Super Sleek No Babyhair Lace Frontal Wig Install Ft. Sterly Hair

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Hair Info: 13x4 glueless lace frontal straight hair wig 22 inch 210% density

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Tell me hey, you guys, welcome back to my channel today's video is sponsored by Sterly hair, and here it is on my head. This wig looks so good already out of the packaging, so I'm just going to start by cutting off any extra lace that I do not need, and that is that lace that is going over my ears. I want to make sure that this wig lays flat. So I'm going over the hairline with the hot comb, just pushing the hair back, making sure there's no flyaways and none of the hair will get in the way. When I start to lay it down to lay my wig, I'm using the even hairspray. It'S literally the only product that I use, all of the sprays are really good. My favorite is the black can, but this one does hold good as well, and I'm just spraying it directly on top of the lace right there, where the hairline starts and then just using my finger to press it in making sure it doesn't run down the lace Or run down my forehead foreign ER on the cool setting and then just going over that just to help it dry down quicker. So now that I have the lace secured and she's laid down, I'm going to go ahead and cut it off. So I just cut it into two halves and I'm going to cut one side at a time. This is really simple or it's easier for me to cut this way to color or tint delays. I literally just use whatever makeup product that I have whether it's my Foundation concealer, like my Contour, whatever I have normally, it's a really good match it Blends really. Well, even after I take my makeup off here, I'm using a brown eyeshadow, it's in a morphe palette. I don't know what palette it is, but I'm literally just taking that and applying it onto the lace and it's blending in really well. Can I just say that the lace is lacing, not even lacing like it's just melted. It looks so good so natural and I really wanted to do a side part with baby hairs. With this look, but after applying it and getting the wig on my head and just seeing how well it looks and just the hair everything everything just looks so good. I wanted to keep it really natural, so I decided to do a middle part with no baby hair. So that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to line it up and try to Center that in the middle and then just start hot combing that and just getting everything how I want it to look and I'm going in with a wax stick after I have Gotten my middle part, and I'm just going to press that out and begin laying the wig down, making sure it's nice and flat. I really want a Sleek clean look with this wig, because that's what it is giving honestly it doesn't need all the extras, like the baby hairs, definitely not needed. Even the hair out of the box like there are no wrinkles in the hair. Like you know, you get straight hair, sometimes after it's been in the pack, you pull it out like it's not straight like. I didn't even have to straighten this hair because it's already pretty much bone straight. So all I had to do was just style it in the middle part that I wanted and I'm just hot combing that, as you see me doing, thank you yeah yeah. So the last thing I'm going to do my favorite part is highlight the part literally. I just take my highlight concealer, I apply it on the tip of the comb and then I run it down the part line, and it literally it highlights it. It brings it out, it brings the look together and here is the final look. I am so impressed with stirly hair. This wig is literally Perfection. It came out perfect. I was not expecting to have such a Flawless clean and natural install, but I am loving it. So if you guys want the same, look as always, I will have everything listed down below so definitely make sure you check that out. Give this video a thumbs up, comment down below. Let me know what you think sub to my channel, if you're not already, and I will catch you guys in the next one inside tell me. Thank you. Thank you.

Sterly Hair: I love the texture on this unit !! It look so natural. Thanks for your sharing!!!

Antai: I love the no baby hair look sometimes, then once my forhead marinates and looks phat then I add edges.

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment Spectacular Hair Pretty Thumbnail

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