Do You Want To Know How The Foreign Trade Company Inspects Your Hair Accessories In China Warehouse?

This video will explain to you in detail how to inspects clients hair accessories in China Yiwu.I believe it will be helpful to you after watching this video, trust me!

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00:00 - Our warehouse show

00:08 - Preparation before inspection

00:47 - Details of the inspection

06:38 - End screen

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Now we are making inspection for some hair accessories and before we make inspection, we also need to prepare a document like this. Here we mentioned item number picture and color quantity and also some requirements for the product and for this hair accessories. This customer requires some is like three pieces per set and some also like two pieces of cards and one piece a card. So let's start - and this is the rubber bands, so first we will check if the barcode and item number is correct. The same as the order, so, as you can see here, our customer pack, like these two pieces, are set. As you can see, two pieces are card and this is the customer's card. The front side is the logo and the back side. We put the barcode now we're taking the pictures and some videos to the customers, because here mentioned in the order, is two pieces are set and the customer wants yellow and pink color. So we also need to check if the color is correct. This is pink and this is yellow. Two pieces are set now we are count how many pieces. How many sets are in a big opp? Normally, the customer will request that to wear 12 cars in opp bag, so we need counter if the quantity is correct and now we are come to the quantity, how many big opp bags in this carton we need. We need to make sure that the quantity is correct, no any shortage. This is the hair clips like this kind. Now we open it and check. This is the customer's packing. It is like this two pieces a card, and this is the customer's logo. The back side is with the barcode. We use the tape to stick here so so that the hair clip will not move and we take some pictures and videos to the customers. Now we are counting the quantity how many cards in a big opp bag calm, and now we need to come to the quantity for the customers. We need to make sure that the quantity is correct. Okay. Finally, we pack well for the customers and we put all in the cartons. This is the shipping mark and two is the front mark and two side for side mark. Here we mentioned all the information like shipper and the customer, and here we will mention style, number color quantity of this cartoon, and this is which cartoon likes like number, 311 and finally made in china. You

Roya khan: Very very informative channel I loved it keep it up

rain mandarin: i really love hair accessories.. My friends call me a Christmas tree because of my hair accessories goshhh!! but now only headband and ponytail and sometimes a clamp hair.. I wear headband with rhinestones and pearl beads.. I also like your vlogs about earrings accessories and stationery supplies. God Bless for that!

todd8475: Good job Love to China from UK

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