Long Pink Ombre Wig With Bangs By Lemonwigs!!! Plus 4 Other Wigs!!!

This video will review an Amazon wig called: Long Wavy Pink Wig with Bangs BY LEMONWIGS! We will look at cap construction, fibers, and their answer for a MONO TOP! We will review the ways to change her from severe, flat box hair and creased scalp part to a more natural look! You can find her here: https://lemonwigs.com/collections/pink...

Then my guest, Heidi (whom I went to dental hygiene school with back in 2000!) tries on 4 more wigs--all from Godiva's Secret Wigs: Candice, Thin Candice (both in Almond Spice-Rooted), Kayla in Vanilla Bean Rooted and Sabrina in Silver Stone. Our big surprise was when my power went out while Heidi was trying on Kayla and Sabrina! FYI--my power remained out for 7 hours before coming back on!

The wig I have on at the beginning of the video is STAGE PRESENCE by Jaclyn Smith in the color Caramelized Brown Rooted. You can find her here: https://www.paulayoung.com/product/sta...


Circumference: 22”

Front-to-Nape: 14.5”

Ear-to-Ear (TOP): 13”

Side: 8.5”

Nape (Occipital to hairline): 3.5”

Widow's Peak to Chin: 8"

Ear-to-Ear (BACK): 12”

Ear-to-Ear (FACE): 12”

Ear-to-Collarbone: 8”

