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Good morning and welcome back to New Vlog, I'm trying to do an install so that I can start the day. It is ten past four, it's ten past four, I'm joking! It'S uh, I think quarter, past 10 mini because what if the lights go out, they might just be load shedding, I'm expecting it, but it still hasn't gone out. Yet it's quarter past 10. um. So this is the week that I got from love me here. It comes in a box um and I'm putting this on today, because tonight we're going, we've got things to do, we've got errands to run, and then tonight I have um an event to attend, so I'm just gon na lay this week on. So we have this bag that you're gon na put the hair in after you use it a very cute paper that has some writing on. Then you have a recap, and then you have a week installing kit with all these things they even have hoop earrings. I think I would prefer cute earrings than lashes will I wear the hoop earrings stay tuned, so I am putting this wig on. Oh, let me actually show you so this wig is giving teapot right. It comes fully bleached, I'm gon na finish. It insert a clip on how it comes. I just want to get this out of the way, so we can start this Vlog, also because I'm doing a giveaway, um I'll be doing a giveaway on this week. So we'll listen up okay. So it's a teapot week, as you can see, the knots can bleached. It comes pre-plucked like I'm, going to show you in this um clip okay, so I just wanted to show you how the hair quickly comes um or how it arrives. I literally just took it out the bag like this. This side part that they have here, that's what they did. Yes, so that's what they did. So this is how the hair comes. If you're, not um like a professional quote, unquote we're not used to wearing wigs. You can definitely just wear it like this um, but I do just want to do a little bit more extra plucking on my end, nothing deep, maybe the next time SEMA comes I'll. Ask simmer too um. Do it for me, but it's already bleached. So that's the bulk of the work done, which is amazing and yeah you literally just plug and play. What I did is that I went and further just plucked it and then tinted the lace with my foundation and yeah. So because it's a teapot, you can literally only have a side part, but it comes styled like this. This is how it comes literally. This is how it comes. So if you're a first timer, there's really not much that you have to do um because they pretty much do the work for you. So I'm gon na just paste this on. So now that that's back on I'm just gon na glue it quickly and I'm not gon na do uh. I don't think this kind of a wig needs you to even lay it down with uh. I got to be that's just my opinion, but if you want to baby do what you want to do, I'm going to try this, it's a ultimate, it's the glamor thingy as the Glamorous Beauty spray that helps to melt your lace. Thank you. Foreign love, the plug. Okay, so the wig is in and I like it, I really do like it. It comes like this, so you don't have to really do anything. It'S actually really nice. So what we are going to do is I'm gon na do a giveaway on the full box. Okay, so to run this competition, we're going to make it very easy. All you need to do is make sure that you subscribe to my Channel or cough because we're here, but also on Instagram, make sure you're following me on Instagram and on following love me here on Instagram. That'S the way I'm going to be able to verify, particularly on that platform, I'm going to probably put that all below, but make sure you follow. You subscribe to the channel, then on Instagram, follow bully and at love me here for bonus. Entry share this on your stories and this Vlog on your stories with the purple heart and tag me right. I hope I'm clear and concise so now we can finally start the day. It is 10 to 11. I'M gon na go to the mall. I don't think I it's a it's a complete must for me to go to the mall, but I want to go to the mall and I will meet you guys a little bit later on when we go to the concert. I'M really excited to must actually buy a ticket right now very excited to support, because I haven't been able to last year we're not supposed to support her. So, besides, social media um label actually also works um, I don't know what they call them um, but like in a Communications thing where they um run or organize, like certain gospel events. So this one that's happening tonight is also run by here. There was one that happened last year, literally on the day that, literally on the day we were supposed to leave. So let's say we were leaving, there's a public holiday. I remember yes, it was around Good Friday. Yes, it was around Good Friday. So what had happened was literally the next day, for example, if it's a Monday, then the next day we're gon na be supposed to go. On Monday, someone passed away my husband's dad passed away on Sunday, like you, can't make this stuff up it's crazy. So I didn't get to go on that time, but she obviously she totally understood. So I was like this and then last year at Sun City, which was a big one um we were on our anniversary getaway. So I said this year: it's there yeah, so we're gon na go and support her later tonight. I'M gon na go, my husband will stay behind and watch the kids probably invite The Gents over or whatever, but I'm gon na go okay. So let me get this day started, I'm wearing such