How Long Is A 22 Inch Wig

If you are looking for a wig that can give you a long and glamorous look, you might be interested in a 22 inch wig. A 22 inch wig is a wig that has hair strands that are 22 inches long from the top of the wig cap to the tip of the hair strand. This means that a 22 inch wig is about 55 centimeters long and will reach your upper or mid-back area, depending on your height and body proportions.

But how do you know if a 22 inch wig is right for you? What are the benefits and drawbacks of wearing a 22 inch wig? How do you measure and care for a 22 inch wig? In this blog post, we will answer all these questions and more. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about 22 inch wigs, so you can make an informed decision before buying one.

How long exactly is a 22-inch wig?


Wig length is the measurement from the hair roots on the top of the head to the tip of the longest hair strand. However, this measurement can vary depending on the texture, style and density of the wig. For example, a curly or wavy wig will appear shorter than a straight wig of the same length because of the curls and waves. Similarly, a layered or feathered wig will have different lengths of hair strands, so the longest one may not be visible from the front.

What you will need to measure it.

To measure wig length accurately, you need a flexible tape measure and a wig stand or head form. Place the wig on the stand or form and adjust it so that the hairline is in the correct position. Then, find the crown of the wig, which is the highest point on the back of the head. Position one end of the tape measure at the crown and pull it down to the tip of the longest hair strand in the back. This is the finished length of the wig, which is usually measured in inches.

If you have a curly or wavy wig, you need to stretch out the hair gently before measuring it. This will give you the true length of the hair, as unstretched curls and waves can make it look shorter than it really is. If you have a layered or feathered wig, you can also measure the side lengths from the crown to get an idea of where the layers will fall on your face.


Depend on your height, neck length and body type.

Now that you know how to measure wig length, let’s see how a 22-inch wig would look on you. The average human head circumference is about 22 inches, so a 22-inch wig would reach about 11 inches below your hairline in the back. However, this can vary depending on your height, neck length and body type. A 22-inch wig may look longer on someone who is shorter or has a shorter neck, and shorter on someone who is taller or has a longer neck.

Depend on how you style it.

Another factor that affects how a 22-inch wig looks on you is how you style it. You can create different looks by curling, straightening, braiding or cutting your wig. For example, curling your wig will make it look shorter and bouncier, while straightening it will make it look longer and sleeker. Braiding your wig will create a more casual and bohemian look, while cutting it will give you more control over the shape and volume.

A 22-inch wig is a versatile length that can suit many different styles and occasions. Whether you want to go for a glamorous, elegant, fun or edgy look, a 22-inch wig can help you achieve it. Just make sure to measure your wig correctly and choose a texture, style and density that flatters your face and personality.

Why choose a 22 inch wig?

A 22 inch wig is a great choice for many reasons. Here are some of the advantages of wearing a 22 inch wig:

1. – Flattering to most face shapes: 

A 22-inch wig may help you get a more proportionate and balanced look depending on the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, wearing a long wig can help extend your face and make it look more symmetrical.

2. – Style and fashion: 

Long hair is often associated with beauty and elegance, and a 22 inch wig can make a bold fashion statement. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to enhance your appearance, this wig can help you achieve a more glamorous look.

3. – Extended length: 

When it comes to achieving a longer hairstyle, a 22 inch wig is an excellent choice. This type of wig is considered long and can provide you with the length you need to achieve your desired look, making it ideal for those who crave longer hair.

4. – Variability: 

With a 22 inch wig, you have the flexibility to create a variety of hairstyles, allowing you to experiment with different looks. This versatile wig can be straightened, curled, waved, or braided to suit your preference, giving you more styling options.

However, a 22 inch wig also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Here are some of the disadvantages of wearing a 22 inch wig:

5. – More maintenance: 

A 22 inch wig requires more care and maintenance than shorter wigs. You need to wash, condition, detangle, and style your wig regularly to keep it in good condition. You also need to store your wig properly to prevent tangling and shedding.

6. – More expensive: 

A 22 inch wig is usually more expensive than shorter wigs because it uses more hair material and takes longer to make. You may need to invest more money in buying and maintaining a high-quality 22 inch wig.

7. – More heat: 

A 22 inch wig may make you feel hotter than shorter wigs because it covers more of your neck and back area. You may need to choose a breathable and lightweight wig cap to keep your scalp cool and comfortable.

How to measure a 22 inch wig?

Before buying a 22 inch wig, you need to measure it correctly to make sure it fits your head size and shape. Measuring the length of wigs requires measuring from the root of the hair at the crown to the tips of the hair. For curly or wavy styles, it’s important to pull the hair straight before taking the measurement to ensure accuracy. Keep in mind that curly hair tends to fall 1 to 2 inches shorter than straight hair, depending on the curl pattern.

To help you better understand the wig size or measure the units yourself, please follow these steps:

Step 1: The wig can be laid flat on a table or placed on the wig head mold. Before taking measurements if the wig has curly or wavy hair, gently stretch it and, if you can, straighten the hair.

