Amazon Headband Wigs, Pt. 8 3 Styles Under $30! | $20 Tuesday, Ep. 84

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▷ Twist Out Headband Wig (color: 1b/30)

▷ Twist Out Headband Wig (color: 1b/27)

▷ Kinky Straight Headband Wig (color: 2a/30)

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▷ Simply Stylin' Silicone Spray (holy grail!)


▷ Lashes (new faves)

▷ Gold Hoops

▷ Black Hat

▷ Brown Mesh Robe

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▷ Got2Be Glue Gel

▷ Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder

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▷ Revlon Blow Dryer Brush

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Hey YouTube: fam: it's your girl, Gladys! Welcome! Back to the channel. I create hair fashion and lifestyle content. I don't encourage you to be your very best self, so if you're with that you're in the right place, today's 20 on Tuesday and I'm turning on Tuesday, I showcase super cute. Yes, super, affordable, hair and fashion finds for the lovely 20 price range and below. So, let's just jump right in we're doing headband wigs today, if you're all not familiar headband wigs became a huge thing back in 2020 during quarantine, and it just hasn't let up for me since, for me, headband wigs have become the most convenient way for me to Wear a wig I just throw them on and go out the door. At this point I haven't really been big on lace fronts. So far this year I have a lot of them coming up, but I just noticed that I've been leaning towards more so convenience and headband. Wigs. Give me that, so, if that's what you're looking for, I think you're gon na, like what I showed you in this video, the headband wigs I have today, one of them I actually showcased. Last time it was like a kinky twist out wig and y'all loved it and y'all sold it out, and I have not seen it back since I put out that video in the natural color and every month someone asked me like hey: is this gon na come Back in stock - and I I don't know y'all - I I probably should hit them up and just be like yo. This is there's a demand here like what's going on, but I decided to buy the particular wig in a blonde color. I had a blonde color already, but I found the 27 color because it was on sale for like 16.99 mind you when I first bought this wig it was 30. So I was like oh let me find out. They cut the price damn near in half like. Let'S see what's going on here and I have another kinky straight headband wigs, so we're gon na talk through this. Try it on real time together, if you're, watching with the premiere party thanks for joining you know I love y'all and consider joining the family. Real quick though I just want to shout out one of my newest Beauty, finds I'm A Lash girl. You will always catch me wearing lashes when I go out when I do my videos Etc right and I'm often trying to find good ones on Amazon, and I think I found my new favorite. So this is the Lash right here and it's by the brand Barbary. This is what it looks like in the packaging. I love these lashes. This is what they look like on me, and I mean I'm impressed with them. They are giving mink quality to some of the more expensive lashes that I own. Now. These are definitely pricier than other lashes. I'Ve bought from Amazon, like normally I'll pay like eight dollars for like five lashes, but I paid 16.99 for these three and I'm really happy with the longevity and the quality. So if you're, looking for a new pair of lashes, that you know are vibrant, like these try these out, you won't be disappointed, I'm actually about to buy another style. These are the style Queen here, but I'm gon na buy the charm Angel ones as well. So here's the first headband wig y'all. This is the twist out one. I have this in the 30 color, which is more like a honey blonde you'll see at the root here, it's a mix of the 1B and the 30, and then it just goes straight into the 30.. This comes with the velcro strap here and then, as you can see in the inside, there is one comb at the top and another comb at the bottom bottom. Let'S just try this on again. This is the wig that I've actually had from the very beginning, like I bought this months ago, and I just had it like in the closet. So this is what it's looking like, oh wow, oh this is so pretty. This is so pretty. This is what looks like Fresh Off The Pack y'all in my last Amazon headband wig video y'all saw that these ends were not cutting right. They had these straight ends, literally just clip them off like at a bunch at a time. So I'm going to speed through that process all the time all right y'all. So I cut out a lot of the strands, the straight strands from the end and it's looking a lot better. I'M sure there are more, but I got ta get on with this video. Look at this hair, though this is so pretty. Oh, my goodness, I can't believe this is 16.99 now 21 on Tuesday is on and popping like this twist out. Wig is so full and gorgeous look at the back y'all and the back probably has some more straight strands, so don't mind that, but this is what it's looking like in the back. I will never get tired of a good old 30 color on brown skin, because honey blonde looks fabulous on a brown Baddie. Like me, showed before and y'all. I have my hairs braided underneath I'm just gon na attach this