I Tried A Headband Wig And I'M Shook! 5 Minute Wig Install! | Ft. Dola Hair

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Welcome back to my youtube channel, it's your girl, christy k. If you're new here make sure you hit that subscribe button and if you're returning here welcome back came back so today, i'm going to be doing a hair review on a headband wig that i just received from this hair company called dola hair. This is the packaging. The packaging was so freaking cute dolan, hair company reached out to me about two weeks ago, and they asked me to review this hairband wig and i was like you know what i'm gon na go ahead and do this because i just feel like this hair looks So cute - and i just want you guys to have the same questions a couple of other companies have reached out to me, but, like i, you know, have you guys walking around here. So this is how the package comes on the back on how to maintain your hair, and i thought that was good, so i don't know about you guys, but i keep all my hair boxes inside the box. It says hello gorgeous this. It'S so cute. You guys. I just feel, like you know, little notes back to our show so inside it comes with the hair. Of course. They. This is probably my favorite packaging ever because it's all so cute and they have pink and black like the best colors in the world to have together. So it comes with a brush. I probably won't be using this brush, but it helps with this, but a cap which i already put this cap on, so i don't have to do it. I have been wig. I like this color a lot. I think it's super cute, and this was another headband wig, like i told you guys, they always been a cheater prank head badly. I don't know what it is, what companies and sending cheetah prints, but they just love them, so we're just gon na go with this. The next time you just start this as well. I'M gon na try to see what this is about, because it kind of goes with the colors that i have on today. So i'm going to try to see what it's about the edge brush of course, but i already have my own express and a thank you card and inside it's pretty much just telling ways that you can receive money back and it gave you another coupon code and Some put on, and it also shows you how to contact them if you need to constantly contact them at any time about the hair, if you're, not if you don't like it or anything like that, but i'm sure you guys will like it. But, of course, if you have to contact them, you can contact them with this information down below, and i will also be putting all that information in the description box and other news. Let'S go ahead and get into this video you guys, because i really want to show you guys some bottom hair that i just used for dull hair. If you haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button, make sure you like this video and also make sure that okay, so when you open up your packaging for your hair, so they have this little um tag on it. It'S basically showing you what kind of hair it is. So i have the 22 inch 150 density and i can't tell what cap size this is. I can't even tell, but i think all the categories are pretty much the same um but mine was a 22 inch waist hair. I tried to do different, curl patterns for you guys, because i don't want to keep doing like the same curl pattern and, like i said i don't do straight hair because i feel, like my hair, isn't straight up from the hips or i won't promote straight hair. Um, if i do decide to do a straight hair, headband wig on my channel, i'm probably going to end up doing some type of wavy type of look, maybe crimps. I don't know how you guys feel about that. Maybe comment down below, if you guys want to see something like that, be doing crimps in the head that way, because i don't feel like i've ever put heat on a headband wig, but you definitely can put heat on them. It'S just that. I haven't done it because i haven't had a straight wig or anything like that. So comment down below, if you guys want to see me, do that, so the hair comes in this packaging. Like i said already in the beginning - and i might even lie to you guys - this was my second time recording this the first time uh. It was straight out of the box, so you can see like how it holds this program. I just don't i like to start from the back once i do that, and i hate that, so you do much. You just want to secure it in the back and then boom, that's it. So this is what it looks like. How are you guys doing? I love this hair. You guys definitely need to get this hair added to your collection, because it's very girly, i love it. You don't really have to listen to it. Um. I know my previous ones i had to like put water on it and stuff like that, but this one just came straight out: okay, it's ready to go, but this is as low thickness as you get only with this one. This is definitely my favorite heavy weight that i've done so far. I like all of them. I definitely feel like you should have all of these in your collection, but this is my favorite one um. I just really really love the wave of it a lot. I could see myself wearing this a lot a lot, we're just gon na go ahead and try on some different headbands um. I wanted to try this headband earlier, but it was not given what it was supposed to gain. It wasn't getting wasn't supposed to get, but i tried see that's what i'm saying like it's not doing what it's supposed to do. Yeah! It'S not it's not doing it! Maybe i'll! Try it on another day and try it, but i really like that hip and i thought it was so cute. I think i really like this little one snapchat yeah, so this is so. This is really cute. I love headband wigs, i feel like they are so convenient you just throw them on it's low maintenance, especially if you don't know how to do frontals and closures and all that stuff. This is something that you really can do by yourself, and this is definitely something for my natural hair girls, because i'm natural - and i don't always like putting weave and stuff like that on my head, like i like to be able to take my wig off that Night, i don't really like to have it on for two weeks. At a time my scalp gets really itchy and it can get annoying sometimes so me personally, i love that they came out today. My new favorite color anyway, so we're gon na go with this one. This is gon na, be the end of the video you guys. I really really love this hair shout out to dover hair for sponsoring this video. Thank you so much you guys for sending me this hair. I really really love it. If you guys want to get some coins off your purchase, make sure you guys use the word chris and you'll get 60 off your purchase. I'M gon na put that in the description box as well. You guys will see it right here in this video make sure you use that, because you'll get money off of your purchase, who doesn't want money off of your wish, but value on the budget. So, like i said, thank you guys for watching make sure you guys hit that, like button, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel, make sure to share this video and we are the road to 2k. You guys it's okay! Thank you guys so much for 1000. Subscribers and new intro on the way you guys ways:

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