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Wig SKU: GWL47

Hair length: 24 inches

Hair Density: 200%

Cap Size: Medium Cap

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1. No fray, durable melted lace

2. Kinky hairline, pre-plucked and pre-bleached, mimics your natural hairline

3. can be gluesess

4. 100% human hair

5. Same quality as influencer

6. The best after-sales customer service

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, welcome, welcome back or welcome if you're new here my name is shami AKA dimples and today, I'm back again with another year of this video, and this is today, is sponsored by the one, the only my old friend, your new Friend, genius, sweets live okay, so genius sent me over this package today and I'm really loving. I'M really loving the passenger, because guess what blue is my favorite color every shade of blue and that's what kind of blue blue is my favorite color? So I'm really not feeling this packaging today, all right. So as I open the box, I see this huge velvet um dressing bag, loving that and when I take those I have my goodies here. So you know we're gon na go through this first. So the first thing I have is an edges brush. I have this elastic that can help melt your wig when you're installing it. I also got this cute little tie each tie. Thingy thing, I also got an edge band, a Milkman that is branded with genius. Am I holding it genius weight? I also got out, of course, like it's a necessary uh section clip. I love this shade of pink like. I also realized that I'm a pink girl, but blue has my heart. So that's all for the goodies and we're not going to get into the wig itself and, as I said, it is inside this drawstring bag. Okay. So this week's wig is a 13 by four straight wig. It is 200 in density and guess what it is. A crystal glueless lace: wig: are you guys seeing that let's just take a moment to look at this hairline? Okay, let's look at this hairline! I'M sorry! If I'm looking to the side is because that's where my mirror is so, I can see what I'm doing, but hello so yeah. This is the wig that we're working with today, so we're basically doing a glueless inside, as you can see, she's a blonde berry and it also has a very tiny knot. So when installing it as a glueless wig, it will look very Flawless. You know it can put in very minimum effort and still look like a bad B, so we're going to go right into installation and it will be quick and easy this week also did I mention that it's 24 inches? Well, it's we got some inches here today. So yeah I'm going to go right ahead into installation, so yeah stay tuned to the end. To see the finished look, I must say it is hugging. My head very well like it actually feels very secure, loving that, because it is a glueless wig, so you're gon na want to feel that security as soon as you put it on your head. But what I'm gon na do is clip it up so that I could take off the lace at the front, all right so right now. What I'm gon na do is go ahead and remove the excess lace and yeah, as you can see, there's nothing there um. Let me just clip up the front of the wig so that I don't accidentally cut right here. Let'S go together right away. I know I know different things. This is don't you like me. Thank you all right guys, so I went ahead and flattened the top with my hot core and I also brighten the roots, and this is how it's looking again. It is 100 glueless. As you can see, I am running my comb underneath so yeah. This is how it is looking if you guys are interested in getting this unit. As usual. All the information will be at the very top of my description box and you guys know the relationship for description. One is there so yeah? That'S it for this week's video. If you liked this unit, don't forget to go ahead and leave me down in the comment section down below, because yeah yeah so pretty easy with the long installation process. I think this is the unit for you, so yeah go ahead and write it down in the comment section down below and don't forget to subscribe like and share the video and I'll see you guys in my next one bye,

Jasmine Lewis-francis: I love the color and its glue less....perfect . You did amazing ❤

peta-gaye fullerton: Love this ❤

Nana Brown: Shami, can you do more makeup tutorials? a girl is trying to learn....

Yanique Hill: Love the colour

fa1a2ha: Lovely and like your make up especially the eyebrows would like to see how you did the makeup

Karimah Lawrence:

Janae Star girl: ❤

Earth Strong: Shammy is now a pro,

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