Trying On Cheap Frontal Wigs! | Under $40 | Ft. Sam'S Beauty

I wasn't really feeling these wigs on me, they're pretty but I don't really like how they look on me, what do ya'll think?

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1st Wig:

- Outre Melted Hairline HD Lace Front Wig Audrina

Color : DR2/CINSP

direct link:

2nd Wig:

- Sensationnel HD Lace Front Wig Butta Lace Unit 3


direct link:

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Hey guys, it's madison welcome back to my channel, so today's video, i have another um wig from sam's beauty. So this is another affordable, wig video for my girls who like to slay on a budget. Okay, i'm mad at y'all, so um we're gon na get two for this one. I'M gon na be trying on this wig. This is what it's looking like. It'S this crimson color um melted hairline in audrina, audrey, adrino audrina. The color is dr2 cinnamon spice. So that's the color of this wig yo, but yeah. This is how she's looking so we're gon na try her on this is the construction of the wig. So it's just a middle part and then you have the hairline. Like always, i go with my lace tint. This is the lace tint i use. I am almost out and i just bought this um makes the melt more effortless, so yeah so see. I just added the lace tint on there and it looks better because it's my skin color, so i'm just gon na try. This one on okay, giving very much church lady vibes, i'm just gon na brush it out to see how the curls look all together: okay, so she's looking so it's very full. The density is very full um and yeah. So i'm gon na go install this off camera because i need to charge my battery i'm actually going to go in and pluck the hairline um to see if i could finesse it because right now, it's just getting church mother who's having a mid-life crisis and wants To you know, branch out, try different color, that's the vibe, it's giving so i'm gon na see if i could finish and i'll be back all right, guys, okay, so this is what she's looking like! Okay, honestly, i mean it doesn't look horrible, it's just very big and full, and i have a big head so stuff. That'S super thick. I don't know i just like. It looks weird on me um, but it's appetized. It'S just how it's advertised it looks exactly like the picture. Of course, when you brush it's going to get fuller um but yeah. So this is how she's turning out, i hope you feel like it look better as a side part, but you can't do that because it's really just for pictures. You could get this. I wouldn't go out like this though, but i like it better in the side. Part y'all, like it better than the side, part yeah. It'S just super super full. I wish like right here. It wasn't as full, but you know whatever tangling is not that you know big of a deal. I mean it tangles a little because you know it's synthetic but um, it's not horrible. It'S not the ends, don't get poofy. As you can see. I'Ve been brushing through this a lot and i plucked the hairline actually a little bit, but i can't really do anything because i mean you can already see the track kind of right there, because it's a tea part. So i just you know, try to leave that part alone. This part won't melt, so i i'm sorry um. I don't like it better as a side part, even though you know you can't really see anything, but you can just rock it as like. A no part side part, you know so yeah, that's this wig. So this one is the butter lace, um hd, lace, wig, and this is the packaging it came in. I already unboxed it and i already plucked it up and everything, but it does come pre-plugged uh. So we're gon na ignore this hairline right. I mean we're gon na ignore this part right here, because i had to comb out. You know the hair i plugged, but you know i just slightly plugged it. I did not plug that much at all, so she looking like, though this is straight out, the pack or whatever. This is how long she is um the hairline's kind of poofed out now right here, as you can see, because i was plucking like i said earlier. Here'S the information on the wig: this is the card that comes on it. The color is a tea for ash blonde and we're going to try her on. So i'm excited for this wig kind of scared, though let me show you the construction of the cap, so it's a t part, you know just got the middle part and the hairline, oh okay, now this one's a bit more smaller than the other wigs i've had From sam's beauty, this was actually a lot smaller. Oh oh whoa so looks like this would be a closure wig for me, i'm gon na start separating some of these curls to make it more full because i do not want to brush through this um. So yeah we're just gon na separate these curls, okay guys. So this is how the wig is looking um. So the color is cute. It'S the ash blonde. You know whatever um the hair is actually very soft. It'S more like a silky soft, not that synthetic key saw. I mean you know the synthetic uh texture and, like you can see for my people who wear wigs. You know what i'm talking about, but this is like real. It'S like soft and shiny and stuff i'll put makeup on this part to you know conceal the wig cap under there where it lands on me and look we wearing this as a closure, because you saw me available earlier um to get more full look, but i Wouldn'T separate all of them excuse me: i want to separate all of them because i would um want you know some of them still be defined and not turn too poofy like this one better than the red one uh, the red orange one uh, so yeah, so Guys, if you enjoyed this video, give it a big thumbs up, comment subscribe and i'll catch. You guys in my next video bye, guys stash it up bust down and pick that up.

Madison Paige: remember i’m just trying these on so y’all can see how they look! lol

Rochelle Settle: Pretty. I like it parted on the side.

mehonesty: She called Audrina "Church Lady" vibes... why is that one my Fave...??? LOL!!! But the color would be too much for me...and I would do a side part, too....

Silvin X: You should put moose on the 2nd one

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