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Hair in the video: Tinashe Hair


13x4 HD Lace Front Wig

26 inches

200% Density

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Hey guys, it's me, elise, and i hope you guys are all doing well. I am back with another video and the wig that i have does come from a company called tanashi hair. I will leave all the information as well as a discount code in the info section below so be sure to check there. Now here is the wig that i have. I have their human hair straight 13 by 4 inch high definition, lace, front wig. My wig is 26 inches long and 200 density. So here is what it looks like now. I will be customizing this wig, but before we do that, i just wanted you guys to see what this wig looks like on before we do anything to it. Now i did notice that the lace appears to be a little too light for my skin tone. So i went in, i sprayed it with a little bit of water to see how well it melts down and blend in with my skin tone, but it was still a little too light for me. So with that being said, i will be tinting this lace. If you do plan on gluing your unit down, this is completely unnecessary because it should melt right in. However, i don't use any glue, so this is what works best for me. So i went ahead and i cut off that lace. That'S attached to the back of the wig, because you really don't need it, and so i'm going to use it as a test strip and i added some boiling hot water to a bowl and about a half a tablespoon of this right. Synthetic clothing dye in the color chocolate brown and i'm just going to dip that lace in there and i'm holding it down for about 15 seconds at a time to where we can come up with the color that blends in best with my skin tone. So this is what works best for me. You guys can kind of see the before it's still super transparent. However, i just like that slightly brown undertone it just melts in better for me, so i'm just dipping it in the die like a couple seconds at a time. I was too afraid that i was going to over color it. I didn't want that to happen um, but yeah. Now that we've done this, i'm just going to go ahead, shampoo condition and detangle the hair. Once i'm done with that i'll see you guys with the next step. Okay, so this is the next day in the hair. Is completely dried, i just allowed the hair to air dry. I didn't do anything special and i also wanted to let you guys know that i did bleach the knots as well as tweeze the hairline off camera. If you guys want to see a more detailed video on how i do that i'll be sure to link it in the cards above so go ahead and check it out, but right now i'm just going to go ahead and silk press out this hair. I do want to apologize in advance for the blurry look of this part. I don't know how, but i guess i really wasn't paying attention and it was all focused, so i'm going to make this part really brief. I'M pretty sure a lot of you guys already know how to flat iron hair, but i'm gon na go ahead and do that and i'll see you guys once i'm done now, you guys i'm super excited about this part of the video. It is completely unnecessary. However, i'm super excited to do it now. I saw this product on lovely brianna's channel a few weeks ago and funny thing i just kept seeing this product over and over and over again, so i went ahead and i bought it, but this is the perfect line. Lace, wig grid concealer and not eraser, so this is pretty much supposed to create a fake scalp. Look underneath your lace and allow you to have kind of like that. Fake scalp wig look without paying a fake scalp, wig price, and i got this on amazon i'll, be sure to link it down below in the description area. But the color that i have is in mitch and although it looks really dark, it really blended in flawlessly. You guys go ahead and check this stuff out. I just thought it was super cool and i tried it out and once again this is super unnecessary, but you know i had to get my hands on it. Okay, so this is later on. You guys can see the wig is fully done and look at that. You can't tell me it doesn't look like an actual 500 fake, scalp wig and it does not rub off unless you heat it up with the blow dryer. But i'm gon na go ahead and get the wig on and you see how just effortlessly it just comes together like seriously like it looks like it's growing from my scalp, and you can't see the grids you can't see the knots this product makes it to where You do not have to bleach or not so if you're beginner definitely look into this product once again i'll leave it in the info section below so right. Now, i'm just trimming off the lace. Then i'm going to apply a little bit of my got to be glued and then wrap up the hair, and once i've done that i'll see you guys with the next step. So, okay, you guys so get into this hair. Did i mention that this was 26 inches long? I may not be wearing this hair that often during the summer time, because we are already at 118 degrees plus out here in arizona, but i definitely will revisit this wig come this fall once again. Here'S a look at the parting space. You kind of have that fake scalp look the front perimeter melts in effortlessly. This is tenachi's high definition lace, so it will melt in with all skin tones once you apply glue. I, however, don't use glue and i really don't get that melting effect with the got to be gel, so definitely use a little bit of glue or, if you're like me, you can definitely tint your lace, but once again this hair does come from tenaci hair i'll Leave all the information below also use discount code, lw, 1g02 or 10 off of your purchase. Definitely let me know what you guys think about this wig and i will talk to you guys soon. Bye guys, you

kay: Huh?? But you bleached the knots. Not trying to hate but I was genuinely interested because the title said “stop bleaching knots”

Leo215: The wig looks beautiful, I just wish they send us the same quality hair that they send y’all cause my 200% Density 26 HD hair looks nowhere as full as yours.

Vile Wu: I’ve been using this product for 4 months now and I can’t live without it. It’s makes your wigs looks sooo natural. Your looking gorgeous btw.

Toyia: This stuff is amazing. It's all I use. It saves me from bleaching the knots and preserves the longevity of the wig. You have to get used to working with it but once you do, you will love. It looks just like scalp!!!BTW it's cheaper and they have different sizes on the actual website (Perfect Line) than on Amazon. It's also faster to just blow dry the product then to put it in hot water ❤. Nice video.

MsHoneyFly11: Elise so happy to see you filming. You look so pretty. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you or your sister adhere the lace on a wig. You did a pretty good job. The gel works best with the got2be spray and actually pressing on the lace with a tool while blow drying on cool. Then tie down. That grid concealer looks interesting. I wonder if you can put it all over the lace.

Perfect Line Swiss: Thank you TwinGodeses, this is a beautiful application. I am totally humbled to have you try the product.Stay Blessed!!

Tiffany's: It looks gorgeous definitely gotta try that fake scalp stuff lol

It'sVannah: That fake scalp product would also be great for synthetic fibers you can’t bleach the knots on

SlimJim123: What is the product you put in the hair before straightening it to give it that silk press look?

rechelle ivy: Beautiful

Ever1daful: Cute wig. I like it.

Betty Rouget: I want to by a wig and will be my first, I am a little nervous because I am not sure on what steps I need to follow first. Should is be real hair or synthetic.

Rain A: The title says stop bleaching your knots and do this... But she says she bleached the knots off camera... Lol

S. Curry: Love it cuzn!!

The Lace Booth UK: The tile says don’t bleach the knots do this instead but you still went and bleached the knits…. #Confused

Latoya Andrews:

Barbra: I wonder if Rit is safe for the body and isn't carcinogenic.

VERONICA H: Nice video! Enjoyed the hair...but what lipstick are you wearing?

NMS: looks good but i would've love the see the tweaking and plucking.... very importantly.

KiraJosii _: Does the fake scalp hack works with synthetic hair to?

Nini I: The lace looks more transparent than hd didn’t Frey when u cut it

Ron Dothard: Clip the ends and get rid of the baby hair. After that it would be a hot unit!

TimetoRelax: Thank u

shay trenee: How is the wig cap is it big head friendly..

Ruby Chew: Wear gloves when dying wigs.

ll0 lllo: ...... when you're too pretty for the earth. lolol

Valerie Jackson: I totally enjoyed the video, but you might want to change the title.

DivaEagle77: I’m in Chandler, AZ. Where are you?

An Adorable Wombat: No boo. It's very neccessary. Bleached knots and makeup looks terrible on fake scalp.

Candice Martinez: Beautiful

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