Yvonne Hair Review | Malaysian Curly Bundles And Lace Closure

Company website: https://www.hywig.com/


This video describes my recent shipment of Malaysian curly bundles and closure.

Hair feels like everythinggggggggg

I received: 2 X20 inch bundles

2 X 20 inch bundles

1 X 18 inch Lace closure

I used silicon mix to treat the hair and conditioner

Shipping is a breeze


I have no rights to the instrumental

But their hair, I enjoyed each and every hair, but this here this is their relation curly. I have received it in 220 in 222 bundles, but I only have three arms, because the wick has one two three, and I also have that 18 into poacher, which blends really really really really really well with the hair, like it's like perfect. The closure, though, is a bit shorter. It'S recorded 18 inches and my hair starts at 20 inches, so the 2 inch difference, but it blends really well like with the sidecar I have on our narrow it blends. Pretty really will you the way I achieve this together. Look I the wig cap to the side and just flex the baby, hairs, clickety click and boom we ready to go. I also maintain the hair by adding products to it. So I use silicone mix, which is a popular product, that my friends who are into ease you will offer treating their hair it's a treatment that helps restore revive the hair. I use it for everything involving leaves so silikal treatment is one thing I really recommend. I also use conditioner like any conditioner that we like that is to contain salt air alcohol works with you best. This curl is a bit more looser, so the tangling it is not complex. Its hair feels really really nice. The texture is very, very, very, very soft. Like you can just you can literally just like sleeping this hair. That'S how soft is hair is this. Hair can be won for its every time like it's going to a water park or be going out to beach party or even is going out. This is a very summery look. This pair is very hearty like hey, you know it's lit in the building and it's care I feel like works well for the wintertime for all the girls that live in Brooklyn. They live in New York. You know how it is when it's cold, you need like a scarf, but if you have a scarf, you have a wig. The wig is your son. You can literally wear like a coat like this keeps warm. I remember like, when my friends had told me that one time they decided to go outside soccer week in the cold, she got sick. These are ladies hats. For us fight each hat. You know signage hats. Without the price tag, without having to worry about you do it, you came as awake like that's a way you can say hi you can starve, but the wigs is bigger than two in one. You know now, but the hair feels really really nice. The texture is really pretty and I absolutely love it. This is a natural 1b color and we get closer to y'all. It'S a very pretty natural brown color. It looks really really good when it comes to it being a mistake, or even when you wet it like when you read it and you have it out like this prism watered it. If you know, I need y'all here, looking mighty evil, a peach, God is with them like what pretty wait for me, I would have to wet right now, but I, like you in case I like you're lucky. It looks so so pretty um. This hair shifts pretty quickly, like I mentioned to you in my five idiots it in three days, without I really love to give on hair shipping process, like you understand how much baby schedule for me to have my package like on the day that I know will Be there like that morning is just amazing, it's so convenient for me and my kind so kudos tell you Mon hair for they shipping. The closure is a lace closure and I bleach the knot and I added a little bit of my foundation to match my skin. It looks pretty okay, I think it looks pretty fun. The line is straight, and the reason why it is straight is because this wigs are first of the middle part, but now it's thy part cuz. They like doing it like that. So this is why it's so straight, so I feel like it works really well with my looking to be well my face, and I don't mind if a car, if you guys have any questions, let me know I want to know because I'll be bored, if you Guys have any questions, concerns or ideas or whatever. Let me know, comment a bundle. It felt pretty

Milan Richardson: I love Yvonne hair been dealing with them over five years. Sandra is my go to girl she’s always on point.

Lauriane O: I just came back from vacation with friends. And I brought this hair , still have it on my head, It's going to be 3 weeks now. The curl patern is beautiful , and even more amazing if you use a demnan brush. Quality is bomb. So many compliment . My only complain is the closure, definitely not the same quality. I will say 5/5 for the hair and . 2.5/5 for the closure. Can you com back and tell us your experience with the closure after few weeks ? I still want to buy an other closure to see for next time or a wig maybe. Because I don't know where I'm gonna find a closure to match the quality of this hair.

Lisette Melendez: You look amazing! I lovee that hair on you.

Yvonne Hair: Amazing~!!! Perfect!!!!!

Demebbyxo: Your skin complexion is so beautiful i could barely pay attention to the video

Fortune Cookie: My friend order hair from them and they sent hair kinky hair

Lauriane O: You look beautiful by way

Allure TV: Your so pretty

Lovethyhippie: My guy... Where you getting all these hairs from? Lmao you better not be shleepin in that hair boy. Better wrap that . Wig hats! I like the little footnotes.

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