comb. Can I attach this comb real, quick? Just for the sake of the video um, I don't know where my wig grip is right now, but I always recommend wearing a wig grip. When you have your wigs that way, you know they don't fall off, especially with these headband legs, but yeah. So, with this oh hold on your girl is a mess right now. Okay, so with this, you can do like a little flip over action and we're giving we're giving lioness. This is like a Soulful. This feels Fuller than the one I had in the natural color. My am I tripping right now, but it's so pretty. Oh I actually, and if this is too full for you, I do have a video showing how I style and cut out my curly wigs. I did that for another 20 Tuesday, so I'll link that in my description box, so you can check it out, but this is what we're giving and we can always do a nice half up half down situation now remember this is synthetic hair, y'all, okay, so you're Gon na deal with some tangling and you're gon na deal with some shedding look at how pretty that is, but either way I'm here for it. Let me know if you are here for this too. I have this in the 27 color, which is like a brighter somewhat brassier bronze, I'm normally not a 27 girl, but I know some of y'all are so I wanted to at least try it out, but the 30 is where it's at please. Let me know in the comments, if you all feel the same okay and in the Instagram, I'm gon na make sure I hit up got in here to see if the natural color is ever coming back in stock like this is almost giving a human hair. Look for a fraction of the price do y'all agree: okay, y'all same wig, but in the 27 color. What do y'all think? First of all, I just cannot get over the texture in this synthetic wig. I absolutely love that it mimics, like Type 4 hair that is Twisted out now this color. I already knew that it wasn't going to be my favorite I'll say that it's just not what I like on my skin tone like when I do a 27 these days. Normally, it has to be mixed in with warmer Browns, and this to me is like more of a cool tone and I'm just not I'm just not here for it, and it doesn't look good with this brown robe. In my opinion, like this is all very warm and this is giving cool, so I'm just not a fan, but as far as the wig itself I mean I have no complaints about the construction. I love the fullness. I love the texture to me. It is a little bit on the dryer side like Kanekalon fibers, but not the driest hair. I'Ve ever felt. If that makes sense - and of course you have these straight end pieces, so you have to cut these out, but literally, I just wanted to show y'all what this looks like 27. In case you want this color for yourself, 16.99 on Amazon y'all. It doesn't get any more 20 Tuesday than this hahaha. You could do so much. Let'S say you have a nice head wrap. You can wrap it around and do like a little Big Bun, bouffant style, there's just so much. You can do that. I'M not gon na. Do right in this moment, I just want to quickly show y'all what this wig looks like. I just love, seeing this texture shirt and also I'll see me in blonde hair. Y'All definitely need to check out my blonde hair playlist, because I definitely have other blondes outside of honey blonde that I like to wear on my brown skin. That, I think, look good on me that go with my undertones check that out - and also I just want to stress this again. These are not wigs. You just wear straight out the pack. Please get into the habit of customizing your units. I know we like to throw out the term. You know go on and go. I say it myself sometimes, but in reality we want to customize to make it shape our face and to get rid of, like you know like little strands like this, you don't want that. No we're not doing that. So please customize them and if you need help, I have an entire playlist y'all wig 101 playlist with lots of tips and tricks to help y'all get yourselves right. I actually just put out a video as well seven easy, wigs, hacks part, two so part one and two, where I share a lot of my tips that I've learned over the years so make sure you check that out too. So here is the next wig. This is like a long kinky straight headband wig, with honey brown highlights, as you can see here for me personally, I'm not into the skunk stripe trend. Is that still trending now, possibly, but I'm not mad at how the hair color looks Blended throughout the wig. So, even though it's like very stripy up here, I can always fix that by using a spray, color or a marker, or something like that. It doesn't it's not a big deal to me. The inside of the cap has adjustable straps. It has a velcro. Headband has two Combs here in the front and a comb in the back, and this is what the cap is looking like here. So when we throw this on, let's see how it feels and if you have a larger head I would say that's one thing I like about headband wigs, really easy to accommodate all types of head sizes like this one from my medium size head is already feeling Like a little loose, but I can easily adjust it with the adjustable straps. So this is what this looks like wow. This is a longer y'all, long and streaky. Let me know what y'all think am I getting shedding. I am getting some I'm getting some tank. Oh yep, getting some tangling here's the thing, though I don't worry about tailoring too much, because