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Length: 12 inches

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Foreign, hey, you guys welcome and welcome back to my channel hello, so I am back with some more hair today and if you think that you may be interested in today's Hair video, then please make sure that you keep on watching foreign, the boys to the yard And their life is better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours! I could teach you, but I have to charge. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and their life is better than yours. Damn right techniques - la la thank you. So today's hair is sponsored by love me hair. Thank you. So much love me hair for sponsoring today's video. This is their beautiful box that it came with along with this cute ribbon, so the boxing was so cute y'all. They also sent over this user's guide, along with their codes skin codes, Facebook, all that all the social medias that you need. You also get the care constructions, the return and refund how to use your wig, how to care for your weed, just everything. You know that you need especially for first time wearers. They have all their information inside of here. They also give you this cute bag to store your unit. You can also use this for anything else that you would like to use it for and also send over a five dollar gift card, which is really really nice. You get a bonnet two Recaps, a hair tie, an edge control, slash comb brush and you also get these cute mini bag. So, honestly, I love this hair company. I actually started my YouTube Journey about three years ago and the first human hair wig that I reviewed on my channel was love me here, so I actually did purchase from them. You know a while back some years ago and I'm telling y'all I was happy. I was satisfied with their hair, so I'm positive that you will be satisfied with their hair as well, but this is like a water wave bang unit. It also comes with a lace right here which is really cute. It gives it that realistic. Look. I believe that this is really a cute style for the upcoming spring summer, whatever um y'all, it's still cold, but yeah I mean hopefully we'll get some type of a spring or summer, but I use my lotta body with coconut and Shea oils. These works really really good. It creates soft, wraps, defines curls and it tames frizz. So I did add a little bit just so I could you know kind of get rid of the frizzes, so I'm gon na just show y'all just how it looks. Y'All excuse my son he's taking a nap he's snoring and I use that time to record so y'all, yes, like this hair is so beautiful, so gorgeous. It does also come with adjustable straps and Combs and an elastic band inside of the wig for secureness. So that is all that I have for y'all today all details on this wig. It will be down in the description box below so please make sure to check that out today to slay with Jay. Okay. Thank you guys so much for watching and tuning in. Please make sure to like comment and subscribe hit that Bell for all post notifications. So every time that I post a video, you will be notified catch y'all on my next video foreign good. They lose their minds. Foreign

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