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Hi everyone welcome to my Channel. Today we have a really special video for you planned. I am going to do an unboxing review of a new wig from lemon wigs. This is her right here, a pink ombre, long wig and I have a special guest with us today. So stay tuned hi, everyone welcome back, I'm Coco, and this is Coco's hair solutions. We have a really special video for you today we are doing an unboxing and a review of this young lady, this beautiful, pink, ombre wig from lemon wigs with bangs, and I have a special guest. My friend, Heidi, is joining us today say hi, Heidi hi, Heidi is a fellow hygienist. We went to class together years ago. We won't say how many now she looks too young to be there anyway anyway, and she is going to be my model for today. So we're gon na have some fun with this wig and Heidi's, going to try on a couple other wigs for you, okay, but before we start getting into the wigs Heidi, you want to tell us a little bit about yourself and what is your interest in wigs? Okay, well, I'm Heidi I'm starting to go a little bit gray. My hair is pretty thick still, but it's naturally very thin um. I have not really thought too much about wigs until I watch Sandy's show and I've known her for years, and so I wanted to know more about them, because there are times when I don't want to do my hair. There are times when I don't have the gray covered up um there are times when I want to do something different and kind of fun, and also now that I'm here looking at them, maybe look at some day-to-day wigs that I would wear out and about. Okay, great well, thank you for agreeing to be my guinea pig okay. So, let's take a look at the pink wig, first, okay she's right here in the bag. This is a lemon wig, we're going to take a look at the Cap Construction. First, all right inside out, she has that plastic fake mono top that we uh know that lemon wig has um. She has a basic front with a um a little bit of a Velveteen fabric on there, she's got side, ear taps with an ear. I mean with a metal stay, it's not a very good metal stay, not really, it won't Bend and keep its shape so, but it is there's something in there and you can kind of see right here that there is something in there. We have the hook and eye Adjusters that typically don't stay put, but we're going to try. We have an extended nape and, of course, um. I think that's going to be it for us we're going to take a look at this fake mono top. So here is that standard profile for this mono top that has an ironed or heat steamed part the fibers themselves. Look at this long, long, wig, oh, my goodness, she's got to be at least 24 inches and then of course, they're shorter layering. All the way around. So I would say she has a consistent measurement of anywhere from 20 to 24 inches all the way around and then a cute little bang. That'S already there. Let me see what it says on the website about her: okay, lemon, wigs, pink wig middle part, long wavy, wig, ombre, pink for women, heat resistance, synthetic wig, natural and realistic. So I want to caution you. The heat resistance is only up to 300 degrees. So what I want to show you here is how I work with my clients in helping Heidi's hair, get ready for trying on some wigs, okay, okay, so Heidi. What we need to do is have your hair pulled back and slicked away. A Barrette is fine and maybe, if you just kind of twist it and pull it up there, you go good. So you have do it and kind of twist and then we'll just put this Barrette up in the top okay yeah yeah. I should take care of it just fine, so we're going to show you how she did that she just Twisted a ponytail up. We just put a bread up in there, so we're gon na put a wig grip on band on so that it stays where we want it to we're, going to take this behind her ears and connect that in the back with the velcro alrighty, we want to Make sure that your hair is smoothed back and then the wig grip band is placed on top of it and no hair underneath it is kind of laying sideways. You want it to be very, very slick back so that it doesn't get itchy or or yeah, because it'll cause you a lot of itchiness alrighty. So let's go ahead and put this girl on right now. Are you ready honey? So what I did was I cinched in the hooks into the little eye areas or the area where that you can cinch it in we're. Gon na put this on Heidi, I'm gon na have her hold on to the ear tabs. Okay and she's, going to direct the front line of the cap against her forehead, and I'm going to pull this up and down: okay, alrighty, okay, cousin it in the pink version. Okay, now we have to lift it so we're going to lift it up by pulling up on the hairs. Yeah I've never worn wigs before just so y'all, okay alrighty, so these are going to lay really flat. Okay, look in the mirror! Oh gosh! Doesn'T she look cute, look at how long that is, that is really long, okay, so just right out of the bag. We'Ve got that fitting on okay, tell me: how does the cap feel it feels a little bit feels very comfortable actually feels like it might be too low? No, it's perfect! You got it perfect, of course, okay. So it feels good. It'S not too tight. Okay. So what we did? Okay, let's look into the mirror. What I did was I brought that forward or brought that up to her natural hairline, and if you lift up, you can see the gray. I put a gray wood grip on her, but that covers and she also if the wind blows, you can see her her natural hairline. So these bangs are going to naturally just want to go the way that they were meant to go from the factory. So that's pretty flat up against her hair. It'S not very puffy. I expected it to be like puffy like like on the top like Wiggy. No, that's not it's actually very flat. So, let's lean forward and show everybody the part there's that ironed or that steamed part that is um. It'S Made to go in there really really severely, and that's one of the things that most of us who have to wear wigs. We don't want it to look that way. Okay, let's look at the coverage, so the ear tabs cover her Sideburn area really really well. Okay, let's check the other side. Okay