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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, so in today's video I am going to be doing this gorgeous install for you guys, I'm going to be installing this gorgeous unit that I got from a mosa, wig um. I slayed this wig honestly. I'M super shook um I'll show you guys how I cut some layers into it, because I wanted to like make it look very like so I did cut some layers into it. I'M probably gon na go in and cut some more layers into it. So, if you're interested in how I achieved this, look just hi guys welcome back to my channel, we are gon na be doing a wig, install video. I have this gorgeous wig that I want to apply it's going to be a closure. I slicked my hair down into a mini ponytail she's growing. It'S like ponytail length. Right now I tried braiding my own hair and literally it was a epic feel. I flopped that it's so bad um, so I was just like so I could go to my hair. Stylist and she could braid down my hair for me, baby we're going to show this down, so my hair is gelled back, it's grown a lot um and I'm just gon na apply this wig cap on top to just kind of keep my sideburns and down. Now I'm gon na be installing this wig from amosa hair. She came in this color jet black. I bleached. The knots didn't really do too much um dying. I did pluck it. I didn't, pluck it too much because I'll probably pluck it as I apply. I don't want to over pluck it because I feel as though like when you over, pluck your wig there's no going back, so I just plucked it a little bit. This wig is 26 inches 13 by 4 frontal. Now this is the wig they sent to me. So my opinion is based on this wig, so it's not based on nothing else, but this wig I got in my hand. I am going to be doing the ball cap method. I'M just gon na pull this back a little bit because um I'm using two wig caps. I noticed, like some stylists, do this? Oh crap. I noticed that some stylists do this and it I guess it just helps protect your hair, even more, which I'm totally fine. With let the center part dry first and then do the sides and honestly got to be free spray, so I'll be the best like thing to use when it comes to doing ball. Cap method, in my humble opinion, and it doesn't mess up your hairline because maybe we getting older, we need our edges. I'M about to apply my Revlon 450. I'M almost done with this, but trick is you want to go a shade darker than your actual Foundation? Color people say use your foundation. Color, I say, go a shade darker, because it just kind of it looks more natural. I haven't wore a wig and literally a few days. I'Ve been so slumped guys, like honestly so slumped. My part might not be straight, but we could fix that. Oh pretty, I didn't pluck too much off this wig because I just knew that it would be best for me to pluck it. While it's on my head this one yeah, I didn't pluck it too much on this side either which I'm totally fine with like. I don't need it to be over plucked. Let me just tint that edges and we're gon na pull the hair away from my face. Like that, so that's all we have going on. I plucked it, but I didn't do too much because I was just really scared of over plucking it. Sometimes I over pluck my wigs and then it just look looks bad so um. I need to clean my hairline. So let me go and get some Sea Breeze to clean out the hairline dry. It down. I'M gon na be using my boat hold glue to apply this wig. I want to know what position and I'm just going to apply. Thank you. This first half of the wig and then I'm just gon na use my comb to like lay it down foreign. Thank you foreign. So I'm going to be using my Tresemme extra hold spray and that's what I'm going to use to kind of like lock my hair in just like get in the hairline just and I'm just going to take this tie it down and let it sit for about. I don't know 10 minutes. It'S later. It looks good. Let me make sure I blend it. Oh yeah, oh yeah, it's given it's given. I don't think I'm Gon na Leave the hair with no baby hair. I think that's what I want for this style like no baby hair, just a nice nice nice bust down with no baby here, so I'm gon na curl. This hair looks good already, literally can't wait to curl it. I'M gon na definitely add some layers. Oh, my gosh definitely gon na cut some layers into it. Look at the air tab part I am gon na have to like do like some baby here, just the ear tab, but other than that. I'M actually glad that I left it like this thick. I'M not gon na lie to you, because I have a lot to work with good. Thank you. Thank you, foreign foreign foreign, into this unit. So it's just not one flat wig get you one of these and then just like start shopping. What that does is like it just adds like some really nice layers to it. Look at this sorry, I'm gon na move back. Look at this side compared to how flat this side is foreign