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Um yeah first, i have to show you guys how i did this flawless lace. Install. Okay, no part, no middle part, no side, part just slick back with baby hairs. Okay period number two we're getting into an interesting shop talk, so stay tuned for both what is going on youtube. It'S your girl, easy breezy and i'm back with another hair sponsor. Thank you so much asteria hair all right. They sent us a curly lace, front unit that we're putting on our girl junie. Today, hey junie and i need y'all to tell me one thing: okay, one thing do y'all like julie's makeup, because i did it because i'm a fake makeup artist, you know all right. All right back to this unit now i have to point out that this wig is super dense and full like it has to be like a over 200 density because it is really thick y'all. Now, when you hear me mention a wig being super dense, i don't say that about all wigs okay. So if i say that just know that i'm saying it for a reason - and that's like low-key, like you know what i'm saying code for this is one of the companies you need to buy from so juni is one of those clients that can really appreciate a Slick back okay, so today we are not doing a part at all, no middle part, no side part. We are pushing it straight to the back with dramatic swoopy baby hairs. Alright. So before i started the video, i already applied her stocking cap. This is the medium brown from and, of course, i'm using my liquid lace glue that you can get from the website as well. Now before you purchase it, use my special discount code, liquid lace, 5, okay, the number five for five dollars off your next bottle. I'M not a crackhead okay, so in this video we're going to get into an interesting shop talk okay! Now this is like indirectly about relationships because it affects it, but these are the friends that are influencing you behind the scenes. Okay, this is the reason why single friends, most likely will keep your ass single all right, all right, all right all right! This is a complex topic. Okay, it gets deep, but we need to inspect the real reasons why your single friends may keep you single. Okay. Number one: is you ultimately become girl? What you're looking at you ultimately become a product of your environment and the people that you are around. So if you are constantly around people who are single most likely, you would adopt their traits and you know birds of a feather flock together. But if you are constantly around married people, then you will adopt their traits and have different ideals, and things like that, like i mean that's just science, all right so number, one a reason why your single friends may be keeping you single is your friend may be Very superficial, okay, meaning that she will not give a guy a chance unless he has a certain amount of money unless he dresses a certain way. He talks a certain way or he's just the ideal guy in her mind, okay and she will keep passing up good men over and over and over again, not looking their way until she finds this superficial fairy tale ending of a man. Now this is a problem. Okay, a big problem because, let's say you come across a guy: that is a gentleman you know he can sustain himself. I mean he's, not rich and he doesn't wear designer, but he has great character. You know he's independent and he can actually spend a little bit of money on you to court. You and date you if he doesn't look like a rapper or look like a athlete or whatever you're superficial as friends, believe a good partner is they will down you for it and they will discourage you and be like uh uh uh. He ugly you you finna talk to him and they'll just be so negative and it can persuade you - and i have a perfect example of this toxic behavior okay. So this happened like years ago like when i was like fresh out of high school. So i really liked this guy. He was just a good person. He was polite. I mean he looked good to me. You know i'm saying like he wasn't like looking like one of the popular guys, but i liked him and he liked me so i sent a picture of him in a group chat with two of my friends, and you know, one of my friends was like. Oh, like you know, y'all are cute whatever i like him for you, but the other friend never responded, and i was a little bit confused about that. But i didn't think too much of it right but later on, my friend ended up telling me that she went behind. I guess the group chat that i added them in and basically was telling her. Oh he's not cute. Why is she talking to him? You know. That'S not gon na last. That'S not her type, and i was just so disappointed in her because literally simultaneously, as she said that she was currently in a relationship that was super abusive, like she used to tell us that her boyfriend was hitting on her and stealing her stuff and dropping her Off places and leaving her and like all this toxic and i'm like so she want me to date, a guy, that's cute, but toxic, oh okay, cool and another example that i have is one time. A long time ago again, i was with like three of my homegirls, like we went to the strip club, we was drunk and afterwards we walked out, and i was talking to this guy. So one of my friends - i guess i don't know what came over her but her drunk ass, took my phone and seen who i was talking to and was like ill. Why are you talking to him like talking all this, like first of all, girl, calm down because you're not even like that and number two you're saying out, you're single? So why are you telling me who to talk to based on their looks you don't even notice man and basically long story short she's, still single to this day? Okay, so that explains that so anyways. That is my first example. Why single friends will keep you single? Having a superficial, immature mindset all right, another reason why single friends will keep your ass single is a lot of women. Nowadays, right, we've adopted a more masculine aura about us, something that we had to do, because you know growing up and systematic racism and just how black people were set up in the country of america. You know a lot of women have to fend for themselves, because black men were not given the opportunity. They were not given the option of learning about wealth learning about these things. Now we're learning about it because of the age of information and technology, but before it was hard so a lot of men, all they knew was hustle. You know get money and get money by all means which was you know, could have been illegal ways. So a lot of guys were arrested. A lot of guys are in prison. A lot of our black men are just confused and just lost. They don't know how to cultivate the land. We are completely taken out of our environment and put into the simulation, but that's a whole other story. Okay, long story short a lot of women. Have this thing called quote: unquote, independent woman syndrome, which is basically the belief of? Oh, you don't need a man, because you can do it by yourself and you've been doing it by yourself and if you ever needed help you can just rely on the government. The reason why this mindset proves to be toxic time and time again is because yeah this is the city girl mindset of all women when they're in their 20s, but as women start to get older 30s and 40s, your mindset will change. You will begin to long for a family, long for a husband, long for support and when you realize that you have absolute, no dating experience and you haven't took care of yourself, you just been drinking smoking. You know treating your body like any old thing and now you're not even cute enough to pull the way you've been pulling in your early 20s baby, you in the danger zone, so because of this programming and the lack of awareness to reverse this. Now we have friends around us that have this quote-unquote independent woman syndrome that feel like men are basically disposable. So every two seconds it's oh leave his ass. Oh, he didn't take me on vacation, leave his ass. He didn't take you on a shopping spree. Leave his ass: oh, he flirted with another girl leave his ass leave. His ass leave his ass and it's like girl. You keep leaving his ass over and over again and that's why you still single so yeah, i'm sure we've all had some girlfriends around this. That had that mentality and, honestly, it's really annoying like that's why you really can't tell your friends, or at least you know the immature ones what's going on in your love life, because most likely they're not gon na, have the best advice. All right, wait, wait! Wait! Look at this now: okay, hairline baby hairs. Yes, all right! You guys, so i'm done with my shop talk, and this is the final result now tell me what you guys think about what i said in the comments below now: asteria hair. Thank you. So much for sponsoring this video with this curly lace front unit. Now, if you guys want this exact wig, i'm going to put all the information in the description below if you're not subscribed to my channel already make sure you go ahead and do that and turn on your notifications see y'all later and don't let your single friends Keep you single girl? Okay, do your research learn about your femininity, make sure you actually do research on marriages and how to maintain relationships? Okay, long-term relationships, it's a way to do it and it's a way to use discernment too. So it gets deep, but yeah don't pass up these quote-unquote average men because there's a lot of average great men out there. Okay, you

