Hair Ties For Every Hair Type

One hair accessory that doesn’t get enough accolades in the hair world, would definitely be the humble hair tie.

This is a simple, but vital item you will be sure to find in everyone’s beauty kit despite their age or status: from school girls to supermodels, working moms to your favourite celebrity hairstylists. And if you’re the mom of the friend group, we’re sure you always carry extras in your purse, just in case.

Whether you’re a hairstyling rookie, a hair-up-in-a-bun connoisseur, or just a girl who loves to change her hair game on the daily—you gotta admit that hair ties are the ultimate necessity for everyone.

No matter if your hair is kinky, curly, wavy or straight, we love that there is a hair tie variety available for every hair type. Today, we’re doing a deep-dive into some of the best hair ties available on the market, where to buy them and how to use them too! We’re focusing on bringing you the very best hair tie recommendations, whether you’re looking to workout in them, use them to style your hair, or just simply to keep your hair out of your face.

Keep scrolling to see some of our faves:

1. Thin Silk Hair Ties

Silk hair ties are a must-have in your hair care kit if you’re looking for a way to reduce damage and give your hair all the extra TLC that it needs. These thin silk hair ties are suitable for every hair type and aid in reducing breakage while tying or taking your hair tie out. These thin silk hair ties are also ideal to sleep in as they don’t harshly pull or tug on the strands of your hair.

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2. Oversized scrunchies

If you’re keeping up with the current hair trends, we already know you love these 90s inspired oversized scrunchies. From silk, mesh to soft velvets, these oversized scrunchies have been trendsetters since 2020. They help elevate any neutral look and keep you en vogue all day, everyday.

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3. Gravity defying hair tie

Looking to make your pony pop no matter what the time, season or place? Enter Hair’s very own Gravity Defying Hair ties! These hair ties are designed to lift and hold your ponytail, Ariana Grande-style. Perfect for every hair type and texture, these gravity defying hair ties are ideal companions to the Hair Bun and Ponytail Extensions.

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4. Snag free satin scrunchies

If you’re looking for a tangle-free, snag-free way to dress up your every day #HOTD, may we suggest the Snag Free Satin scrunchies? These are designed not only to be an embellishment to your hair but also protect it from any potential breakage. Keep your hair looking, damage-free, stylish and bright—what else do you need for perfect summer hair?

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5. Microfiber Towel scrunchies

Here’s a great hair hack for busy moms: microfiber towel scrunchies. These scrunchies are said to be an easier, quicker way to dry your hair while keeping it out of your face. If you want to reduce heat damage from your hair dryer and decrease drying time, try this microfiber hair tie. The texture of this towel hair tie aids in drying your hair, without any harsh pulling or tugging and is suitable for every hair type. But do keep in mind getting a bigger size if your hair is more voluminous.

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6. Spiral hair ties 

We like to think spiral hair ties have their own little personality, unlike any other hair tie on the market. The spiral design takes us back to the 90s when telephones had cords and Tamagotchi’s ruled our lives. This hair tie doesn’t only give you an edge but also successfully keeps your ponytails and buns in place; there’s no fear of falling out with this one! We especially love how @whatwouldreado styled it in a bubble braid—genius!

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7. Scarf scrunchies

Rock it in a ponytail, braid or bun, scarf scrunchies/hair ties have the ability to give you the ultimate girl-next-door look. If flowy summer dresses, pastel sweatsuits and elegant hairdos fit your vibe, be sure to get your hands on these ribbon scrunchies to complete your fresh-girl summer vibe. The fabric and no-fuss design makes it a perfect for simple ponytails, low buns and easy braids.

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8. Velvet scrunchies

A cult favourite, velvet scrunchies have quickly made their way to the top of every girl’s go-to hair tie list. Velvet hair ties bring an old-world charm to any outfit you wear and double up the good vibes with their soft texture and ability to slide through the layers of your hair without any damage.

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9. Bungee cords

We know the struggle thick + curly haired girls face when it comes to how often hair elastics break while in their hair. Might we suggest an alternative? Bungee cords or hair bungees are an elevated hair tie for anyone whose hair might be on the more curly, voluminous, unruly spectrum. Instead of a traditional circular piece, the hair bungee is a single piece of elastic with hooks on either end. To use this, you easily hook one end, wrap the elastic around your pony and secure with the other hook as tightly as needed. Available in various lengths and sizes, hair bungee cords are a dream come true for curly haired girls around the world.

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10. Everyday Hair Ties

Yes, we’re talking about the basic 100-pack of hair elastics that magically disappear every time you buy them. And even though they do, we always go back for more. Basic, everyday hair ties have been our long-standing companions and are easily the most versatile of the lot, too. Perfect for when you wear a low bun, high ponytails or keep it simple with basic braids, these everyday hair ties will help you get there and stay there easily.

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