Yiwu Wholesale Market Product Sourcing: Hair Ornaments And Accessories Import From Wholesale Market

In this video, we will explore in the Yiwu wholesale market and find the right vendor for the hair ornaments and accessories.

In Yiwu Market, you will find many booths are selling the hair ornaments and accessories on the 2nd floor, District 1, let's find the right vendor step by step~

China sourcing agent helps the customer sourcing products in the China Yiwu Wholesale Market importing from China.

Yiwu market is the largest wholesale market in the world. Located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China.

The China wholesale markets in Yiwu city consists of five different districts and covering 400,000 kinds of products.

Over 100,000 vendors in the Yiwu wholesale markets are selling all kinds of small commodities to the global buyers.

Yiwu Wholesale Market for the hair ornaments and accessories is in District 1, Second Floor. You can find different types of options in the Yiwu Futian Wholesale market.

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Hey guys welcome to our saucing channel love, saucing love outsourcing. In today's video. We will continue to explore the eu hotel market and find the here band for one of our ukraine customers. He won a specific hero band. He and he wanted very low cost for his project in china, so we will visit the district one second floor, the wholesale area for here ornaments and accessories. Let'S go and see what we can find in the market. Eve market is the largest small commodity wholesale market. In the world it's the place, you can find the amazon best sellers products and the manufacturing place in 2005. It was the authority of the united nations, the world bank and morgan stanley. The market covers many categories, which empowers you to find the right source make a timeline if you have multiple target products and don't want to waste too much time on a single product. Today we are heading to the hair ornament market, which is one of the most developed and successful markets in eu. E-Market is the paradise for the businessman who is related in this industry. It'S located on the sea area 2nd floor district 1, which includes fashion jewelries and hair ornaments. Ew suppliers display their samples in their booths, which are updated. Frequently, you can walk to the booth to choose the styles you like or ask the factory to make your own designs. This will also work for you market don't be afraid of your moq. You can always be negotiated. No matter you are doing a large scale, business or small one. If market is your best choice for this kind of ornaments hair ornaments are very competitive in you. Cheap prices, low moq lots of designs, fast, updates, oem accepted these advantages, make you a very good destination for fashion, hair, ornaments business. It works to spend two or three days to have a visit in the market. You will make an unforgettable impression in your mind. One more thing i would like to share with you is that the market has a super ability to update products and designs. Frequently, when some new items come into the open market, you can find them right away in your market. It makes many buyers come back to the market frequently in order to catch the fashion trends at the first time. Welcome to you who here ornaments market, so right now you can see uh, we found a very, very professional flying uh here phillips, especially you can find here ornaments with different, very beautiful designs here um. So you can see the product, diameter is 2.2 centimeter, okay, the product will be with cardboard design and the final product will be without the fur, so the cardboard size will be like this. We can have our artwork underneath the characters here. Also, we put customers logo here with the manufacturer information made in china to develop a service of the redstone here. Clip here you can see the diameter is 2.2 centimeter, so the packaging will be with cardboard and pulley back. So the supplier told us the final package will be 12 peers to 145 and 2400 pairs into one cotton box, and the cbm of each color box is like 0.08. Each color is 6 kilograms. If we place the order like 30 000, then the leader time is around 30 days. The best price right now is 90 cents exw. As we always repeat, when sourcing in wholesale markets, we need to check with the vendor about the moq, and we also need to check information such as the packing for pieces per carton. The weight of the master carton also the material of the product, because those are very useful information. When we check the freight cost, it doesn't matter, you will choose the sea, shipping, air, fridge or air query. You need to understand the packing information for your shipment and then check with the full shipping board about the final costs to the destination, always ask for a sample from the vendor, because that will be a perfect moment to check the quality in booths. You can talk and ask the questions about product and you can directly ask the vendor about. If you can improve the product, it will be a fantastic moment for you to check with the batteries in the booth. Thank you for watching the video and i will see you next time in our channel. Oh it's a hot day. I hope you can subscribe our channel. Thank you.

Sonam Dolma: Hi gentlemen,is there clothes wholesale in yiwu market? Which is nearest airport to this market ? Thank you.

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