excuse the noise from the background um it looks so good. I didn't do anything to the edges. Just left it, as is, I could actually wear like half up half down, but we're just gon na leave it like that, because it's late and I'm not even trying to do too much because I'm about to go to bed but um. This is how this wig turned out to look for mimosa. How I got these curls is with my curling. I'Ve had this wand forever like this, is a trusty wand I'll try to link it if I could find it, but I've had literally had this wand for almost five years and it hasn't broken knock on wood. Actually, I mean it's knock on wood, but it hasn't broken. It is lasted very long. This install turned out to be super good, as you guys can see. I did minimal leave out, didn't really want to do too much of a leave out um. I didn't do baby, I mean I said, minimal, liver, I'm tired, I'm tired! I did minimal baby hair, so no baby, hair right here, no baby, hair right here, baby hair is mainly The Sideburns. I did a little bit of baby hair on the um this area because I didn't want it to just be like you know, no baby here and then cyber it's like that's, not cute um, so I just did a little bit, so it could kind of flow Kind of looks like I have a fresh perm going on um. I did cut some layers into it. I might cut some more layers because I feel like this one could like probably have a little bit more body to it. This side. Let'S see yeah, this side could have a little bit more body to it. It looks really good um yeah, they cut some layers into it and it looks really really nice. I really like it um. I might go back and cut some more layers later on. I don't know but baby it is late. I'M tired, I'm, like literally just tired. I want to go to bed, but this install is so bomb. This is 26 inches. I didn't cut it. Let me stand up for you guys. I have my mic. So don't mind me, but this is 26 inches of pure greatness, so pretty um I didn't dye the hair jet black, the hair actually came jet black, I'm so happy that they sent me jet black hair. I didn't record jet black hair, but they knew that. I was going to dye my hair jet black anyway, so thank you so much Hermosa for sending me this wig already jet black. It gives me less work to do now. I'M probably once I'm done with this like video, I'm gon na cut I'm gon na cut. I'M going to cut this wig um shorter, because I want a short I don't know. I just want like a short moment. Let me see how it look long is nice, don't get me wrong? Long is nice, but you know I'm just getting to that point where, like I just like my wigs like shoulder length, you know and when you get longer wigs, I feel like get long and then cut it. You know but um. I just wanted to show you guys how it looks 26 inches of pure greatness. I love the layers that I cut into it. Like I said I might go in because I cut layers right here can y'all see. I was giving body we needed to give body on this side too. So let me use my Razor just to cut because, like what layers does is it makes the hair look? Fuller and that's what I wanted is for the hair to look super full super big. There is already full itself, but I want it to look fuller, um. So that's what I ended up doing this hair is soft. It'S bomb, it's nice! This install turned out so good. I'M glad that I did such a good job um. I haven't installed a wig in a while, so I'm super excited to install the Swig. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you Mimosa. So much so much so much for sending me this gorgeous gorgeous unit. I hope you guys enjoyed this install and I'll catch. You guys later bye,

Simply Bxx: Yes I agree, used to love the inches but I feel like 22” fits a full face better and it gives classy. Love the install SuSu. We need a tutorial on how you take your pics ❤❤❤❤

Anike Vegas: Love this new set up. So beautiful

Chenese Henderson: Susu you did a wonderful job on the hair beautiful

Mellonee Edgeston: It looks amazing on you it looks so natural !

SK Gardner: Stunning!!

VH: You’re looking good girl

OHoneyPot: Hermosa Don’t Miss♥️ Absolutely Beautiful ♥️

Nicole Msowoya: This might be a dumb question, I’m new to wigs. Do you have to glue the wig down every day or you can keep it for a few weeks/month?

VicksStyles: the hair is giving ❤

Natasha Moleele: ❤❤❤❤ you look amazing ❤❤❤❤

Gorgeous Black: Hi Susu and all the other ladies how do we correct the orange look on the lace to rely make it look like a black girl scalp. I have the same issue with my wig. I tried concealer but it’s still not giving. Although the lace I have is real HD PLEASE HELP A SISTER.

Tofss: Install with no baby hair hits differently. Giving so much elegance.

Tianna Todd: What camera do you use to vlog???!

Pretty tony: Oh I see the I’m jealous

Ella: Which camera do you use please ?

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