a pretty dress from Mr Price, I'm currently on my way to the event. So what happened was I didn't even go to the mall? I didn't go to the mall. I, which way am I going? Let me go this way. I don't go to the mall. I just decided that I'm gon na stay put wait for my e, because I have to leave Essie with my sister um, because I didn't want to Uber Andy home. So that's what I did so. I ended up just going uh to drop Essie off and then I was able to get ready, etc, etc. Very very excited I am wearing. I'M gon na show you what I'm wearing. I actually shot a rail um, which will probably be way out before this stay. Um but I'll show you what I'm wearing um picture, I'm wearing hope. I told you I'm a word. I don't like it, but I'm gon na wear it um up until I can find something that I like anyway go. I did the worst thing I am struggling with a flu-like thing and sinuses affect me. So obviously sinuses are at an all-time high during this time of a flu thing, so why did I go and spray perfume like? Why did I put perfume on? Because I am seeing Flames, my left nostril, my left nostril. I can't yo, that's a nice soil and I knew I knew, but did I listen to myself? No just take a look at yourself. Do you really think it's gon na help? If you always fighting yourself trying to forget how you felt just take a look at yourself, can't even be your friend cause you're, always just stuck in your head. How do you think it's gon na sometimes sometimes good morning, buttercups morning, as you can tell, I am I'm feeling much better last week - was a mess last week was such a mess, but it is what it is we move. So today we are I'm feeling much better. I'M just gon na I finished eating. I'M just gon na take my allergy, I'm just gon na taste, not mine. They don't belong to me. I'M gon na take allergy, meds and um hit out the house. It'S maintenance day. We got ta do my toes, I'm still not doing my fingers. Unfortunately, I'm gon na do my toes I'm going to create skin and wellness. I'M going to my toes. I'M gon na get my wax sugaring, please my babes. Let'S wax: okay, let's sugar, if we can help it um yeah, I'm gon na do that and then I'm gon na relax my hair. Yes, I have finally decided that I'm going to relax my hair we're gon na go today. We'Re gon na go to a place in Melrose. I'Ve never been there. My sister booked it for me because she said that they are good with relaxing they're going to use Mizani, and she said she wouldn't recommend me relaxing because I'm a DIY Queen, okay, she said she's, not gon na recommend me relaxing my hair um from full-on natural To full on relaxed by myself, which I get what you're saying but 700 yeah, but it is what it is. Let'S go. My loves, let's go and have a good day, and this my loves is the finished product. Let me Zoom it out, but sorry guys. If the camera is a little Wiggly, it's because I'm holding you in my hand, I think my tripod is in the boot of the car. I am lazy, I'm lazy, so apologies, but I won't be long. This is just I came to show you my hair. We definitely cut it because it had quite a bit of split ends again when it came to natural hair. I didn't know what split ends were so if I felt like it was a weird end, I would trim it, but with this hair you can definitely always like kind of see it a little bit better. So I think I also be able to maintain this hair. Very well so Journey with me. This is my hair. This is what I'm used to and yeah man it's it's healthy. They did a really really good job. We relaxed with bazani and mazani is going to be my. I bought this yeah, so I bought that. It says it's a hairdress like for your hair and your scalp in case it gets dry and itchy, but it's something that you can use every day anyway. Let me go. It is literally half past four, it's time to both Essie feed. Her prepare her dinner. The likes this time is actually quite hectic for me. I prefer no phone calls because they get um in the way of my afternoon productivity with this child anyway, my babies, I hear it's a Saturday morning just having breakfast with my man. It is morning yeah we're not that bad late, I'm gon na go to Paul. I cannot wait. I cannot wait to have a. What do I have french toast? That'S all. I need French toast. I already know mixed berry and sweets are Pony just pulled up to the house. Is it working? I'Ve been up way too early for my liking? Well, it's nothing different! Sorry guys! I probably look like a raccoon. I probably look like a bit of a raccoon because I haven't finished my makeup. I'M gon na finish it when we get on set good morning, it's the last day of the Vlog. I think I'm gon na cut the Vlog after today, because we've got so much happening this week today is Tuesday um. So I don't want to like give you a like too too much I'd, rather break it up into two and keep it start. Next week's Vlog tomorrow go to shoot. I'M gon na go and pick up my mom uh we're doing a Mother's Day, shoot with a particular brand um that should be out around Mother's Day. So I don't know if I can say it. Obviously, I think they would want us to keep it a secret, because this yeah, you know how these people are so yeah. We are gon na, be there. I saw someone that I know on the course sheet um. I think there's three I like to believe in three influences with their moms. I will stand to be corrected, I'll confirm when I get there, but one of the ladies I know so we might