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Foreign, hello, guys welcome back to my channel once again. It'S your girl, lovely scorpion back with another wig install so um, I'm gon na get right into it in the video, I'm not gon na waste. Any time I'm gon na do a quick install for you guys today. I need to get all my content done for today. Then right after we're gon na do my makeup. I use this glue. I don't know if I showed you guys in the last video, but it's the glue I used to install my wig installs. You need from your local beauty, supply store and yeah, I'm just gon na get right into it. I put it like right on my above. My hairline so not right one, but I just make little dots on it. So that's what I'm about to do right now, all right! So now that I have the glue and it's dry on my my head um, I cut it better way better this time so yeah. Now that I have it on my head, um my head's respawn y'all. I know I got ta like peanut head. I got a little tiny head, but rather small head they're, a big hit, so yeah and um go ahead and I'm gon na just put my Foundation all right. So boom got it on my head. My Foundation cup had another layer of glue before I go ahead and install my wig on my head. This one is already another reinstall as well. I already use this wig as well. Just me installing it again, because I washed it and I'm reinstalling it. So. Yes, all right so now I'm just going to be installing the way guys from left to right. So that's all I'm doing right now. Installing the week now, okay finally installed the wig on my head. Now, I'm just trying to figure out what hairstyle I want to do, because I don't know what hair salon do you yeah, so I'm gon na I'm gon na figure out right now, I'm just gon na style it in the style for y'all after I brush it Out because I just let it tangled trying to put it on my head, so yeah I'm about to brush it all out and then I think I'm gon na straighten it today. I kind of want to go for a straight look today straight here today, so I'm just cutting my hair and I'll be back with the results all right, so I just dyed my hair, I'm doing a side part, so I'm going to put concealer and everything on My part, once I'm finished with my look, so I'm gon na do a big block camera again I'll be back with before you guys would be able to install and the finished look. Something else is the finished bulk for my hair um. I did a side part yeah. This is the finished, look of it and it turned out really super cute and I love it. So go get y'all this week, y'all, it's so cute and versatile. You put in so many different styles, but it looks really good and I love it. You got to install my wigs by myself, so I love it. It looks so good on me. Thank you for tuning in

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