Precut + Preplucked Beginner Friendly " Wear And Go " Curly Glueless Wig! | Oq Hair | Alwa

Precut + Preplucked BEGINNER FRIENDLY " Wear and Go " CURLY GLUELESS WIG! | OQ HAIR | alwaysameera

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Wig name: Wear Go Glueless Wig

Hair info: 22inch 180% Deep Wave Pre Cut & Pre plucked Wear Go Glueless Wig

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▬▬ Why Choose OQ Hair glueless wig ▬▬

Pre-plucked Clean Hairline

Pre-cut lace

Real Invisible HD Lace

3D dome cap to fit different head sizes

Piano Keys Elastic Band

5-min install wear and go

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H A I R / W I G P R O D U C T S U S E D

she is bomb collection edge control-

Annie shears-

rat tail comb-

Wig grip (keep your wig in place): *LINK:

brown wig caps-

got 2b glued gel-

baby hair brush-

hair clips banana-

dyson blowdryer-

She is bomb wax stick-

shea moisture frizz free curl mousse-

ebin spray-

the doux mousse def texture foam-

continuous spray bottle-

evolve 572 brush-


00:00 intro


02:58 how I prep my base closure wig (no baldcap method)

03:40 trying on the ready to wear wig

04:38 how to tint and blend the lace

05:32 Glueless "ready to wear" kinky curly wig install

06:19 how to flatten a closure hairline


11:03 defining the curls

15:01 the finished curly closure wig look

17:13 25% off coupon code








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Clueless and all girl, no cutting the lace. No, nothing wow! Look at it! Oh there. We go. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh hi, ladies and gentlemen, everybody in between I am back with somebody else's hair and guess what it is. Wine and wigs day, clink clink clink, clink clink um, it's wine and wigs day and I'm actually having a little sip. Now this one's I'm drinking. This is like a new drink of mine. It'S weird! It'S giving very much mods, I'm having a little casamigos a little Casa and a little apple juice. I'M not gon na explain it! Let'S go ahead and get into this wig now for the hair baby. This is a closure I'll tell y'all right now. Okay, this wine and weeks day is about to be lit because it's quick, it's easy and it's cute girl. It'S perfect for summertime, because y'all know we ain't gon na be out here with anything stuck to our forehead and it's glueless girl baby. This is glueless. Can I get up under here baby? Look at that! Oh there we go! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh girl! It'S a miracle that this thing is still on. My head glueless end up back here: lace everywhere I, but this one did its thing. So before we get into that, I want to ask y'all a quick question: can you hit the Subscribe button and the post notification Bell just so you can see every single time I post, because I'm coming to you every single week with brand new wigs brand new Um drinks at this point brand new personalities. Now I want to say thank you to oq hair for providing this wig to me and sponsoring this video this week is the Deep wave wear and go glueless wig with pre-cut lace, it's 22 inches long and 180 density. It has a 4x6 HD lace closure that is pre-plucked, and if you pop the hood on this wig, you can see that it comes with no Combs inside no adjustable straps, but it does come with a piano key elastic band. So you're able to wear this wig glueless comfortably the premise of a wear and go wig is that you can pull her out box Shaker out plop on plop her on your head and punch it now, I'm gon na do a full review of that claim. Is it going to be wearing gold, or is it not? What did I have to do to this week to make sure it was glueless and I could wear her comfortably, so I only did a couple things to make this wig look like this girl. I didn't have to do much we're gon na go ahead and get into everything that I did to make this wig look more like me. So if you would like to see all the stuff that I did to customize this wig, please keep on watching and I'll. Be back at the very end with my final thoughts and a coupon code: okay, y'all: let's go ahead and get started with the base. Y'All know this supposed to be quick and simple: it's supposed to be ready to wear a little mommy, so let's go ahead and see if that's what she gon na give okay. So first we're gon na start with the base I'm gon na use the same thing. I always use girl, I feel like I'm tied through and delayed, shout out to Rodney The Voice girl, I'm always doing the same thing pop the wig grip on I like to keep it simple. So the easiest way to do that girl is get a skin tone. Wig cap wig grip, plop it on and punch it grub. Now, let's go ahead and try on this wig. So this is a ready to wear wig. The mama already got. She already features: pre-cut lace. The knots are not bleached and you have an elastic band here. So I want to see what she gives see this hair all over um, the social media, social media, okay. So this is the hair. This is what it's looking like. This is what the hairline looks like, so the knots are really small, so they don't need to be bleached. I