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Invisible HD Lace Upgrade Clean Hairline 13x6 Lace Frontal Wig Kinky Straight Hair [LFW97]

Length: 18 inches


13*6 Deep Parting space

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Foreign people welcome back to my channel. I am Chef B if you're new here welcome, wagwan, make sure to stay, subscribe down below and make sure to join the family. So for today's video we are getting into this hair. This hair, this lace, this everything. So this hair is from RPG and I'm wearing their Yaki straight or is it a kinky straight? So it is a kinky straight 13x6 HD, lace, frontal and when they say HD they weren't playing because honey. This lace, where it's giving natural this is their natural Edge like a more kinky texture Edge, because you know us girls with the four type here. If we were to straighten our hair or blow dry it, we wouldn't have silky Street Pages. You'Ll still have that Yaki kinky type look and the lace is looking hella natural. No, I didn't put any edge control or anything at all on this on the sleeve. All I did was put hot comb on The Parting just to flatten it a bit, and then I straighten the hair. But I didn't do anything at all to the edges. I just brushed them in because they came a little bit on the coily side and if I was just straighten my hair, I wouldn't leave my edges coily. I would try to get close to the root as possible, but anywho girl. It'S just everything. I got it in 18 inches, it is a 180 density, meaning that's how thick the hair is, and it's giving like a natural filled. First look and I am loving it. I know a lot of people be like. Oh lace, frontal is dead, no ma'am, I'm not here for the heat damage like. I have straightened my hair a couple of times, and I know my hair cannot take that on a daily type of thing like it just can't happen with my natural hair. I can't be straightening every single day, so I'm gon na put on a HD lace and this lace is giving very much natural. So if you are tired of straightening your hair, you just still want that straight kinky, straight natural look, giving Y2K, aesthetic Vibe this wig is for you like girl, I layered the front a bit. They said I got an 80 18 inches, so it's eating all around, but I wanted a layering to you know like shape my face. So that's what I did and the hair is just bomb diggly fresh. So I didn't experience any shedding with this hair, which is what I love about: RPG, hair top five and it ain't number five. Okay, their list is excellent and the quality of their hair, beautiful, absolutely stunning, so anywho, that's just the gist. Just letting y'all know the 4-1-1 on this here before we get into the installation. So if you want to see how I install and customize this unit, you just keep on watching all right, beautiful people jumping straight into the video I'm gon na, show you guys what the hair is. Looking like straight out of the package and look at that natural Edge, it is giving natural straight out of the package. This is what the end looked like. I didn't experience any shading with this hair. So what I like to do, the first thing that I do is lay The Parting down like I go in with some wax stick and then I go in with a hot comb. Now you can get a wax stick on the website, so you can add it to your package. Sometimes the companies give it to you, but you want to add that, because it's something that you will always need when you install your wigs like it is just essential. So after I partying I'm just gon na go in with my flat iron, or I'm not going to do this silky straight, because the hair is more kinky textured and that's the look that I was going for. So I wanted like a natural hair blue note, then um flat iron. Look then we're going to use our wig cap and I'm a lazy girl. So we don't do the ball cap method. It'S too much work and we're too lazy to do all of that. So I'm gon na slick back my edges and then I'm gon na put on the wig cap right away like this is just my usual method of installing weights. So this is what our lace is looking like and then I'm gon na go in with some bronzing powder just to darken the lace, a bit make sure that everything is Blended since I'm already wearing makeup. And all of that, I want to make sure that it's like just one tone now babes babes, look look at the look at the edges on this wig before we even installed it like it's. Looking super natural like I am obsessed, gagging, okay gag in girl. Oh, my God, so I always cut off around the ear first, just to make sure that everything is aligned like I wanted I needed to so that I can wear this hair slick back. If I wish to now once that's done, I just make some um cuts in the list like two cuts, and this is gon na help me to um, navigate and melt the lace um as best as I can, without it lifting or not get too much of The lace lifted like y'all gon na see just it's just better to melt the lace when you get those little Cuts in the middle, I'm going to use my blow dryer to melt the lace. So I always spray under my lace and not on top because of the spray. It tends to be a little tacky and sticky, and it gives that glossy look on top, which you know, makes it obvious on the frontal that you're wearing a frontal. Even though it's a frontal like you, don't want it to look obvious in your pictures and then far away like you just have this glossy look on the front, so I always get the best result when I spray it underneath and then we're just going to cut Off the excess lace in the front and girl look how it is laying now I spray a little bit of the spray on the end of this comb, and then I just press down those edges that were lifted. Then we're going to tie it down with this band to give it like a Flawless melt. They call this the tension method because of the elastic the pressure that it puts to melt. The lace effortlessly and I like when the hair are frames my face, especially with straight hair in the front. I don't want it to be one dimension. I need it to have the layers in the front, so I'm just taking my scissors and creating those layers. Then I use my flat iron to just give it a little Bop like a little black girl bop in the front, and it just frames my face a lot better. When I do this now, once I take off the band, this is what the hair is. Looking like and then because I didn't put any makeup directly on the wig cap itself, I have to make sure that I put some powder on The Parting so that you know you don't see the obvious line between my hair and the wig cap, and that is Basically it for the install like y'all know I like to do a little soup to do action and I'm like no girl. This does not need any soups. She is just freaking beautiful, like I didn't, have to do much of anything and I'm like yeah. We need to do a little Style with this. We can't just leave it down, so we're just gon na use our little claw clip right here and just put that in in the back and flip it over and just give it a cute little quick do, and that is basically it. Let me know what you guys think about this style. Don'T forget to subscribe to my Channel. All the details will be in the description box down below for y'all and I'll see y'all in my next video go on big up on yourself. Bye, guys, you

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