Must Have Hair Accessories Under Rs-30|| #Youtubeshorts #Shorts #Beautyshorts #Musthave #Accessories

Hi guys must have hair accessories under rupees 30. These fancy fur rubber bands, 10 rupees each very stretchable and super comfortable next, this pom-pom rubber band, rupees, 10 and very stretchable and super super soft. This white fabric, rubber band, very basic, this wooden clutcher, it's a large clutcher for rupees 20 each and these two plastic small clutches for rupees 10 each and these two basic small rubber bands, 10 rupees each super comfortable and these two small rubber bands rupees five. Each black basic pin for rupees 20 and judah pins four rupees 10 pack and these fancy pins rupees 20. Each thank you for watching. My video do subscribe and like bye, bye,

Meghna Jakhar: Where did you buy these from

Teena jain: From where did u get these?

nanasi: Where I can get this


Kailash Poonia: Nice

ZKR Hindi gamer: Like sister

Teena jain: Please upload vlog

roja parvin: kha se liya

Teena jain: Vlog kab aayega

Huda Alam: Pum pum

Lalita’s world: Kahan se mile aapko itne saate

ZKR Hindi gamer: I love you

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