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Deep Wave Full Lace Pre Plucked Lace Frontal Wig 24 inches

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Hey guys, it's two sophistica from urban sophistication mark. If you haven't used to cold early sophistica, use that closer unified ice over your order. Today, I'm gon na meet all my a unit from love me hair. I have this unit, it's a full, a shoe at 150 density, 24, inches pre, plucked hairline, deep, wave, curly and yeah. So I love this and I've had it for going on a month now I bought this with my own money. After using their discount coach was called sale 20, it got got it for 228, which is really good for 24 inches. Now, I'm 510, I'm pretty tall, and this goes to this goes to my boot so and if I stretched it, it goes to my stomach. So it's the length is fairly accurate, so I didn't have to do too much to hairline because they creep up like I said, and it was actually pretty plucked. Most units need to show you like a grid of how to do it. They don't really actually pre. Pluck it they pre plucked it like it's a space and hair and baby hairs, so I just collected a little bit to my liking for my hairline, but other than that I didn't have to do too much. I just cut the baby ears boom now, as time goes along this unit does no, no, I don't mean like when you're walking around shedding. I mean like when you're going through it - and you know I mean combing in and watching that you will get shedding in, because there's a full lace unit is lace. It'S not made out of kryptonite like a spoon of so for it to be curly here it doesn't shed a lot at all. Once I medusa sheding is like i said when i manipulated also when you watch these units, you want to watch them holding them like the unit on top. In your hand, you know I mean I hear this hanging like that, because I noticed that if you dislike put it in the sink and wash it the water and just like you know, like you're doing a real head or something like that, it's going to man. That'S going to man and he's gon na clump together, anyone had the comb, do it and that's more shedding. So when you watch this unit, I suggest that she take I'm not gon na demonstrate with ya. So this is my daughter's right cushion for her little so anyway take your hand and just drape it over your hand like that, so this would be. This part would be like right here, and here this would be the here. Just hanging you hold under the water Y should be careful, flip it upside down, get the guys to be or glue whatever way you use it to here. Is he here this? You know rub it and cuz you don't want to make other than that um it does meet. I mean, that's a mat a little bit or you know clunk up and tangled up in the back of the neck, which is to be expected but other than tangles. I don't get too many moves. I do get like a little bit tangles at the end. What I do is I wish I can find one when I do this. I got this cool and I pulled the tangle down and then I pull the hair out takes care of that. So I don't get too much tangling. I don't get shedding that and I work in the hospital and I wear this hair to work, and it does me good now I don't get shedding when I walk around, I only get shedding when I mean manipulate it. So also this side is damp. This hair loves water and it loves mousse, bigger all moves to be exact, bigger oil, olive oil mousse. I got that, on my hand, store works. The best makes it crunchy, but not too crunchy like gel, where it's all hard, but this defines it. I don't have anyone right now, because I can't find it and you're quite honest, but yeah I put can't um can't curl defining cream on it. Last night, okay, I wash the unit and I put some curl to find a painting on it and it. This is, this is how it looks after that from last night. I think you know buying it and then, where no scarf, I went to sleep with this unit on I see what this unit want to be by the way I sleep with this unit, one so for every three weeks going on a month for weeks, it looks Damn good, the only thing is that I don't like is that the unit is 22.5 inches. Ladies, if you want units to be a good, you need to get the right size for yogi, I'm sorry to be sleeping, but I'm the same. You got ta get the right size to be here. I wear size 23, so we appoint away, but so I haven't been able to wear this in a full point: L just because it's too small for my Big Easy. So, every time I wash this hair or take it off manipulate it, the hair line starts to shed the hair. I was perfect when I got it, but after you wear it, the hair, the hair comes out. The hearing on the baby. Here sorry gone, it's just lace, so I'm cutting the cut in the cut. It'S like the arts and crafts project. Frontals are like an arts and crafts project. So when