just meet there um. In fact, we will meet there because I shoot right after her and her mom just going to KFC. So I can get some food for because I couldn't get breakfast so I'm just gon na get a Breaky crunch Saturday. I'M shame I felt bad sorry guys so that happened on Saturday. Is we really just got caught up in just trying to have some parents time? You know some couple times some ass time Kevin and I had a day today hold on. Can I please have two Breaky crunch wraps and sugar sorry anyway, so we had a date today, right um and for me the whole thing about the date day was we were just gon na spend some time we got Auntie to come in on a Saturday uh, Which he does sometimes and just yeah, we were just gon na go the whole day, which is great, because now I get to spend time with Kev. You know um yeah, so Auntie came in. We left we went to Paul's for breakfast, we walked around. While we did a little bit of shopping for my e, it's really cool shopping for your kids. I I really enjoy it. I'M not gon na lie. Anyway. It'S really cool shopping for your kids, highly recommend, but yeah shopping for the kids shopping for a gift. Then we went to Mama, Samba went to rosebank, so we were at Melrose Arc and then we went to Roseburg Mama Samba for peppers for some chilled Vibes, even though it was quite full, but it was really really nice. A nice way to end of the afternoon would highly recommend that you book they don't just allow walk-ins anymore. That'S how full it is. It makes sense it's a it's, a very aesthetically pleasing place, but yeah. So that was our day. Shame I felt like I didn't really tell you much. I was just showing you food, which didn't make sense so yeah. Today, I'm gon na end up the Vlog you're gon na probably meet my mom uh when we get to the the place where we're shooting in bryanston and yeah yeah. Let'S do this this one and that's. It is like no days laughs. How did it feel being behind the scenes today? It'S hectic, is it hectic nerves, yeah, nerves, yeah, but it was. It wasn't bad. It was nice yeah, no someone's on the phone. Oh, it's tender, hi, hi, tando, okay, let's go home, we'll catch up when we're home. Just pulled up to the house, I need you to know that I'm tired. I also got a lot of comments about my skin, so we're gon na do a quick, skincare routine. I'M gon na take this off and then we're gon na have a quick chat. Um about stuff stuff that I was actually just thinking about to myself, I am exhausted. I think people honestly think that this life is glamorous. I'M also gon na quickly. I'M gon na show you some of the products eyeball that I use um and, like I said, because I've been, I had been getting a lot of um compliments on my skin. I thought it was relevant also because my skin has come a long way guys if you don't know, if you're new here hi my name is wooly. I used to have hormonal acne and once the acne care and the hormones are balanced. I worked on fixing the scarring and I think that's what made me passionate about skincare, which I really love, because it has opened so many doors for me just putting my all because I'll read everything, I'd, read: ingredients, I'd read this that and the other like. I do a lot to do the most um, so yeah, I'm just gon na take this off and then we're gon na start so yeah anyway, it's been I'm gon na go in with the CeraVe cleanser. I don't have my makeup. Um remover pads cotton pads. I need to get them tomorrow tomorrow, I'm going to the mall so get them tomorrow, so I'm just gon na wing it anyway. So you can actually just use this first on dry skin, it's not a huge deal and then you're gon na go in. So I'm just gon na show you the products and then have a conversation with you anyway. I was thinking to myself how it's both a blessing, but it's a lot of work, and you know people often think that um content creation or digital creation or entrepreneurship on the digital end is the the easy way out, or it's a very fancy thing um. I think over and above over and above being passionate about it. I think there's a lot of Grace with it. You know, and then you put your all into it, because it's not easy to commit to certain platforms when you put your all into it. That'S when we start to see certain fruits, I just went ahead and rinsed my whole face. I think what I want to do it on the slide, so what people think is that when you get free, when you get PR, it's either free which sometimes it is, is gifted or sponsored and that's the life you get to work with all these cool Brands. Sometimes you you don't work and you work and you don't get paid so what I'm gon na use now, even though it's in the evening, I don't want to use retinol because I had. I don't want to use retinol, because I because I had makeup on my face the whole day um, I usually use an active at night, so I feel when my skin needs I'm gon na. I love this during the day. Absolutely love this during the day. It'S this SkinCeuticals CE for Rubik, 3.6. That'S how much this thing is, but this is was gifted um to me when I went to the when I went to one of the events anyway, so people often think so. I just put a few drops, and this is going to help you um - get rid of dark marks or help your skin brighten over time with consistent use, etc, etc. So anyway, we know what vitamin c does right, but this is like the best top tier not to apparently um anyway. So when it comes