and of course, if she was going to wear this - and you know make it look a little more authentic - we might want to put some touch up some a little bit darker brown all along here, just to kind of blend, with the idea that it's got. Some brown root grow out the powder stuff, okay, the powder stuff, okay, so now step back a little bit here and I want you to do a turn around. So okay, slowly take a turn yeah. So you can see all of these beautiful colored, pink colored waves and curves curls, okay, very good! So if you really like this flat appearance that shows that we've got up here, then you you would not have to do anything more to this wig at all yeah. It'S like ready to party it's ready to party sound yeah, it's kind of it's like a mermaid, yeah yeah, it's so nice and when you put a long wig like that on for the first time, it's like it's a little odd. But at the same time I love it yeah, yeah, and so one of the things that I do is when I treat these areas. I turn the wig upside down and I I lift up small sections so like I'll, take this okay. So what I did was, I took a piece, a section of hair that was pressed and creased over on this way lifted it up and moved it over there. So hiding move forward, so we can get a little bit closer look. So what I did was, I pulled it: the opposite direction and added heat from my from my hair dryer, and what that's going to do is going to give me a little bit more lift and it's going to make it look like clean, fresh hair. Oh, I see okay, Two Flats, also too flat is, is too revealing. So what we can do is do the same thing on the other side, just take a small section on the other side of the natural, on the other side of the part that was created at the factory okay, I needed a little bit more and we're going To do the same thing now you notice - I didn't stay on that very long and I am continuing to pull that up. So the idea is that you apply a little bit of heat to that, while you're forcing the hair fibers into the opposite direction. And then, what you end up with is something that probably looks a little bit more natural, and that is just a real, simple way of of getting rid of that real obvious. And you can create a zigzag part in that anytime. That you want okay and then, of course, with the bangs. You could do the same thing. You can lift them up. You can crease them to not lay quite so flat. You know my little trick for bending back the fibers here and using the heat of your hand, to create that lift right at the bang area, so that the bang, the bang fibers, aren't laying on your forehead, where you have makeup in your body oils. So it makes them a little more. It allows you to make them a little bit more wispy and to have it look a little bit more natural, so Sandy, if you did want to do the zigzag part that you mentioned, would you just basically do the same thing you did with the hair dryer. Just to choose what I would do is I would continue to do a section at a time on both sides. Do it on equal ways and then once they are dried or cooled off, then then go ahead and put in a zigzag part, because then, what you have is all of the hairs up there, not fighting the zigzag part and you're, not creating a a flattened zigzag. Part, it looks a lot more natural, so another thing that happens, let's lean into that is when you do this, lifting with the dryer um hot air, you make that ironed part much less visible, so it it's not quite so obvious as a wide part. It is more like a natural part. Whatever doesn't she look cute dude great model, Heidi you're, trying good anything for you, oh yeah, so let me turn yeah see that even looks better just like that. So turn towards the camera and look down so even that little bit of using a hot air source, not for a very long period of time, but also lifting and forcing those hair fibers to go in a different direction. It really makes a difference on some of these um, these wigs that are a little less expensive and, of course, with a pink wig. You know you don't want to have to spend a fortune on a wig that you're you're might be wearing, maybe once or twice a year or something just for a special occasion, and so that's this would be a great investment for that particular kind of purpose. So yeah it is fun, isn't it okay? You know, we know all the different kinds of treats uh different things you can do with with a wig. You can wear a headband, that's fun, yeah, any kind, any color, anything that you really need. We'Ve also got lots of little clips, so yeah, that's a cute one. You can also just take even if cute yeah I've been 20 again yeah. Some of that friction, frizz. Okay, how's - that that was really cute. Take a look at that Heidi here. Look on the back - oh my gosh! Oh that's! So pretty Sandy! It is kind of pretty isn't it yeah, even it out. Oh wow, lots of fun things, lots of fun things you can do with a longer wig and I have the links down below for all of my little clips that I use meow meow meow. Is it that cute okay? So what we're gon na do right now is we're going to have Heidi trying a couple of extra wigs just to kind of look at some that she's been thinking about. You know: yeah, okay, perfect alrighty, so, okay, so so this is Candace, it's okay! This is the one that's really long yeah. This is another really long, wig a little bit more in your color range, not quite as long as the wig that we just reviewed, but this is a Godiva secret, wig called Candace and she's, a very, very popular young. Lady in the in the Godiva secret line, very, very popular okay, I think we're gon na pull this down a little bit. Okay, there, there that looks a little bit better alrighty. So how do you like this one? I like it? I just need to get into one of the way I want it, but it's beautiful yeah. It is beautiful. I feel like it's really puffy on top. Well, that's all the permatease! Oh that's the permatease! That'S up here and so, if you're not used to permatease, then you notice those things to begin with, and you know it's just something that takes some time. It can be flattened out a little bit, but it does disguise the cap and it does give