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I've found the perfect completely Clueless Wig for you Gals

Hair Details: Trendy Layered Cut Glueless 5x5 Closure Lace Wig Pre-plucked 18 inches

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Let me just start by saying: if you're looking for a goula swig, that's very low on maintenance and all you need to do is show her on and go. Then you have stumbled upon the Right video. I got you and let's get into it, welcome back you guys for those of you who are new over here. My name is Kayla. So, as I mentioned this week is from love me here now. This is their trendy layered cut, clueless 5x5 lace closure wig. This is pretty much what the inside of your wig looks like. It already comes with the Combs on the inside, it has an extra elastic band, and it also has that elastic band. That'S also attached to your wig that you can tighten. I personally prefer to tie in the ones that already comes on the wig itself, not the black piece that you guys are seeing, but the elastic band that's already attached to your wig cap. You guys know I already got some crusty musty braids under there just slide. Your wig cap back so you're not seeing it directly under the lace and Trigger wig on now, as you guys can see, this is what the wig is. Looking like straight out of the box, look at how full and thick this hair is. It is so nice you guys, I'm not exactly sure what density this hair is, but the hair was really full throughout the entire unit. So I really like that right now, I'm just taking my hot coal making sure that my wig is as flat as possible. Now, I'm just taking my rat silk comb and making sure that my part in space is as straight as I can get it. Instead, I'm going to my wax stick. This wax stick, definitely made it different, as you guys can see how bumpy it was looking before. I applied the wax stick and then, as soon as I finished, applying that wax stick. You guys look at how flat that is. It made such a difference. So when it comes to like your wigs and stuff, I definitely recommend getting a wax stick. You need a hot comb. Those are just some of the Basic Essentials that you definitely need if you're a big person now it's time to straighten out this hair, as you guys can see, the hair already comes pre-cut for you. This is also a style. That'S been very trendy. Lately, I've been seen it a lot on Instagram and on Tick Tock, and at first you guys. I swear. I did not care for this hairstyle, but after getting this wig, I'm like this is definitely a Vibe like I could really get used to this cut. I really like the whole layered look. It looks so good and the hair itself on this hair. The quality of it is just amazing and your wing already comes with the layers cut for you, so you do not have to go back in and do any excess cutting. I did not have to cut any more hair. The only thing you have to do with this wig is just straighten out the hair and throw it on and go baby. That is it. This is such a low maintenance wig it's glueless. It'S super easy to install the wig already comes pre-plucked pre-bleached, and it has these amazing layers already cut for you and also like. I love that it's not giving like the whole Indian, like you, know, Brazilian hair, how it's like really silky. That'S what I'm trying to say so it doesn't look like that, but it also has like this just nice luster to it. It has like a nice volume. The hair is just like it looks like I got a fresh perm, so I really like that and yeah honestly, you guys this is definitely a wig that I think you guys should invest in, especially if you are a lazy girl. Like me, this is the ultimate glueless everyday wig that you can just throw on and go and when I say throw on and go, I really mean like chill on and go so. I know y'all some coins, the wig, is definitely in the more affordable bracket. So um yeah, I will have everything linked down below to where you guys can purchase this exact same unit from love me here and yeah, like you guys, just got ta get it like. The wig is amazing. I love it. I know you guys definitely will enjoy it too. If I do have a discount code that will be linked Down Below in the description box and also I love the fact that I not do any baby hairs. I feel like the baby hairs just take away from the whole look. If I had added baby hairs to this look, it would not have been given the way that it's given right now, just like y'all the hair. I am so in love with this wig. You guys don't even understand this has been like my go-to everyday wig for the past. I would say two weeks now and she is still standing strong. The hair does not shed. There is no tangling whatsoever to hear is extremely soft comment down below. Let me know what you guys think about the hair. Are we feeling this one or not? My forehead does look a little big. It'S definitely shining bright like Rihanna right now, but it's cool they've been said: prettiest girls have the highest foreheads and that's a fact. Thank you guys so much for tuning back and comment down below. Let me know what you guys think I love you guys don't forget to subscribe. If you are not subscribed already comment like share all that good stuff and I'll catch. You guys in my next one bye fashion, everything

VicksStyles: Love the layers

Ambria Morris: Such a SLAY !!! Love this on You ❤

Yasmeen terry: Do a update on your curly perm please !!!

Linda Love: You deserve more views. I love ur beauty and videos ❣️

Princesskay: Cute hair

Linda Love: Lol wait i aint never heard the foreheads be the preetiest girls i guess thats true cse my forehead is ❗️

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