don't think you can see them from here. So what I do need to do, though, is tint this lace, because ain't no way this is gon na melt into my skin. This lace is supposed to be HD lace, but the tone okay, but the hairline, looks good like what do y'all think come on. We just need to do a little bit of tweaking, so we're gon na attend our lace. Y'All know when I tint my lace. I love to use the Flawless illusion care, Kellen, Derrick lace, scent spray. I say the same thing: does it have the best shipping customer service, not so much, but the product is really really good, so buy at your own risk. Just gon na go ahead and use that spray that onto the lace and get this lace, the perfect color. So you can wear her glueless or not. I'M just gon na go ahead and take her off I'm going to take the lace tint and I'm just going to spray it onto the lace and spray. The lace make sure I'm not getting on my computer either. So I sprayed it all over the lace and what I like to do next is take a little brush or something, and then I like to blend it into the lace like really distribute it all over the lace and focus on the front girl, I'm so happy. I don't have to cut lace today. You know what it's like, the smallest things with doing my wigs. That makes me irritated and cutting lace is one of them blending it in and then next I'm gon na go ahead and take my Dyson blow dryer, because the hairline has already been flattened. I really don't want to mess it up. So I'm going to take my Dyson blow dryer and I'm going to blow dry it on high and cool just so we can set in the color baby. It'S basically like bacon lace girl. I wanted to see, if, like I could toss on the wig now. If this is like a ready to wear wig after tinting the lace, can I walk out the front door right now and y'all ain't gon na clap? Me that's the question I got think so. I think so. Oh I think so. Oh girl, bye girl. This is doing a lot, but I'm just saying I was looking for my Amazon order, but I can walk out the front door. Like really look at this, I'm looking at my viewfinder right now. Do I want to do a glueless, wigging stall today. I think I'm gon na do a glueless after this girl we're gon na do a little we're gon na do a little baby hair. We'Re gon na do a little flattening and then we're gon na punch it out the door because glueless is it girl? I don't have to, and plus I don't have time today - I don't feel like it so for the hairline. What I want to do is flatten it. Now it's already been pre-flattened and pre um curated, so I wan na re cure it a little bit more. So do I have a wax stick in here. I know I do so. I'M gon na use my cheese bomb hair wax, stick y'all know I've been using this lately. I might a little bit, but it's the push pop design. I say this: every single video that gets on my nerves, um, I'm just gon na go ahead and add the wax stick to the hairline there's already wax on the hairline. I haven't washed this wig or anything so take my hot comb. This hot comb is the red by KISS hot comb. It'S all about these Aesthetics over here, so I'm just flattening the hairline baby, the way they plucked this thing it gives baby they they say you know what we're gon na pluck this scrub. So I'm also going to take the back of the cone it has like these raised edges. I guess it's supposed to help flatten, I don't know - and I'm just gon na use, that to like really reinforce the flatation and, as you can see, I'm doing this over my wig grip and my wig cap, because I'm not playing with my forehead. I, like my forehead, she cute just gon na, go ahead and plop pop this back on. Oh, yes, oh yes, we done grub okay. So this is what the wig looks like glueless and all girl, no cutting the lace. No nothing wow! Are we gon na? Add some moves. I don't have any moves. Well, I guess we'll do baby hairs. While I wait on the Amazon to get here so usually for closure. Wigs, since this is a this - is a good close away baby. What I like to do is add baby hairs like to cover up the closure, but I kind of don't got ta do that, so I'm just gon na ADD baby ears just to be cute on both sides and then we're just going to cut them down and Lay them down okay, so these are the little baby hair tendrils and then we're gon na do natural baby, hair tendrils. This really looks good, like I actually am like wow, oh wow. I really like this. The only thing you're gon na need, so this is for, is to cut down your baby hairs. So I'm gon na take this little hair and I like tiny, baby hair, so I'm gon na cut them short and I like to cut them at an angle. Um. Take a baby hair brush that don't look like I don't scrub the ground with it, so we're gon na use the even wonder, lace Bond gel! I love this gel. Well, I like this gel, but it's a really really sticky gel like after I use this. This whole office feels like a big old lollipop, so I got my baby hair brush and I'm just gon na lay down these baby Hills. Y'All! Don'T waiting on this gel to dry, we're gon na lay down a baby here. I don't know why I did. That was so like dramatic. What was going on, I'm just gon na lay