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  • Posted on 23 December, 2016
  • U Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hey Boo's! Check below for links.

Link to first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-40V6c...

Hair Details: 18in, U-Part Lace Frontal Wig, Density 130%, Malaysian Body Wave, Color 1b

Hair Link: http://www.lavyhair.com/1b-100-human-h...

$10 Off Code:Y1015863

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Time: Dec 18th ---Dec 25th 2016 (NY Time)

Better, better, hey guys, so I made another video and, like always, I apologize for the noise in a back room. Okay. So this is one of B. My two week update on the you parts wig from lazy hair company and all the information will be listed down below original review on this hair. I will leave the link in the description that you seen the first video I did on this hair. You'Ll know that I had a hard time. You know that I had a hard time straightening this unit. Oh my god shut up. If you seen my facebook, if you see my first video on his head, you know that I had a really hard time trying to straighten it and, as you can see now, the hair is straight and, like I said it was basically because I had to wash The hair, so basically what I did was I wash the hair and then I let it air dry and then I straightened it like I didn't blow dry, the hair or anything so I'll, insert a clip of what the hair looks like in his natural state. After I washed it, which it was so beautiful and I met that - I didn't win like that, because it really blended in with my hair everything like that. But I wanted you guys to see what this wig looks like straight and then let you guys know that this we can get straight. So if you wanted to wait in his natural state or if you was taught I went in and his nest was just in the dresser and you wanted to straighten this week, you definitely could do that this week also holds a curl too. So if you wanted to curl it, that is also option for you. So far with tangling and Shannon. I do get tangles here and there now, because I don't think we got any tangles. But yes, it doesn't really like tangle, like oh, my gosh, but like I'll get like new snakes as far as shedding there is no shedding. I didn't get shut in like washing it or anything like that, like no shedding at all. So yes, I can appreciate it. Thank you. I really do like this. You put wig, I'm like not used to head and leave out at all, like, I feel like my own self, like back in a day when I used to can't leave out it's cute or whatever I mean leave out, I do miss the leave out, but I Don'T miss when you take your hair out and you have a sewing in or something and this puppy how this short and then the rest of your head feeling home, because you don't mess with it and you stay flat on in this fight or like straightening. This part and the heat damage just damage this part no shade to whoever had it's like that. I'M just saying like I don't miss those down. I will say that this week is on the thinner side, so I will just want you if you have thick hair um, you don't want to mess with this waiting at all, because it's just gon na look really weird and also, if you wanted to change this Wig, like you, want to wear a side, part definitely can wear a side part like switch. The work like put your anger, braids like to side and have you leave out right here, and I don't think that that will change the lemp's or anything like that. It would still look good so yeah, my hair blends in so good, like you can't even tell where my hair is or anything like that, it's so cute. So this is it for the video. If you have any questions,

Jasmin G.: I ordered this Upart a few months ago and completely agree with K. 130% density has last thru many washes with minimal shedding. Indian straight is what I have and love it. K all your reviews are super helpful and very well appreciated

NicNacAttack: had to watch the review video. I knew you'd get it straight! you looked so happy in the intro lol nice blend job. hair envy right now. the leave out struggle was all too real for me. twa now

Nye: hey hun love watching your channel, you're so beautiful you slay every wig you put on, can you please do the top 10 wigs for 2016 please

Angel Manneh: The hair looks good on you girl. I for one would love to meet the bird. And the cat as well. (I'm an animal lover)

Loves of JBNeet: I love this unit a lot! TFS

StyleMe Doll: I love how natural it looks on you. If it's not too thick for my liking do you think I can add more hair to it?

I am Javae: Pet bird!? I know I'm probably late but I'm curious and would LOVE to see it in a video. And I love your videos but the extra sound effects in the background took me on this one lol. Nice hair boo

M. Katrina Roberts: My Lavy wig does shed, but not that bad (Brazilian Afro Straight). The only other issue is that the clips aren't placed in the best spots. I sewed in clips and added a band. You'll have to adjust there or glue it down. Otherwise, it's a great unit.

Melanie Pizarro: Lacy hair has been getting so many good reviews lately. I might try it out

Auti I: lol your bird is so funny, please do a video him! And that hair look wonderful on you!

Lillian Stanciel: Beautiful love the hair

IsThatYourHairrr: Intro music poppinnnn. And I like this look, girl!

aa y: Looks so good

LaKeidra Ramsey: Do those clips hurt your head after a while?

TBryant: This makeup fire and the hair a great

CaramelRain331: Sorry I need to ask was the wig sent to you to you to review or did you purchase on your own thanks?

kinder bueno: Hiya!where did you get your top/sweater from?

alora rodriguez: I just got mines today aye

100,000,000 views: I Literally Just Bought Their Indian Bodywave

The Beaute Marc Collection: Intro

Yeselis Lewis: yasss gawd!!! for that hair

kjanae80: Love ur accent. Where are you from?

Colored Beauty: I really want this hair, but the link isn't working

MochaChocolate68: ι ℓσνє тнαт ωιg уσυ ¢αи αиу кιи∂ σf ωιg ℓα∂у. вєαυтιfυℓ αѕ αℓωαуѕ

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