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Hey lovelies welcome back to the channel, so if you are new here, my name is bridget and in today's video i'm going to be showing you all how to install this 5x5 hair wig and guys. I got this hair from this company called riku hair and their hair is the bomb like seriously, and this is a five by five lace, front wig and it is 22 inches and 180 percent density guys. This hair is really good. I i've been looking forward to install this hair and this is a loose wave hair guys i just so much love it. It is so soft like this is the softest hair i have had on this. In fact, i have had like i have review on this channel like this hair is just so soft, and i love the fact that the ends the tips of the hair or the ends of the hair is not really light. As you can see, it is really thick. I don't know if you understand, and it is also sewn in a very very beautiful way, and this is a lace and that lace is an hd lace. So this week is just so cool like i've, never installed a five by five week before i've installed a four by four and 13 by four, but this five by five. I am just so excited to try it, and this is the first hd last week. I am trying on like, i am just so excited to see how this turned out guys - i just love wigs now and my go-to styles, because they really help my hair to be protected. Like seriously, you know, i've had a lot of issues with um hair falling because of the post pattern. Shading i cut my hair, so i just want to have a low low manipulation on my hair and all that stuff. So weeks now i might go to style, and this company also sent this 3d lashes, this headband and also wig cap, and these hair bonnets guys, if you have a big apple, you are good to go so just go ahead to you know to because i do Not bleach my wig, i don't even know how to do that. So i'm using this uh makeup revolution, glow a bronzer i'll just go ahead and tap it on the lace wig and i also added my foundation a very dark foundation. Then i added the the bronzer, and that is what i had, and this is what i just love to do and, as you can see, it is very fine. But if you have to bleach your wig, if you love to bleach you're, not and then that is good, but i do not know how to do that. I don't even know i do not even know where i will find the the ingredients or the products to bleach the knot in this sweden guys it is so hard. It is so difficult to look for all the fine stuffs in this country like seriously so i just love to go in with the basic and this tool is also super cool. I use this for my um for my eyebrows and it is also really good. It is better than a scissors when you are trimming your um the week. You know your less weak the excess leaves on your week, so i just go ahead to trim and dream and dream so to secure the front of my wig i'll, be using the gut to be glue i'll, be using the got to be glue guys. I love the glue because it dries up very easy and yeah. I i just love it more than the gel, because this one dries out very easy and since i'll be taking my week off, you know at night. I don't know what i don't like the wig to be super tight on my hair, because i do not love to sleep with my wigs, so i just love to go in with this glue and yeah. So it will be easy for me to just take it out in the night, but if you, if you really want something that is super, you know stuck on your hair, then you can use the gel and you can even add the glue. So but i just love to use the the glue yeah so i'll, just make sure that it is well secured on my hair and in order for it to dry very fast. I i just decided to use this blow dryer and i just make sure everything is laid down by you know using these my satin head wrap, you know to just lay everything down, so i just love this lace. As i said, it's an hd lace and it just melts into your skin like this - is just so amazing it just melts into your skin and to remove the excess glue. You have to um use a nape polish remover or maybe um a hand sanitizer yeah. So i'm using my nail polish remover, so i just remove the excess glue, and this is what it looks like. I am just so in love and this i'll be using this. My stick uh. This wax stick to just make sure that everything lays flat. You know nice and smooth, and this my comb, this comb, i got for machine. So if you want something like this, then you can go grab your own for machine. Whenever your heart is broken, don't ever forget your golden. I will find the light in your soul. I'Ll be there so guys, look at how it looks like and because i just want everything to be. I just want to tame the hair a little bit i'll just go in with this my living spray. You can use any living spray of your choice or you can use water. I just want it to be tame. I i i, i would have loved to use water, but i just love that extra moisture and i'm just putting just a little bit. You know just to tame the hair, as you can see, this one is stem and this one is not so that is a secret. Just wait a little bit of leaving or water and your hair is tame, and i just love the curls guys. This hair is super soft and it has zero percent shading like seriously. This hair is just so cool

Barbra’s Reality: Looks good on you Love the length and curls

Martha molinge: Looking gorgeous! Your home is so beautiful

June Webb: You look beautiful. You are very gorgeous. You prepped everything just right. Your hair and makeup look perfect. Thumbs up.

Cecilia Thompson: You can get the bleaching stuff at any beauty store.

Hummer G: Wow sis, you look so stunning

Andrine Spence: You look beautiful love the hair too

Xtra Philip: I’m loving the fire background mom

Eckle Alie: Sister, you are naturally beautiful without the wig. Why spoil it?


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