Step 2: Use a tape measure or ruler to measure from the root of the hair at the crown to the tip of the hair strand. Make sure the tape measure or ruler is parallel to the hair strand and not angled.

Step 3: Specify the measurement in centimeters or inches. To acquire an average length, repeat this procedure on many hair strands in various wig regions.

Step 4: Compare your measurement with the length chart provided by the wig seller or manufacturer. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger size for more styling options.

What you should consider before buying a 22-inch wig?

Not all wigs are created equal, and there are some factors you should consider before buying a 22-inch wig. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice for your needs and preferences.

I. The quality of the hair.

The quality of the hair used to make the wig will affect its appearance, durability, and maintenance. Generally, human hair wigs are more expensive, but they look more natural, last longer, and can be styled with heat tools. Synthetic hair wigs are cheaper, but they tend to look less realistic, have a shorter lifespan, and can be damaged by heat. You should also pay attention to the texture, color, and density of the hair, and choose a wig that matches your own hair or your desired look.

II. The cap construction.

The cap construction refers to how the hair is attached to the base of the wig. There are different types of cap constructions, such as lace front, full lace, monofilament, and wefted. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of comfort, breathability, naturalness, and versatility. For example, lace front wigs have a thin lace strip along the front hairline that creates a seamless transition from the wig to your skin. Full lace wigs have a lace base that covers the entire head and allows you to part the hair in any direction. Monofilament wigs have a mesh material that mimics the scalp and gives a realistic appearance.

III. The length and style.

The length and style of the wig will affect how it looks on you and how easy it is to maintain. A 22-inch wig is considered long, and it can give you a glamorous and feminine look. However, it can also be more prone to tangling, shedding, and frizzing than shorter wigs. You should also consider how the wig frames your face shape and complements your features. You can choose from different styles, such as straight, curly, wavy, layered, or bangs.

IV. The cost and care. 

The cost and care of the wig will depend on the factors mentioned above, as well as your personal budget and lifestyle. Generally, higher quality wigs will cost more upfront but will last longer and require less maintenance than lower quality ones. You should also factor in the cost of accessories and products that you may need to keep your wig in good condition, such as wig stands, brushes, combs, shampoo, conditioner, spray, etc. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash, dry, style, and store your wig properly.

Buying a 22-inch wig can be a rewarding experience if you do your research and find the right one for you. By considering these factors before making your purchase, you can ensure that you get a wig that suits your needs and preferences and enhances your beauty.

Recool’s most popular and best-selling 22-inch wigs.

Recool Hair is a leading brand in the hair industry, known for its high-quality wigs. Among its vast product range, the 22-inch wigs have gained immense popularity due to their versatility and style. Here we introduce three of Recool’s most popular and best-selling 22-inch wigs.

1. Kinky Straight Wear Go Pre-Cut Lace Glueless Closure Wig Pre Plucked Hairline


The Kinky Straight Wear Go wig is a popular choice for those looking for a natural-looking wig. The wig features a pre-plucked hairline that creates a realistic and natural look. The pre-cut lace design makes it easy to wear and requires no additional cutting or styling. The glueless closure design ensures a secure fit without damaging your natural hairline. The Kinky Straight Wear Go wig is perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

2. Curly Hair Wear Go Glueless HD Lace Closure Wig Pre-Cut Lace Plucked Hairline 180% Density


The Curly Hair Wear Go wig is a favorite among those looking for voluminous curls. With a 180% density, the wig is thick and full, creating a luxurious look. The pre-cut lace and pre-plucked hairline design make it easy to wear and style. The glueless closure design ensures a secure and comfortable fit without damaging your natural hairline. The high-definition lace closure provides a natural-looking scalp, creating a seamless transition from the wig to your skin. The Curly Hair Wear Go wig is perfect for those looking for a glamorous and voluminous look.

3. Deep Wave Wear Go Glueless HD Lace Closure Wig Upgrade Pre-Cut Lace 180% Density


The Deep Wave Wear Go wig is a stylish option for those looking for a wavy and textured look. The wig features an upgraded pre-cut lace design for a more natural-looking hairline. The 180% density creates a full and voluminous look, perfect for those looking for a dramatic style. The glueless closure design ensures a comfortable and secure fit, without causing damage to your natural hairline. The high-definition lace closure provides a realistic-looking scalp, ensuring a seamless blend between the wig and your skin. The Deep Wave Wear Go wig is perfect for those looking for a bold and trendy style.

Recool’s 22-inch wigs are a great investment for those looking for high-quality and versatile wigs. The Kinky Straight Wear Go, Curly Hair Wear Go, and Deep Wave Wear Go wigs are popular among customers due to their natural-looking hairlines, pre-cut lace design, and comfortable and secure glueless closure. With a range of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect wig to suit your style and personality.

Last but not the least.

The length of a 22 inch wig can vary depending on the style and type of wig, as well as individual factors such as face shape and personal style. It is important to carefully consider these factors when choosing the length of a wig to ensure the most flattering and natural-looking result.



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