Bodywave Frontal Install Ft Lavy Hair

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Foreign, what is up salvages guess what is up subject? It'S your girl, Queen Savage, and I am back with another sleight Time, video in today's late time, we're going to be working with Lady hair. That'S right! L-A-V-Y, lady hair. They sent me this beautiful 22 inch body wave. It'S been a while, since I didn't did a long by the way so baby, yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, the girls have been serving with the ways for the Body Waves um. It is a 13 by 4 for rental and baby. When I tell you it was giving yeah y'all seen it at the beginning of the video it was given um. I am doing the glueless method, so this is the cap that I've been had on for a few days now from a previous install, so I'm just gon na refresh the cap a little bit and just go to work, also y'all. I already know I do not do all that bleaching, the lace and all that no, I take my foundation and I tint my lace with my Foundation because baby it gives I promise you. It gives the same thing: y'all be wasting y'all time, tinting them laces and bleeding them like y'all, be doing too much get you some lace, tint mousse or get you some foundation and do what I'm doing now and I promise you that lace is going to give Scalp, okay, it's gon na give skip. Thank you all right now. Let'S talk about this lace. This is a 13 by 4 inch lace, frontal, which means it's a lot of lace. It goes from ear to ear. Okay, so you got room for error baby. You have room for air and another thing: the lace was strong, okay, I was pulling and tugging and all that - and it was not ripping it was not tearing. The lace was strong, so you can get multiple wears from this wig, because the lace is definitely good. Quality, look at that look at that and I ain't even bleach. It y'all seen it y'all, seen it pull apart um I decided to do a little side, part, and you know some little, some curls for the girls, some wavy curls, some one curls. So what I'm doing right now is I'm plucking just to Define my part a little bit more just to make it look a little more natural. The wig was pre-plucked, but I just wanted my part to be a little deeper, so I went in and then I'm also going in with my wax stick just to make it lay down flat foreign. Last but not least, I'm gon na do some baby hairs. Just to make it look a little more Glam just to make it look a little more bad, be bad. You know so I'ma throw me some baby hairs up there, but y'all. That'S really! All I did, and I didn't put no glue because I've been trying not to use glue lately, because I noticed their glue been taking out my real edges, so glueless method for this wig. If you don't like to use glue, the glueless method for this wig did work. Okay, thank you, and now we're just gon na throw some one curls up in there just to make her look a little more sexy. Okay, just to make her look a little more voluptuous give a little more body, a little more body to the body wave, okay and baby. When I tell y'all the hair did so good with the hot tool baby, the hair did not burn. The hair did not shed the hair did not break chip, none of that. None of it like the hairdo, is so good with heat, so baby 10 out of 10 on his hair, and this right here is my final look and yeah. I know I was feeling myself cause boo whoo. Look at her like look at her. Tell me she ain't fine, tell me you can't, because you'll be lying, but okay, 10 out of 10 on the hair. Thank you so much to Levy hair for sponsoring this video. I will link everything about Lady hair in the description box below. I will also link the direct link to this wig in the description box below. So, if y'all want to go check out, this wig y'all can go. Do that um boo 10 out of 10, like 10 out of 10, the hair, the quality, the lace quality, the hair quality, the length? Okay, the length was only a 22 inch, but it was when I turned around to the back, which I'm gon na do later. In the video, so when I turned around to the back, it was definitely giving 24. look at it, giving long giving long and sexy yeah 10 out of 10. definitely 10 out of 10., but anyway, that's it. That'S all makes you guys like comment and subscribe, and I will see you guys in my next slate Time. Video bye, Savages foreign

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