Hair Transformation | Trying Wig For The First Time | Beginners Guide

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I always wanted to to be honest. This one also you can buy from any drugstore just make your hair look very Sleek. This wig is quite nice. It has, I don't know all this. Oh okay, hello, hello. Everyone welcome back to my channel so guys as the video suggested today, I'm gon na try out wig for the very first time. I always wanted to try out wig, but I feel so nervous every time I think about it, because I think that I might not make it look as natural, but today I'm finally going to try it out and put on a wig. So let's get started so just like you. If I want to learn something new, I will always look on YouTube and even for this wig like how to apply a wig, I looked up a video and I saw that okay. This is how it is done, and I thought okay, why not just film it whether I was able to like put on the wig successfully or it was a fail. So let's see guys, I'm super nervous, but we gon na try our best just a background story. As well, why I'm trying to put on a wig, because, I'll be very honest, I never used to like my hair, my hair. They don't have a lot of volume. This is all the hair that I have mind you. I washed my hair like two days ago. So I've got oily scalp right now, they're still sticking together. So anyway, I never used to like my hair, because I don't have like the voluminous hair that my friends used to have so yeah. It used to affect my self-esteem a lot to be honest, because I felt like my hair is so like always thin limp. Actually, my hair type. I got it from my mother, so her hair were like okay, but my grandmother's hair were like she has such long hair still and it's beautiful anyway. Later on, As I Grew old, I was like okay, I cannot crib anymore. I need to find solution. What can I do with this type of hair? Then? I realized. Okay, there are a lot of options like hair extension, wigs hair products that can make your hair voluminous discovered quite a bit of hair products, and my first hair extension was when I was 20 years old. I bought it from eBay. I remember uh, not many people used to shop online back in the days, and I was the one like you know, always wanted to try out and I wanted a solution. To be honest, I was like I want to make my hair long and heavy volume so yeah. That was the time when I got my first hair extension and then I got another one. When I was going to get married and then recently I got another one which I am like totally in love with. That reminds me that I wanted to give a huge shout out to the sponsor of this video, which is irresistible me. They have sent a beautiful hair wig that I'm gon na try in this video. Let me show you so this is the wig. It'S a beautiful 20 inch, long wig in ash brown color as this cap look at this guys. I have been using their hair extensions as well. I have made a separate video on that I'll put a link down below you can definitely check it out, and I just totally love that hair extension to be honest, it's so natural and it's so easy to style, and I love the hair color. It matches my own hair color. I was super impressed by the quality and I'm super excited to try this wig as well. You can use hot tool to style this type of a wig and you can even change its hair color because it's 100 human hair. Let'S try it out, so let me show you what things that you will need to apply a wig first is a big cap that I ordered from Amazon. You need a big glue. This one also you can buy from any drugstore or you can order from Amazon. Next is a scissor to cut the lace, that's coming out from the front and obviously you need a wig. So from the video that I saw on YouTube, uh, the girl just tied her hair very nicely into a ponytail and once you have put your hand into a ponytail, you just wear a wig cap. It'S quite nerve-wracking I'll, be honest, because this is the first time I'm going to try this. I always wanted to to be honest, because wigs have gained quite a bit of popularity, since I would say from Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. You know, I think I still need to fix my baby hair. Okay, let me take out the wig right. I'M just gon na apply hairspray. I can use hair gel as well, but I can't find it. Oh just make your hair look very Sleek. No baby hair should come out, especially the side ones. Now, let's wear the wig cap, so yeah like I was saying that wigs have been around for so many years, but they have, I feel like they have gained popularity since Kylie Jenner have been pulling off her normal day, routine. I'Ll be honest that I rarely got inspired from Kylie. Jenner'S looks, oh my God. The best thing that I Love About Wigs is like you don't have to commit to one hairstyle. You can change your look entirely with just wearing a wig yeah. That'S why I was like. I always want to try. Okay, now, I'm gon na put my hair. You know what I should have like made a bun. Sorry guys. Let me just leave my cute little bun. Now I'll wear the gap, you can see, I'm struggling okay. What I'm gon na do is I'm gon na make two sections one I'll put on the right side and then the other one on the left side just tuck it in. I think it's secured nicely. The next thing that I saw from the video was that she was wearing two wig caps because she was securing the clips on the second cap. I'M just gon na wear the second one, and this one I'm gon na push it little back perfect. It'S quite tight. I'M not gon na lie, but somehow I feel like my eyebrows are all like. Stretched now looks nice already now here comes the tricky part. This wig is quite nice. It has like these baby hairs as well check this out at the front. It has this. This band as well to stick it, and then it has these clips that I will be clipping on to the wig cap to secure the wig. Ah guys, it's very confusing okay, I can do it. I can do it. Let'S see see, let's see, um okay, I've secured one pin. I must be looking super funny or wait for it. I need to find the other Clips Chris, oh okay, I found another clip and I secured it perfect, so I've clipped on all the clips. I look so funny - oh my God. Okay now they say that. Okay, you pull this lace front front and I don't know this wig doesn't have the partition, but it's pretty nice that it doesn't because it looks very natural. I think I'll. Do it like this? Oh once I style it, I'm pretty confident and look really nice. Okay, so I think yeah. I need to cut this lace uh so how to cut it is like they said, pull the lace at the front and make sure the hair that is pulling out from the wig are matching your hairline. So I can't see my hairline right now and then you can just cut it. Okay, okay, let's see, I want my wig to stick right here, guys, it's time to cut the lace. Let'S do this so long yeah. I think this is my hairline. I want my wig to stick here and now, let's cut into sections, this is a scary part. Already: okay, let's just cut into sections and then