. So this blonde only took two processes and i did my shampoo with the shimmer lights and the shimmer lights. You know it does it's it's its job. You know it's not totally platinum, but that's just because i didn't lift it for like a third time, but i don't feel like doing that so so this is the final result. Let'S go ahead and put this on our model and see how this looks dried and styled, no god damn. I cannot you

Easy Breezie: I love you guys

Unique Zipporah: You don’t understand how much I appreciate you. Ive been watching you since I was 13 and I’m about to turn 17, I literally get my techniques from watching you 24/7 . I love that you educate other people AND yourself to new techniques. I just support you and love you so much ❤️

4Ever Steena: U know u a pro when u dont even bother to measure the developer This came right on time Breezie. About to bleach & dye some bundles for my daughter.

Slay With Eestco: Breezie I appreciate your consistency and content. You taught me so much and the hair looks PHENOMENAL as always.

flower candy: The color is everything you slayed it girl!!! ❤️

Keionae Collins: I love you videos especially the ones when you have storytime. Honestly gives me hope that I can become as good as you one day

sexytize3638: Hey Breezie, im here early today girl. I saw the beautiful install of this unit the other day, another Breezie Slay of course, that color is everything also

PrettyYellaLu: Great job Breezie. I been thinking about dying my real hair like this!! $PrettyYellaLu

lneal2800: Evening! Breezie sis! I love this look!color is beautiful on her!

Heiress2a legacy: Your Locs are looking soooo good

Desiree Young: I love how much your hair is growing I’m thinking about dreading my hair

Sandra Eggleston: I love it,,,it's beautiful ❤

MOJO RORO: Yesss more details!!!!! Cause I want this color but I’m scared

Get Pretty With Puff: i just love your energy ❤️❤️❤️

MARMAR&DEEDEE SQUAD: I Love your videos. And I love color hair and I heard that they're a wonderful vendor

Dezzy BeenBad: You’re SO GORGEOUS

Kia Richmond: Breezy I nneeeeddd to see a braided wig, you think you could reach out to a small buisness and put something together? I’d love to see you work your magic on one

MICHI B: omg that black made me so nervous yikes!! only takes a G like you tho

Brenda Gallman: Hi I'm Kenneth Williams. I love watching this vlog. You look so Fabulous!!! I'm wanna invest in some wig's. Thank you so much peace.

Favii Darkskin: The only hairstylist I watch on YouTube $yofavnikki

Queennubian 25: Girl you da bomb!

Keisha Thomas: Yes yes love it♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lataziah Wade: I wanna try this on myself $LataziahHarmony

flower candy: Girl the ending with the freeze bitch killed me lmao

s.m.equestrian. art: Love Love love

HAUS OF COURTLYNN: That's the only hair my sister buy is LuvMe Hair

NIKKI BABY!🦄: love your background E

Lucent Lu : Easy I tried this last night . I only did one app . My black did bleed on my blond so can you show how not to bleed the black on the blonde ‍♀️ please . My shampoo skills are Trash . Must live from Memphis Tn

Easy Breezie: FULL Install Video:

2lemonades: Let's Go #BALLERINSTALLER

Akelleigh01: Heyyyyyy ❤️

Cloudy.life2: I’m trying to spread this around so we can get justice for the people he hurt Look Up Isaiah Grant he is my cousin and he raped a girl and never went to jail and we found out he started messing with our little cousins in nasty ways and he’s still not in jail! And some of our family members and defending him and hiding him he needs to be held accountable for what he has done



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