to content creation, right people think that it's very easy all super glamorous, which is a thing which is a problem or it's a little bit problematic because people don't see you not sleeping at night like last night. I know I have to wake up and be up at six, but I'm sleeping at 12 because I need to finish and meet this number five deadline right, because this number four deadline, because number five deadline must come out this week and people don't see that so They don't see you burning the midnight oil, I think, especially in the beginning. People don't want to start small, not that everybody should start small. I feel like we all have different startups or we start differently. We are Grace different. I can put it that way. I remember one of the things I I always say: don't overlook things that other people Overlook. I remember this one particular campaign - and I said, was the first one that I worked with with La Roche, Posey 2021 and I was pregnant with my e campaign and they were paying 2 000 Rand and I think they were like three or four deliverables or something Like that post it was a story and then there were three posts or something two thousand ran for like three posts. But I was like so the one lady that we were on the video or not on the video in the meeting with, and she was a little bit more. You know a little bit more well-known or known, or had a little bit more following or had worked longer like a track record kind of spoke. She was like hell, no I'm too big for this, and I was like baby. You should get my way. You'Re talking. Skincare not only did large, but they change my skincare as a whole, because I that's. It was through that brand that I learned even more about healthy skill and taking care of my skin, but through that brand it launched so many more opportunities. Where now I get to work with Brands like beaches, L'Oreal and be under that skincare umbrella There's an opportunity. Unfortunately, my Visa didn't come through, but there was an opportunity for me to even go overseas. I share that because, but, like I said, I couldn't go because of my Visa. So all these things that people kind of Overlook and think that it's too small I don't want to work for free trade exchange. This brand is coming for me at once. A trade exchange and other people are saying or getting paid, and they have the paid partnership thing like you could be missing out on a very huge opportunity, just because you're trying to be like people who have been working or people who are Grace differently. I'M just going to go in with an eye cream now, because my under eye is a little bit dry, so I'm gon na go put the Estee Lauder once my trip here and I switch up the brands literally depending on what I use. I have currently two eye creams on rotation, just use it just to hydrate and keep my under eye anti-aged. So yeah, that's what it is when it comes to content creation. I have been blessed enough to be working full time. I know I've had a lot of people and maybe this is gon na be like the disclaimer, but I've had a lot of people. Ask me like still work full time. Do you still know? I don't? I don't work nine to five. I work content creation, full-time and it's crazy because I'm more productive um now than I probably ever once in my last job. I say my last job because it was more called my show and I didn't learn or grow in that commercial space. Getting the Advanced Night Repair Serum, so you always want to do thinnest to thickest on your skin and I keep it 2 serums Max no need to do for 500. If you do 500, that's fine! So yeah I've been working um full time, and I know it's crazy right, but God has been so faithful, so the life of full-time country creator has been quite you know very, very interesting, but for me personally, super super fulfilling and I'm very fluid as to what Will come next, but right now I am really really grateful, so I already blessed can't take it for granted. Let me just quickly see on my face. I'M gon na go in with the Vichy lift active Supreme because it's at night - and I really wanna - keep all that moisture locked in also, if you're starting out there's so many platforms. Friends use you know certain things or go to platforms like humans or beauty bulletin. That will maybe that will give you options to work with Brands, although you work with them for free, but then it's kind of like exposure, so you can kind of practice your craft and see if this is something you really want to do because, like I said It is hard work, it really is hard work. You really need to be intentional about about it. Okay - and that is my simple, my night time, skincare routine and there we go. Let me go and finish editing. It is half past five, I'm gon na drink water. I need to take a laxative guys. This is my pocket. I need to collect still I've been taking laxatives like every other second day every other day, because but anyway, I hope that you have liked that and I'll definitely be seeing you guys. I hope that you enjoyed that one this week. I hope that you have English. I hope that you've enjoyed this video I'll, definitely be seeing you guys in the next one, because you get it. It'S okay, my babies, if you're gon na attend to a two-year-old and attend attempt to edit a vlog, but if all else fails could do tomorrow, love you always

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