you some lift yeah so and the longer I'm wearing it the more I did. So, let's do a spin okay for the audience. Okay, so she's got long. Eight inch bangs right here side swept, I think, the um I've done a review on her in my little and so you'll can find that review in my library. So this is Candace regular Candace in the color almond spice rooted. Really pretty that looks good with your complexion yeah, because I have like a naturally kind of yellowy oranginess, I'm not very pink and okay, so you're more warm. So this kind of meshes with me and then I have brown eyes: yeah, yeah, okay, fine! So let's try on another one yeah go ahead. This is thin canvas and so we're going to get Heidi's opinion on what the thin canvas feels like in comparison to the regular canvas. Now I did a comparison, video of them as well, so you can find that in my video. But this is another opinion. Okay, so, and this is in the same color, almond and spice rooted. So, as far as how it feels in my head, it feels pretty much the same: okay um. It has like maybe a little bit less of that Perma stuff, but I can still feel it, but it's not quite as puffy um and she has little wispy bangs. I, like the wispy bags, the color. Definitely it's got that lighter up front a little bit darker as it goes back. It'S definitely longer. I think it is longer yeah it's about an inch longer yeah yeah. So can you guys see the difference in what it looks like on her? Definitely a little bit lighter it's great in there. Of course, you can also for him to have a fuller bang. If you want to have a fuller bang - or you can leave it like that and just start, including that into a side, swept bang who makes this one, the dive is secret wins these are. These are Godiva secret, wigs going on now beautiful yeah? It is very pretty, isn't it it's very like more natural, very believable. Can you braids? Oh yeah, let's see foreign Heidi, you can leave that there if you like, but you can do a small turn, but you can see if we, French braid the whole the ponytail. You can have it just down the back, put a nice little clip on the end, put it some little uh Firefly Clips in there you can use scrunchies and some of those beautiful new scrunchies that are long and flowy. Those would be really great for using this. You can also pull it up into a chignon okay turn around see, and so we have another little different look, so you can do a lot with these longer longer wigs okay, so this is thin canvas, let's go ahead and take her off and we'll put on A different one, all right, so this is Kayla in the color of vanilla bean, another Wig by Godiva secret, wigs and so we're going to see what this looks like now see. I remember you being blonde, I know from from school school yeah. I know I was it's not my natural color, but it wasn't like this. I know it's a lot, though, because once you go blonde, you try to go back yeah to dark. It'S been so I don't think I'm ever gon na go spawn again. Unless I wear a wig like this okay, so she is a part mono and she is parted on the left over here. So she could part her on the left. She could probably part her in the middle or on off to the right if she wanted to um. She just wouldn't have that monopol monofilament part to show with her styling but how's that look, oh fabulous. I don't know a lot yeah. It'S always fun. To be honest, this is what the best way to be blind. I know and not have your hair, exactly that's what I'm thinking yeah yeah, very cute and that style looks excellent on you, it's so natural too. Oh, oh, we oh, we are having a having a poundage. Oh no um, my ring light's gone. I don't look, I know anymore well. Here we are. Oh! Is that lightning uh? No, it's the power of trying to struggle to get back on um some excitement. Well. In case you didn't know we're in the middle of a storm in the Pacific Northwest and um. Well, we still look fabulous, don't we, it works yeah, but that's cute. Yes, that's the one I was thinking of when I was you were saying: you're like the beachy ways, I'm sticking to this one yeah. Okay, so she looks awesome. Doesn'T she okay, one more wig and then we're out of here? Okay, Heidi went great. I actually. I was thinking about going gray, but I had no idea what it looked like uh-huh. I actually think I would look pretty good yeah that looks really good. Okay, let's try. Okay, okay, there you go there. Oh so cute! Isn'T that cute I mean it almost looks. Platinum, I mean it looks gray. It also almost looks like a a platinum look. Well, this particular color blend. It'S called Silverstone and this is Sabrina um by Godiva secret and she has lighter they. They colorize their wigs to have a complementary, lighter shade at the front and then have it naturally blend into a darker color at the nape. Okay, and that's what you're, seeing and a lot of a lot of weed companies do that. But that looks so cute on you, Heidi, and it's got that um permatease on top, but it's not too puffy, but it's a real shake and go. Oh, I would love this uh-huh in that color. It looks great yeah. You know. I honestly, I think we, this particular wig I could have in about six or seven different colors. The cut is just perfect, it is, it doesn't look like it did in the pictures, because I'm not a huge fan of this super AI look and so, but because in the picture it looked like that I was like. I don't think I want to do that, but when I wear it, it's not it's it's more! It'S just it's not too high in the back. No, it's not it's not that severe, but it's definitely an a-line and it's just such a classic Workhorse. She is a Workhorse, so there we go Heidi did Pink to gray how about that? Oh, that was so much fun perfect. Well, thank you Heidi for doing this with me and thank you for joining us here today. I hope this was a lot of fun for you. It was fun for us, so we will see you next time in Coco's, hair solutions, okay and hopefully I'll have my power back by then bye-bye

Marie S: Heidi, you did a great job and you look fantastic in all the wigs. Looks like you both had a lot of fun playing with the wigs.

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