Very Long 30" Deep Wave Unit From Alipearl Hair

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Hair Info: 30'' deep wave hd lace frontal wig, 250%density

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Myself, what's up y'all welcome back to the channel where y'all can see from the title this video will be sponsored by Ali Pro Hair. Make sure you guys go shop, all the links in the description the link is down below or, most importantly, you can shop. This beautiful wig, 30 inch 13x6, 180 density, deep wave, so yeah this the hair. If y'all want this wig go check out. The first link in the description real cute, give it very much scaffiano period, so they sent me a wig cap. They send me an edge, wrap Edge brush, another Edge wrap shout out to y'all, and I also sent you some lashes thank y'all so much. I really do appreciate everything that y'all said with this wig I'm gon na get into this install. Let me know what y'all think and I'll see y'all in a second well, we spent so long me right. I don't wan na feel. Stranger trust me. I don't wan na be alone, there are Communications. Yes, I don't care so long in here and we're still playing. I don't wan na be and get back all right got myself. Thank you. There are communication yeah we spent so long. We spend so long. Yes, I don't care and get back wake up. Everybody everything there are Communications inside all right y'all. So this is how the hair look. Let me show you how to live, because it's very long, I don't know if I can see that but yeah good here, great quality, real thick as y'all could see. Mickey is down below in the description. I hope you guys enjoyed this video um yeah y'all can see the big screw very much. It'S got me on so go get that wig. I hope you guys enjoy, like I said, don't forget to follow me on Instagram and also follow Ali curl here and don't forget to shop their wigs period, And I love y'all, and I will see how, in my next one

Ali Pearl Hair: You look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing our hair

Laurence II Stevens: Always creative and beautiful ❤

king 👑: Looks grt on you ❤❤❤❤❤

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Money Getter: We need a bikini try on video Shay it’s a hot girl summer lol

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