A Must Have! | Sensationnel Cloud 9 4X4 Multi-Part Swiss Braid Lace Front Wig Box Braid X-Large 50&q

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Foreign ERS, so in today's video I'm here to share with you guys this unit that I'm rocking right now. So if you guys are interested, then definitely keep on watching. Thank you, foreign foreign. Thank you, okay, Divas! So now that you guys have gotten all the details and the specs on this unit, I'm here to tell you guys how I feel about it. So, let's just jump right in so I'm always glad to review a braiding unit and see what it's like, because I love Brady units. I am a person where I do not want to sit down and get individuals in my head. Like I don't. I don't want to get them. I don't want to take them down so anytime that there is a braiding unit on the market and I feel like she is worthy of trying trust. I'M gon na try it so anyways. Today we have a unit by Sensational. It is from their Swiss lace, Cloud9 collection, and today I have her in the style box spray extra large 50 inch, and today I have her in the color number two and she looks absolutely stunning on the model. I was not able to get a one or one B, because baby somebody bought the one in the one bees really quick and I almost wouldn't even get able to get my hands on this one. So when I place the link in the description box below, if they have it available, definitely make sure you jump fun and get the opportunity to go pick it up. Okay, so yeah, let's go ahead and get right into the cab construction. So, as far as the Cap Construction goes, it comes with your standard Cap Construction, meaning that it has Combs and adjustable straps. This unit also features an adjustable elastic band, which is always good, because that is the maximum amount of security, meaning that you have like all the security you could have on a wig, which is always good. So, as far as the lace goes, the lace is very Flawless. They do claim that it is virtually undetectable and that is HD and I completely agree. You cannot see the lace whatsoever. Okay, like you, cannot so as far as The Parting space goes, it does have your 4x4 parting area. I just have it parted down the middle um, just because it's so long and you guys know I'm so short like this - is like more than half of my height, so I had to get a little bit of control over her okay. I was not gon na. Let the wig control me I'm gon na control, the wig so yeah. I have her just kind of pulled back, but you can do like a side part. You can do a middle part. Another side part you can even pull it up. You can do whatever you want to do, because it does have multiple options. I don't want you to think that you just specifically have to wear it in a middle part. As far as the braids go, the braids are super neat and I'm going to get a little bit close, so you guys can see the braids are really really neat like I just really overall love how they look. They are just very well constructed, like I I mean I don't even have words. I'Ve honestly been waiting for a larger type of unit to come out, because I notice, when they put the braids on the rest of the cap. They are a little bit larger, like underneath um, even though they make it blend at the bottom, but they are a little bit larger. So I thought that it would be perfect to have a larger. You know extra large type of braid and also I just like that style. I don't know if it's because I'm a 90s baby, but I just love bigger braids, because I feel like they just look. Super duper cute, but yeah like the braids are done really really nicely, and I do want to show you guys the end. It'S because, oh my gosh, it is braided all the way down to the ends. Y'All like look at this, so yeah Kudos is Sensational for doing that. Like this wig is well constructed, it's very, very beautiful um. I did notice that some of the braids are sewn down um like towards the back like the middle portion. Here they are sewn down. Now I did not go in and cut it because of the simple fact that I feel like you: don't really need to do that and when you do that, that's what caused you to have like the gapage in your unit. So I feel like it's better. If you leave it, if you can or if that's your personal preference um, because you don't want to see any like gappage or anything, because I feel like it, that's what helps unit to look more natural um. So if you do cut that out, I feel like you're gon na have the Gap ish but yeah to each its own. Just do whatever works for you, but overall this unit is very, very gorgeous um on the sides here, um we have the braids, and this one does not like it doesn't. Um have like the little knot here like this one does. But, however, it still looks very good because it is larger, and that is why I was waiting on them to come out with a larger braid, because I feel like it just matched so well, and I just absolutely love this unit like it is just so freaking Beautiful and like I said, I don't know if it's the 90s baby in me, but I just love the extra large braid. I cannot wait to get my hands on this and a color number one, or one B like that, would be a dream for me or maybe even both, because I know I will be rocking this in the summertime, because I'm not going to sit down in the Chair so yeah overall, this unit is absolutely beautiful. I really really do love it. It'S very well constructed I feel like they executed this Brady unit like really really well. I love the fact that my lace is undetectable. I love the fact that I have options. I love the fact that the braids are very neat and they are consistent throughout the unit and they also are consistent in the ends, and that is just beautiful and it makes it look all the more natural like I went and really sat down for hours to Get my hair done, but I really didn't okay, so I really really do like it and I feel, like the price point, is really really good um. I don't remember it was like, maybe like a hundred and something or a hundred it's in the hundred Bar Park, but honestly the way they charge them for braids. Now child that's really affordable. So I would highly recommend it if you are like me or if you just like to switch up your hair, you don't want to commit to braids me personally. I can't commit to braids like this, because obviously I have to do wig videos. So it's just not gon na work and I just don't want to okay. So this is perfect for me, so yeah, I'm sure it'll be perfect for a lot of you fabulous people so make sure you guys go ahead and pick this unit up. Okay, because she's definitely worth it um will you have the gappage back here? If you cut the braids yes, so my advice would be to not do that. Okay, I feel like that. Is that will be your best move but, like I said to each his own, is your unit? It'S your coin. Do whatever you want to do, but yet he was. If you guys, aren't interested in this unit. I will have a link down in the description box below so make sure you guys go ahead and check that out, but yeah that's pretty much it. I do hope that you guys enjoyed this video and found it very helpful and easy to follow. If you did, then please go ahead and give your girl a thumbs up, be sure to go ahead and leave me a comment down below. I would love to know what you think. Let me know that you could pick up this unit because it was none left. So did you pick up? Was it you? Was it you, the one that was buying up all the units? All the one of these, where I couldn't get one but yeah leave me a comment down below. Let me know if you picked up this unit and if so, what color I want to know girl, yes, I'm being nosy and be sure to go ahead and subscribe. If you haven't done so already and also hit that notification Bell, I do upload quite often, so you definitely do not want to miss any of my videos but yeah. Thank you so so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it and I'll see you guys in the next video bye

Olivia Joelle: I'm so excited for mine to come in, ive basically watched every review on this wig how's it holding up 2 months later??

Ladybug: Beautiful unit!

daharvey1: Yes I bought this wig because of you.


Joyce Strong: Beautiful wig, but I love your lashes. Where did you get them from and the name

Tiffany aka Cookie: i love the video thanks do you still have the wig and wear it '?

Cherie Tillman: You look beautiful Queen

fannie arrington: How tall are you

Vicky Fountain: I just got this one but in 36 inches

Zachary Sauer: You're positivity is beautiful ❤️!! Don't get left behind - "promo sm"!!

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