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Hey guys welcome into my channel it's your girl, TJ. I am back in the Builder with another freakin video hearing, so I got me some. It'S so cool anyway, I'm here today to show you guys how I got this melted bomb. Okay, I'm showing you guys this lady. This lady is popping. I don't care what her wife says. Nobody can check for my lace. Work on the camera. Can'T y'all get my dress, but this lace is poppin. I'Ma show you guys how I got this and one two and three cuz I'm just shout when I was done because, like y'all did the dang thing y'all plug this unit y'all they they came for our necks with this unit. Hearing it so yeah, we will get ready to it. I go ramble, alright guys. So this is the quick unboxing. Let me show you guys everything that came inside the packaging and I'm gon na give you guys detail on this unit. Okay. So this is the Royal Dream: lace. Okay, it's a dream! Lace it is drink. Is this? It took me to have it I'm just kidding anyway. This is like I said, the Royal dream, film, HD lace. This is a 360 unit. I do have her in inches of 22. I believe this is a construction of the unit. It comes with a part just in case you guys, don't know how to do a motor part. It came they got. Should they got you. This is a construction of the unit, the three combs around the middle there's, one of the Nate along with drawstrings. The knots on this unit is bleached and I was proud also, this unit does come pre plug, so it works up in our favor, so yeah. This is pretty much it I'm gon na get off of here, so we can go ahead and get right into this video, but this is what it looks like. Okay, are you guys so today's hairspray, I'm using is the trans made place to freeze hold spray? I need something that's gon na be with me a little bit today, because I am doing a little bit of running and so yeah. I don't need nothing like super super ho cuz. Of course, I'm just gon na take the wig off when I get home, but something that's gon na be with me all day, so mm-hmm alright guys. So this is what the lace is. Looking like, one foundation is applied, one it also. This lace is HD. You already know how I feel about you, steel aces, my eyelashes getting stuck y'all. You know how I feel about HD laces. I feel like they're just the best invention. I love how then they are, and it just makes blending your legs. Super duper easy. So, like I said, I'm go ahead and secure it down with might resume, and I don't know I don't know like. I really want to try that method where everybody just sprays it down. Okay, so we're gon na try this. I don't know how this is gon na turn out. I'M gon na try to place it where I normally would place it. I just want to try it. I wouldn't try and see what it looks like. So I don't even know how you supposed to do that. Are you supposed to just push everything back, but I match I put some mousse on it to push everything back. I don't know what I'm doing here so y'all don't come for me. Do not come for me because I don't know I'm low-key scared or trying this alright, so I'm gon na take a little bit of my biosilk and spray it so that when I put the hot comb on it, I won't be damaging the airline. I hope this way we're yards. You know I think, a lot of hair gurus. Do it this way and I've always wondered how they can do it, but we got to see oh yeah. So now I'm gon na go in with my wax stick and do another hot comb pass and if you guys have not ever tried to wax it, I'm gon na need you to give with the program cause. It makes your hair lay so freakin flat and flawless, and it's also very very good for flyaways. Now we gon na start off with no baby hairs, but I don't know how these gon na look. So I don't know if it's gon na stay like that. So we're gon na start with one section at a time and I'm just going lightly. I don't know what I'm gon na do actually and I'm just gon na take my dryer on a pool heating, setting coming out little boy and add a little bit more spray, and I got this side down. So I'm gon na spray, the other side and hold it as well, and then I'm a tie or something down on it and then blow-dry it again just to be sure that it's not going nowhere will look so pretty right now, all right guys. So I'm gon na go ahead and take a silk scarf and wrap it around alright, guys so imma start trying to cut off the lace as naturally as possible. Hopefully this goes well and everything still looks as how it looks now. Freakin flawless. You guys see this hairline. No link really doesn't look that bad. I am gon na just spray a little bit of the hairspray and then go down on each section and push down. I think this is actually further back than our light, but will y'all got my binky it out today, all right guys, so I did it go ahead and finish it one in in like say, hey, okay, I think I'm gon na have a new method of doing It now it's just about me taking my time and just working in sections, and I feel like it doesn't look that bad. I don't know. Y'All might still can see the white line. I'M gon na try to do what I do to fix it. Hopefully, it's not looking as bad. This is my last video help me and that mirror I just need a hole wider. I don't know, I got ta be doing this okay yeah, so I'm detaining into here right now. This is the first time i detangled it. I was getting a few snags. Why was detangling but nothing to worry about? I love love, love the curls they have in this unit. Okay, but I am gon na have to reshape some of them. Unfortunately, okay y'all, let's get into this hair line, though I've never do this before well, they're my thug life but y'all. Okay, do you see this hair line? Y'All see this or okay come from TJ and I'm just gon na? Do the top layer freshly I'm Li? The bottom, as is um, I paint yeah, it's just a looser pattern. So that's what we fun to do. I'M not fun to do this whole head because it says you don't need to alright guys. So this is the end of the video. I hope you guys enjoyed y'all, let's get into this lace melt. Oh, do you guys see this? This is like ridiculously crazy. Like a come, you have to be a bomb egg company, okay to have it plug the way this is plug, like I didn't do anything to this unit. Y'All y'all see that I cut it, melted it and put the baby hairs in Lake. That'S what I'm here for I love a unit. I love a company who can pre plug their tail off. I'M sorry it just it's just a win-win. That was my best part of the unit like the lines like it looks like not lace, but this company y'all. I'M telling you you got ta grab yourself a wig, so outside of that this is how the courage turns out. Y'All know that only refreshed the top portion of it, the curls at the bottom, the middle and the bottom technically, or how they came into packaging. I love love, love the density on the unit. It'S not too much as nice and skin is flirty, and it's just like we here for it. So, throughout the video I had had shedding with this unit - and I really got more so shedding once I started cut into the unit, so it's not shedding now, but once I cut it the lace off of it and you know, try to make it as natural As possible, that's when I noticed that you know they were shedding but, like I said after I did go ahead and thoroughly detangle it I haven't seen shedding you know, but she will get shedding from the June. I'M not saying then go check it. If somebody say names, then units don't share period, they're like they like periods, but you are gon na get a little bit shedding with this um. I dig it tangling as well, but, like I said that was prior like I said that was part to me, detangling. So you're not gon na have any problems once you thoroughly detangle it look since I can glide my hands through running these nails through, and you know it's just sliding through like butter. Now this hair is straight out of the package, then wash it didn't go wash. It then do none of that y'all I'm serving y'all the realness. I really love the methods that I tried to this lately. I really feel like it turns out very, very natural, and it's something that I would continue to use in the future. Okay, what this unit it was so easy to work with, because, like I said you know, was already bleached, so it makes putting foundation on the legs very, very easy because it was leached. It was the pre plucked and y'all seen. I just refreshed the curls and I'm done like says it was very, very easy. I feel like it came out. Amazing. Let me know what you guys thought so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Give me a thumbs up if you guys are interested in this unit, don't forget to check the description section, this video, all information will be there and reverse the unit, and until next time yo girl will see you late uh, bye, guys,

