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Foreign, oh: what's up, y'all welcome back to everyone's YouTube channel with Sylvia here and today I have a modern code. You know this is an invisal lace. This has a powder blend effect, pre-plug hairline unit. This uh the style is Lola. The color is t t highlight, which is HL. 1B p, k, p, so pink purple a little bit of a pink purple. I think that's what that is abbreviated to be this again has a HD Perfection, double lined, HD lace back of the stock car doesn't give you any other instructions, not instruct any other benefits about the wig features, and all that so I'm gon na go ahead and Tell y'all in a second, but this uh unit: they have an invisal lace, lace, frontal premium fiber. They have like a variety of different uh Styles. So if y'all can see, they have Nyla Tiffany Isabelle Lola, which is the one that I'm wearing right now and then Liliana, which is already, I think, she's been posted already before so make sure that y'all tap into that um. So this is the five inch hand side effects. I like that um so far for starting, let's get into it. I really like how they pre-pluck this unit. Y'All can see it's giving scalp for sure. I only applied it a little bit, but before I even applied it, it was like scalp already like they did a really good job with the lace. That'S something I really also really like um. This particular unit is available in 6, 6. 31. D613. Six three coppers two six, two three six one and then six three gold and then one BK. This is the pink. This is the color and I'm wearing right now, as y'all can see, it has a little bit of strands of um pink in it. That'S why I feel like there's a abbreviated for that pink. That'S what that pink! That'S what that PK means so um, and then they also have it in like a auburn red, burgundy type of fiery type of look. So for starters, uh. I don't know how long she is she's definitely going to tangle a lot, because this is a tight curl unit um. This is the back um. I believe she's like at least 30 inches 28 to 30 inches she's. Pretty long as y'all can see. I really like the color scheme that they provided um. I would definitely say that they did a good job on that hairline. I just did not fully apply the unit but, as you see, if I was to it would be given scalp, which is something that I like immediately I'll prep. So um, that's pretty much it all. I have to say about that: um yeah, so this unit is gon na be a 10 out of 10. For me, I would just say: um be careful with the tracks right here and just get like some type of mousse or something to flatten when you first get it, so it can look how mines look which is like flat. It'S the ultimate look that we usually go for when we wear our wigs, so I would say be careful with that and then um be careful with it's tangling, because it's long so it's gon na. Do that a lot uh! I was just not trying to try. Not to rub your hands through it so much. I know the hair is so pretty and soft, but you know sometimes we can't do that because that can affect the unit. If you want to keep it and wear it again in a long one. So um, that's pretty much all I have to say for her uh the there's the cap inside it has a um powder blend effect. I had to really um. Oh, I had to really like um chin it the right way, because you can kind of see the powder effect like right here, because that's the type of capital they provided. So I would just say you know just make sure that you send it the right way. You don't have none of those issues, nothing like that. The wigs are 10 out of ten, so go get it y'all pay don't play. That'S all. I have to say for this video If y'all, if y'all, like it y'all, know exactly where to be listed, don't forget to like this video and if you're new, give us a like comment and subscribe. Thank you. So much for tuning into everyone's YouTube channel, I'm Aaliyah and I'm out

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Absolutely gorgeous

Lashon Hayes: This is so pretty going on my cart..

Danielle The Unicorn: Omgeee so pretty!!!

PINKUNICORN: Gorgeous sis

B Chestnut: That's perfect on you

Melissa Virtuous Kay: Pretty

Sherille Frost: This is so cute love the color and style but not for me.

Prettieface Productions: Ok❤

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