I'm cutting the front, the back is going up up. Cuz, I'm trying to you know, lay it right, so I can't wear this in the pointer and I'm not going to turn around to show you because it's pointless, but I do have some footage from when I first got the wig and I will show you how It looks when I first got it, but yeah other than that. I'M also I bleached in knots and I didn't tip the lease I just put some bronzer and please just very easily don't leave the bleach on too long. I use 30 developer and I use looks at being B & W of loose powder and I put a little bit of purple a rinse in it. So you know doesn't turn out brassy, but I suggest you do not leave the beach or no. I left mine alone for like 20 minutes, I have a guy. Actually, my daughter, I have a two-year-old, so I was running around with her and I over B, some of them, but you can't really notice it but um. You don't need to like this here. I think this here's truly version here to be quite honest because it just it gives me there Bob but yeah. This is a really good quality unit. The shipping didn't take too long. I'Ve got it for Memorial Day weekend or week, so I was a little delayed because there was an Air Force from you know the post office, because it's a holiday but yeah, so the shipments cleared the customer services put. I had contacted her about, you know seeing they had more sizes, and you know the unit like this is twenty two point: five and twenty three inches. She was good and fast and quick on his finding about that. The 22.5 isn't bad but, like I said once you start cutting you started reinstalling. You won't have to do some maintenance to the front. I mean this one of this, so it's just rising, rising, rising, rising rising so but yeah other than that. It was 228, with a cell with cell 20 discount cold. I was definitely buy this unit again, no tingling. Unless you know I rolling around, do my beyond saying and be in my face job we're gon na be okay but other than that be good to go. I sleep with this unit. I bought this unit with my own money. I will buy it again out when I get some money, I'm about another one. Hopefully they can start sending me some free ones, so I think one fleek for free but other than you know famous, because I got this in my heat in this affordable. It looks good, it's my favorite one. I have this one, this unit having our doula unit in the d-wave, and I love both of them. I label from them a lot, but just love me is my favorite perfect for summer. I would get it. I recommend it. Please should not, though, you definitely diffused two nights and this is 24 inches and it's a perfect man for me on five 10, it comes past my breast unstretched. If I stretch that comes into my top of my needle so yeah, I would not Curt. I was not straight in this era, so you'd be a damn fool. If he shot straight in this year I mean you might not be there fool, but you'd be we've sneeze on but other than that year. This is the dry side, like I said, in loves water domain. Is this put some water on it, but some kids super cream mousse put some mousse mousse to us. The damn thing make sure it's a bigger wrong. One though the I try the guys to be kinkier, it was all right into too much the bigger wall loves it warder, curl, defining cream and mousse, and he gets it up and it's so easy. I didn't had to do too much to get it delayed on flat. I just did my little six tips and tricks to make my unit lay flat. They had to put a hot foam on it. I just did a damn thing baby, but yes, so definitely check out. Love me here. I'M gon na need the link to this unit in the description box. Make sure you follow me on instagram at suits tio OTS underscore sophistica, and i follow back on instagram as well. Also, you have a posh mark, I'm having a sheriff eat and it starts on the June 23rd. So you like to join it I'll, leave the link to my closet and yeah useful urban sophistica and posh smart subscribe. Like comment, let me know what is your favorite texture here for summertime? Mine is definitely, and I think I might try to water. We actually two because I had a friend whose hair I do and she had actually put me onto it, left me and I love to go to waterway. She had what are we. I think I, like the heat wings better. I think I do does the curl last longer, but her girl that's a long time to for her to have hair. That would are we but yeah that wraps up this video

Luvme Hair: Thanks friend. You did great! ❤

Lydia XOXO: Love your channel!! Such an inspiration. Maybe we can collaborate.

Deandra: Girl you are pretty !!

Glammed Butterfly70:

Jahn Scott: Have you ever gone swimming in this unit?

Kevie Yettie: Aw no good hair dont Matt when you wash it

Cashie Diamond: Philly accent lol

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