they said, don't make a like straight line like zigzag, diagonal, successful, cutting the first piece of the lace, cool cool guys. This Vegas Soul, soft and real, like it feels like such good quality hair. I'M not just saying because it's a sponsored video. To be honest, I'm being honest, oh, I think I kept too much oopsie, that's fine! You have to be very conscious here, oh okay, so I need to chop this one as well. Last bit, that's fine! It looks pretty natural from this side, guys I'm liking it. Let'S do it from here as well. You can cut it straight too, but section by section is like more easy. I think now you see like you know, if you look up all the Bollywood celebrities, Hollywood celebrities, they wear wig quite a bit Deepika in movie 83. I just do you know for their character, so I think wigs are really cool stuff. If you want to experiment, I feel like I might be successful check out the hairline, it's so natural. It'S coming out really nice. I have confidence that once I style this, it will look really nice guys. I'M excited to style this wig last bit. Okay, guys, the difficult part is all done and the hair are coming out oops. Oh, my God, I can't believe I chopped off the lace, because that was a tricky part, I'll be honest because they were like. Oh, I have to measure your hairline. I understand what they mean that you have to, like. You know make the hair with stick where you want it to be. I'M still not completely sure about this part, we'll see all right quite a bit of struggle, guys quite a bit of struggle right here now, uh tricky part is done. The next is a little bit of, I would say it's quite intimidating, not gon na lie. I'M gon na apply the glue. They say that okay, this glue is just like eyelash glue, but a little stronger to secure the wig to your hairline. It looks weird guys I don't know how much to apply, and I feel like this is quite a bit. Thank you apply right in front of my hairline all right now. Let'S stick the wig sticking. I think it is sticking - and I just have to hold on to the wig. Well, it's already dried and I feel that the wig is secured, see it's so natural. Looking like look at this, like it looks like my own baby, hair sideburns coming out. Okay, I'm gon na let the glue dry for another 10 minutes, and then we are gon na style. This baby, all right guys. I think the wig has been secured nicely and now I'm just gon na style it. So I'm using my hair straightener. This is from Bio Ionic. I love this hair straightening. I think I'm gon na use temperature at 340.. I want to do it too high. So like this partitions, I will be styling from here. I'M gon na straighten it first I'll, be honest guys. It'S not that hard to fly away. I'M super excited now. Wow feels so natural they're. Like long. No wonder why Kylie wears wigs, it's instantly just changes, your entire look and it's so easy to experiment and you don't have to commit yeah. Like I said, if it's natural human hair, you can easily use your hot tools and style it. The hair will not burn. That'S how you can tell that it's 100 human hair they're, so soft, so easy to style by the way I love this hair straightener it has this vibrating technology technology is typically that it straightens the hair more fine, quite a bit of hair guys. What do you think do they look natural on me feeling whether I should keep it straight or I should curl it? You know it looks really nice in person. I don't know if it look yeah, it's not looking as nice in the camera, but in person it really looks very. Like flattering. I don't know bumpy from here like these baby hair are really nice because from those you can actually hide your hairline. If it's sticking out - and it just makes it look really natural, what do you guys think guys? It'S so soft? It is really soft all right. I guess this. Is it guys? This is how my wig is looking. I think it is pretty nice. I can style it better, uh for sure like from here and but for the first time I think it's pretty cool. It is really good option for people who are experiencing hair, thinning or hair loss, or any patient who is experiencing with alopecia cancer or who's going through chemotherapy. So this is it guys. This is how the wig is looking. I think I did a pretty good job by putting this wig on. I don't know how comfortable I'm feeling right now, not because this wig is uncomfortable in any way, but this color is bit light on my skin tone, so yeah. I think I might change the color of this wig, but overall guys the quality of this wig is really nice. You should definitely check out the irresistible me website. I will put the link in the description and you can use my coupon code to get some discount if you are planning to buy a wig, and you can definitely check out the blonde one that one is really nice. If you want to match it like you know, you want to make it look ashy or any color that you want just match it with your own hair, so yeah check that out for sure, but overall the application wise. I would say it is really easy. It'S not that hard to be honest, because these baby hairs that they have they make it look so natural like it just covers my hairline really nicely. This one is sticking out because I haven't sticked it properly, so yeah just tear - and there you can see from here. I can put some makeup on too to hide it. But overall I love the quality. It'S super nice, I'm gon na curl, my hair, a little bit from the ends to show you how it looks when it's like curled I'll, be right back already, so I curled my hair a little bit from the bottom, and I think I like it when it's Curled for sure, so it gives more natural looking and it suits me more but, like I said, wigs are so good when you want to experiment, and you don't want to commit to it like what. If I just go to a hairdresser - and I tell him like. Oh, can I go with light brown please and it doesn't suit me then you're, like done. You wasted your money time and energy and damage a little bit of your hair too. So wig is really good option to tile to experiment and I overall really like the sick. What do you guys think I mean? I know it's not my personality, but this is what wig does it will just entirely change your whole? Look. I highly recommend that you should definitely check it out. I hope you enjoyed this video guys. If you did, please do not forget to hit the like button comment down below. What do you guys think does this color suits me? I know like personally. I don't think so. It'S too light for me but, like I said, 100 human hair, I can change the color for sure I will make the roots little dark and I like it light at the bottom. Also I make daily Vlogs With My Husband on YouTube. You should definitely check out our Channel fianchu and kirat, and you can also follow me on Instagram. My Instagram handle is this. It is Gil Sharma, like this Channel. Please do consider subscribing. Thank you bye now. Thank you.

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