The Wig Every Girl Needs! Beginner Friendly 5X5 Closure Install W/ Big Body Curls Ft. Hermosa Hair


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Hair Detail: 5x5 Glueless HD Lace Closure Body Wave Wig 24inch 220%

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Hey y'all, I'm Kayla welcome to my channel. If you are new here, if you're not new here, what's going on so if you saw that thumbnail and it's titled and you already know the Vibes, but it's the video is going to be a hair tutorial, slash review. So her Hermosa sent me over this super cute 5x5 body wave wig. It is 24 inches and it's also 220 density. I feel like this is the perfect summer wig just to throw on okay. So if you need a good wig for the summer, I suggest you go ahead and stick around and let's go ahead and get into this install. Thank you so, as I stated earlier in the video, today's video is sponsored by Hermosa hair. This is me just unboxing everything that they sent me so they sent over a wig cap. They also sent over lashes. They actually came with two pack of lashes. That was new, really love that they sent over the wig band and then um. This is me just taking a wig out of the packaging and, as y'all can see, this is what the laces looking like. Y'All, the lace comes pre-cut, okay and they already like helped you with the baby heads if you have trouble with like put a nose out. So this is what it looks like straight out: the bag and when I say this, it's giving True Body Wave it's giving True Body Wave. So since the knots were pretty thick on this, I decided that it was really important for me to go ahead and bleach them. So these are the products that I use to bleach mine and I like to only use one scoop, and then you want to try to get that bleach as thick as you can. I put too much developers. So mine was a little runny, but you know that's fine. I can make do with it and you see, like the wig comes with the wig band in it. I think that's really important when it comes to coaches, because that's what keeps that lace down. But since I was about to go ahead and bleach it, I didn't want to get bleach on it, so I went ahead and took it out, so I love the fact that you can put it in and take it out. So here I am just um gliding. It on there and then boom here's the next day I like to go ahead and like bleach, my knot to wash the hair do all of that stuff and then let it sit overnight and let it just dry. So this is what it looks like the next day. So these are the knots this is them bleached. I let the bleach sit for maybe like an hour and that's how far I got. Then I went ahead and plucked the wig off the cam, and I also did like a little blowout look because I like to do a little blowout before I get to curling my hair, and once I put it on as y'all can see, I really didn't even Need to do much, but I did need to cut these little bit of tabs off on the side. So that's what y'all see me doing and honestly, if I wanted to wear this wig straight like this, I really could have because like look at it like, let's really get into it but yeah, that's all I really needed to do with just a to do was To just cut off that little excess and then, as y'all can see like I said you could even wear this glueless if you wanted to. But I'm just like one of the girls who like to have my wigs cool down, because I like to keep wigs on for a couple of days. Okay, so I went ahead and used my got to be spray, and I just I just sprayed a generous amount since I wasn't using like glue glue. This is still considered glueless because it's not real glue, but I go ahead and put a good amount on there and then I use that headband that they sent over with the wig. When I tell y'all they sent everything that you need with the wig, so you you ain't, got to be looking all over the place to find stuff, and I like to tie mine real real, tight. Okay, I don't really use the velcro on the back because it don't be tight enough. I like to tie it myself, but once I uh tie it down, I like to go in and do it like all my styling, so here y'all just see me cutting layers in the hair y'all, I'm not a hair stylist. I don't portray myself to be a hair stylist. This is at home work. So honestly, I just kind of section my hair off like row by row. If that makes sense - and I just could I just - could I try to keep the length of the hair dough like I don't cut the bottoms of the hair? I just cut it at that. Like motion so y'all see like it's like going diagonally like, I don't really have that terms for this y'all like I'll, be doing my own hair like this, is as good as it gets. You know what I'm saying. This is not a cosmetology school but baby, but we make it work. We make it work. So once I'm done doing all the cutting I like to go in and just use my wax stick and then I go in with the hot Combs to just get the top as flat as I can and then once I finish doing that I just like to Go in and curl it and the kind of curling iron that I use. I used to use like a real small one, but these days I've been using my bigger one. I want to say this