this down like and for the hairline I like for my I like to brush down like my hairline, so I'm gon na take a little bit of that gel and go over the hairline, because I like to reinforce, Like a good hair, like y'all, see that which I do like better the non-baby hair side or the baby hair side, we're gon na go ahead and do the natural baby hairs. Y'All know I like to do like a little fake baby hair down here just to make it look more realistic, so I'm gon na go ahead and use. This is the same brand as the wax stick. I'M gon na use the she is bomb collection, edge control. It'S fast drying. This is water-based, so if you're using it on your natural hair, it may revert this baby headrest look a mess, but don't look too close. I'M not gon na Zoom y'all in so I'm just gon na take my little baby. I actually just trimmed these baby hairs, so they're easier to lay down so there we go. You see him there, they go wow, it matches a little bit. So when the wind blow, you won't be able to tell so we're gon na. Do the same thing on this side: we're going to go ahead and lay down these baby hairs and then I'm going to do the jello top and then we're gon na add the mousse and it will be done baby, I'm telling myself. So it's been like. I think, like an hour, I ate I've waited for my Amazon packages to come in, so I can get my hair done. My mousse was a little bit late because it was scheduled to come by six but anyways we got it. We got the moves. We got. The goods we got, the shea moisture, coconut and hibiscus. First three curl moves and we have our evolve. 572 brush. We use both to get the best curls the best museum. Okay. So I'm gon na section away the hair. This hair is actually not super thick like. I can feel that it's not super thick, which is good. The shea moisture, coconut hibiscus crispy curl mousse, it's perfect for looser curls, not the squeak I like using this, but this hair this mousse takes much longer to dry. So I'm just gon na comb through the hair don't brush through it. Look at these curls going and I can work in larger sections with this hair, because the hair is finer so see that's what the curls is looking like at the ends. Let'S do it all over the head, so y'all know the routine. You get the gist. You already know what always do and we'll go ahead and take off this headband after all of this is complete. So after we added mousse all over the hair, I feel like my brain is somewhere else. Take me on vacation brush through the hair like so and oh, you see. Okay, let's keep going, I'm just gon na keep going until the full head is complete. This is gon na, be quick, I'm already halfway through this side, so somebody tell me I'm telling myself really good the only thing I love it. Oh, my God, I am sweating, but this is the finished. Look for it. Oh my God, my too bright! I think I'm too bright. First of all, my backs went because that Dyson is real hot okay and this hair is still technically not dry, because why am I jumping into this complaining it's giving very much? What'S her name, Lisa Bonet like the curls, are more like. Lock-Ish can't explain it but baby. This is a finished. Look. Let me show you what the bag looks like. Oh my God, I'm so hot we could complaining, but this is the bag. Let me clip right in my mouth. This is what the hairline looks like like that hairline period, I'm done you're done we're done, let's get out of here. Let'S go ahead and get into the pros and cons, so we'll start off positive and then we'll do the cons pros are that I mean it's obvious: it's pre-cut, it's pre-plunked, it's glueless, it's an effortless wig and you can literally take her out of the pack. Add a little lace tint if it doesn't match the tone of the lace and then that's it. It'S amazing. The hair is gorgeous. Like I love everything about it now, my cons would be wish that the lace wasn't so light like the lace is like white, but I do wish it was just like a little bit warmer or a little bit deeper, um closer to the skin tone, um closer To my skin tone, am I being selfish yeah? Also I wish the knots were bleached. You cannot see the knots, though, because they're super tiny, so it really doesn't make much of a difference, but I do wish to knots of bleach. It'S a nice for Bleach girl, yeah, that's it! I think the hair I mean this hairline is just perfection like literally the lace closure stops right here technically, and you can't even tell like what this closer is: the innovation of the nation yeah. That'S basically everything y'all tell me what you think about this hair down below. What do you think, and I do want to say thank you to oq hair for providing this week to me and sponsoring this video baby, this one's going with me on the vacation. I will leave a link for this unit down below. I also will leave the coupon code down below because I'm not sending out the door without getting no money off his tax season, get as much money as you can off anyways. Thank you. So much for watching and I'll see you in my next video another chance.

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