I have my simply styling silicone spray and I spray it through here and then I'm able to just come through my wig y'all see how that works with my ear and Just left me, let me take the other one off, so I'm able to get through my Tangles easily with the silicone spray. I suggest y'all check that product out because it's one of my top favorite wig essential items. So this is what we have here. I have quite a bit of I do have some shedding going on y'all, but I feel like it's it's I think it's pretty. This is definitely huh. I feel like I like this more than I thought I would okay. Let me show y'all how I look in the mirror, so this is what the hair is looking like. This is how long it falls on me. So definitely pass my waist right here where my leg starts. Color the color is actually given wait. A minute are y'all here for this color too. This looks really really nice. Okay. Maybe this is a skunk stripe that I can kind of get behind. I think for me, I just don't like the big chunky sponge Stripes, like I don't like that. Why did my voice get deep like that? But that's the part that I don't like. I love a good half of half down, but the thing is I'm just trying to get through some of the tangling here. I would do something like this. Do I not have an elastic bandal, oh so hold on I'm? I got ta style through this and then I'll be back. So I decided to go in with my silicone spray just to get through more of the tangles and the hair, and I'm also using a heat tool, I'm using my new blow dryer that I got it's by ConAir, Infiniti, Pro and low-key. This is slowly replacing my other go-to blow dryer by Revlon. I still love that blow dryer, but I find myself picking this one up a lot more because it's just lighter weight - and I talked about this in my seven easy wig hack video so definitely check that out, but I'm a fan of this blow dry y'all. It does the same thing as the Revlon one. It'S just lighter and you can change out the heads and over here you'll see me trying to do a style, but this clip is broken and I realized it as I was filming. So that was a dub. Oh hey y'all, so I decided to put a black hat on top of this headband wig and I'm trying to figure out how I feel about it. I think because I don't have like an outfit on right now, it's hard for me to really see the vision. Let me show you on the mirror real quick. I am trying to imagine me with an actual fit on. Maybe I would wear like all denim or maybe even all black, but I will say with this hair. I definitely am a friend of the highlights throughout the wig, not really here for the highlights at the root area to skunk stripy for me, but I can get with the rest of the wig. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thoughts on headband wigs. Let me know if you're still here for the headband wig wave in 2022. I know I am so I still have more to bring to you and, if you're ready to see that content. Please drop me comments down below and let me know which one is your favorite from this haul in particular. My favorite, of course, is going to be the twist out kinky straight one. I just think it's such a gem. I really hope that they bring it back in the natural color for y'all. Now, if you are new here, consider tapping the Subscribe button, so you can join the family and receive notifications on my content. Y'All know that I lost my Jamaica Vlog right, so we are almost done with that and I'm gon na put it out this week. So please make sure you stay tuned. You can check out my community tab. I will be posting an update as far as which day I'll be premiering that Vlog and I cannot wait because I have so much. I want to share about my time at Hedonism and if you want to see some of my latest videos check them out right here, it's the right of me. Thank you all. So much for watching I'll, see you in the next one bye,

IsThatYourHairrr: Still here for the headband wigs? Let me know in the comments. And stay tuned for the Jamaica vlog!

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Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Gwladys! I still love and wear my headband wigs. These are cute! That spray and that blow dryer were a life saver to that long wig. Great review.❤️

Mrs. Shirley Hunt: Hi gorgeous! You’ve done it again!! These wigs are cute!!! My fav is the “It’s giving lioness”The honey blonde color is so pretty! I love these videos sis!!! I’m falling in love with wigs❤️

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: Thank you for sharing ❤ I love the kinky straight & the kinky 30 headband wig! Absolutely beautiful

Eunice Izevbigie: I am always looking forward to seeing your wig review! The first one looked bomb on you! they upped the price to $25 already, I am sure after they saw how you rocked the wig

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Dira Boddie: That first wig was my fav! It was giving Diana Ross/Janet Jackson/lioness vibes lol. It was giving all the vibes

kira Barker: Yes I LOVE the headband wigs

TRACY R: That first wig looked da bomb on you!! :-)

StarriSkye: Yes when I was younger I loved a 27. Now I only do a 1 or a 1b/30

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Angelique Graham: I love big hair. I guess I'm still stuck in the 90's

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