Behind The Hairline Wig Install | Brown Blode Highlight Wig Ft.@Asteriahair

Hair Info: 24inch brown blonde highlighted straight 5x5 lace closure wig 180% density

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Hi you guys, so I am back with another video. I am working with Asteria hair today, placing me over their highlight wig in 180 and 24 inches. This wig was extremely easy to work with you guys. You see. The color was already custom and perfect exactly like what I've been wanting for a very long time. Um. I still did go ahead and use the knots because I don't feel like any wig just does itself Justice without getting those blue shots, so I did um as you'll, see I've loosed the knots and then I'm gon na really just customize it. How I wanted to look frame some layers to my face and then I'm going to be using the behind the hairline method today, because I just feel like that is the bag for me now, I'm really feeling I just think it makes most sense. So I loved this wig I wore it for a week and um the best quality of hair, the best durability. It was just. It was just great, as you can see, I'm still cutting these layers, but yeah. The install is going to be very, very easy and very, very quick and um it. Just kind of the video speaks for itself. Honestly, I did braid my hair down um in a way that I typically don't um just so that I could attach the Combs to my front of my head, because I'm not going to be pulling anything. I did also sew the um closure onto those front braids. As well, just because of it really, I just still wanted it to be secure, but I didn't sew it anywhere else, because I still like to oil, my scalp, so I didn't sew around the whole perimeter. I just sewed in those front two threads but yeah. I want you guys to actually enjoy the video and kind of just learn from watching me. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, foreign. This is awesome. Thank you. Um foreign zombies, Miranda Road. This is, let me give flowers. Thank you, foreign anymore, and you know holidays okay. So this is the final look you guys I want to thank you guys so much for coming back to my channel um. Thank you guys for your engagement for always being into these hair sponsorships. Yes, thank you for my sponsorship today to the hair company. Thank you guys so much. I love it love it love it all. The information that you'll need will be all in my description box on how to purchase and all the details that is on this unit itself and so yeah. So until next time I'll see, you guys later see ya.

Angela Brown: Beautiful!!!

LaBeLLa MiSSDonna: Girrrrrlllll where you been!?!? I be missing you when you be gone for too long!

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