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My six-year-old has been really into accessorizing her hair lately and I wanted to give her a nice setup, so she can easily pick what she wants every morning. Here'S a fun fact did you know I used to hand, make dainty little felt bows and sell them on my Etsy Shop. Ah, they were so cute on my daughter and then she grew up now, she's really into unicorns and sparkly stuff, which is fine. The girls got style, so I emptied one of her drawers in her dresser and I got an acrylic drawer, organizer from Amazon to put all of her bows and clips, and I'm also repurposing some of the drawer inserts I had from when she was a baby for All the big things like headbands and scrunchies, I also made space for her hair brushes and some hairsprays as well. Now she wakes up every morning to get ready for school, picks out all of her hair accessories and then comes to wake me up.

Jellygacha frog: Damn that 6 year old have a better life then me

Kaylah & Liam: That's such a cute idea ✌️

Yuzziixx: Awhh this is soo cute and smart! It'll be fun 4 her nice

Jennifer Carmona: “… and then she comes to wake me up” … love!

Dollie: Oh that’s so cute!!

just no: That's so cute and nice♥️

Ava Rousu: My 6 year old would mess that up in 30 seconds.

Calliee<3: Ur such a good mom tbh

Rebecca Mcdonald: Classy!

Jesica Johnson: The cord hair ties that you have in the drawer, please be careful with those. As a hairstylist they make me cringe. They are ok for folks with course or super curly hair. And even then it's important to replace them...often. But if you have any other hair type, it increases breakage by a lot. I'm speaking from personal experience with myself, my daughter and numerous clients. Not saying don't use them. Just to watch because this could be an issue.

Umhra Khan: She said has been i heard husband

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