is one and one fourth inch curling eyes and I think curly knives is like the best route when you want to get those big body curls, because that's what we're about to go for so enjoy me curling up this wig, oh foreign. Thank you, okay. So once we got all those big body curls in place, I'm gon na go ahead and take the edge band off and, as y'all can see, we looking pretty good. That thing is melted down. The only thing I need to do is make the lace a bit more, my skin color. So I like to go in with some bronzer, and my bronzer is just like a tad bit darker than my skin color so like, since the lace is light and I'm using something darker. It kind of goes directly to my skin color. If that makes sense - and I like to use a lot - I use a lot a lot, a lot of that and as y'all can see, it looks like it's really really giving scalp now then I just go in and like comb out that excess makeup and that Excess spray that I put on there because I don't want it to be hard and then I go in and pluck it even more. I do like my wigs to be. You know, generously plugged, so keep in mind that this wig does need to be plugged. So you're, probably gon na, have to do some plucking on and off the head like I did, but it's it wasn't too hard to do so. Then I go ahead and comb out all the curls. I I pretty much like just comb until I came no more like I am one of those people like I'm, a I'ma comb, all the curls out and I'm gon na push them forward. I'M gon na make it do what it do like I'ma just play with the curls as much as I possibly can to get them, where I want him to be and as y'all could see how they land is because I have put the layers in my hair. So that's what makes them like also lay that way. So when you want to do some curls, the key to curls is layers. The key to curls is less. Then I go back in with the hot comb just to get the top real real flat and, as y'all can see like it's honestly, giving like this is giving me a Betty, okay and then I've decided like okay. I like it like this, but it's just not me if I don't add a little baby here, two or three, you know what I'm saying so I went ahead and put my two little um baby hairs in there. So that's what y'all see me doing. I like to use the hot comb to push those forward, because I had them going backwards, um, especially after I had them tied them down or whatever, so I'm gon na do the same thing to the other side, as y'all can see. I had too much going on over there, so I had to take some of that away and then I did the same thing with the hot comb over there. Then you want to always go in and cut the baby hairs, they're kind of like a diagonal. You want them to be like shorter to longer going from, like the inner eyebrow to the outer, if that makes it I'd, be trying to like find ways to explain stuff to y'all. That makes sense and be like real specific at the same time. But then I go in with my got to be gel um. You can either use gel or the spray, but I find it using a gel it's easier when it comes to doing like the actual baby hair. Just because it gives you more like sleekness, it makes them more wet and more easier to move around if that makes sense as well, but here I am, I did them. Baby has a thousand times y'all. When I say it takes me forever to do baby heads because I can never get them, how I want them to be in the beginning, but of course like after trial and error and just doing stuff. Because, like look at this, they don't even match up, and then it was too thick. Always no. If your baby has this too thick go back in and take some of them things out like it's okay, to keep plucking pluck until you until you just feel like you've got what you wanted, but here I am just continuously doing them and then they ended up Coming out how I want them to be after a while, I just had to really play around with it. Baby hairs is one of them things you just you just got to keep practicing. If you wanted to be perfect for you, you ready so as y'all can see, it took me a little minute, but I got the baby has to get there, and this is the final look. I actually really love this. This is like one of those go-to licks. You can never go wrong with the middle part and you can never go wrong with some curls and just look how thick this wig is like it's really hard to come across a really good wigs that are thick like look at the shine on the hill. It'S so bouncy, it's so beautiful, like it is just eating like look at the curls and honestly me cutting the layers into this really really. What did it with the curls? But again this is a 5x5 closure. Like I said you could glue it down. You could wear it glueless. It'S like the perfect summer install today's video was sponsored by Hermosa, so shout out to them again for sponsoring today's video love, love, love! The look! If you, ladies want to get this look, make sure you check the description box down below and I have all the details down there for y'all and I'll catch you guys and girls on the next video. I really hope. Y'All enjoyed foreign

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