C for Chi : The hairline is divine, honestly ♥️

CARTERMADE 86: Who went to straight to the link after this slay‍♀️

Destiny Green: The curls on this wig are gorgeous I need to order it.

Malika Trotter: That was literally your SCALP!!!!!!! Your soooooooooooo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gonna try this method for sure bc I wear just closure wigs only but this way made me confident to try a frontal again❤️

Tashanda Myers: I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE thank you for sharing

Jenna Michele: You look so beautiful and I love how it came out ♥️

Miss Empress: Alrighty now backdrop. And you look gorgeous

Dalen Thomas: I didn’t even watch the video yet but I seen your thumbnail you look beautiful girl! Can’t wait to watch

Jewlz MUA: I love the end results.

Jossy manu: Omg thanks sis so appreciative of you showing me love in ur video I will always support you and sis 2020 you need to have ur name on something so I can buy and support like I always do. You prefect and I love the hair so much love the consistency too.

K-Kay: Flawless

Charmaine Keating: Gorgeous ❤️

Jinerous: Teiiii <3 Do you have a video on gluing 13x6 lace wigs? I have no idea how to glue the back lol. Much love xoxo

Ashimary Hair: you are so beautiful!!!

Sarah Cronin: Is there a cap under here ? Also did you put powder foundation on the lace ?

Jennifer Amaa: Where did you get your backdrop from

Big Nique: Cute

Dayna Bledsoe: I need this hair for my birthday

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