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BelllaDonna: I agree with the birds of a feather assessment. ALL my closest friends have businesses/do real estate/investments. For the longest time I was a stay at home mom or worked part-time. I kept hearing my friends talk about their endeavors and they made me want to try it. I started my business a year ago and it's going pretty good! My friends encouraged me to start my biz and they support me (they were actually my first customers). So I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you want wealth/marriage/success, etc surround yourself with people who already have those things.

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QUEEN OF BEAU TV: I totally agree. Single friends will get you in some shit. Some envy your relationship and will do anything to try to sabotage what you have. I had this friend.. a best friend actually I recently had to distant myself from. I just felt like she didn't consider my relationship as a best friend should. Every time I would come around her she wound want to include me in her "nigga" or link up activities and im engaged. On our trips she want to link up with random guys she just met instead of utilizing the experience and actually enjoying ourselves. It took a while for me to realize. She was always putting me in tight spots and situations with my fiancé and she didn't care at all. Then try to make it seem like my man was controlling. although I do know how to control myself around dudes. It just be prinicple. I don't want random guys in my space, or having to tell someone "no thank you ..not interested all the time and she just didn't understand that because she was so stuck on a "these niggas got money Mindset" or because she's trying to find her Mr. Right year after year.. Like bihhhh do that shit on your own time. Lol

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Ratchet Tea: Reason I don’t have many friends now , not by circumstances but by choice. Everything and everybody ain't for everybody . On another note, can you please do a video for lace tinting on dark skin? I can not with these lace tinting products or even makeup , either they are too yellow , too red or too dark. Please share some tips , tricks and or product recommendations if you dont mind ❤️ (The_ratchet_rose)

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