My Kanzashi Hair Piece Collection

Showing you, my japanese kanzashi collection, my favorite, my grandmas from 100 yen store. I made these from random packaging. Can'T forget these bunnies, which one is your favorite

Caralee Koopowitz: I used to make some small ones for myself! Using satin and a lighter, haha. But I loved adding strings of my favourite beads.

kaedehara kazuha: Pretty!! Love the bunnies


theo fairy: Definitely the bunnies and the ones with long flower string ^_^

Jokerkat: So pretty!

shubhangi joshi: Where can we buy these ? Purple ones are beautiful.....❤️

Tornado: Waiit my mother used to have that same red one of your grandmother had. I wonder where it went now

XxAkikoxX: im tryna learn more about japan as i love the culture and society soo are they hairpins basically?

Moira: The ones you made there the best

Jasmine: I love the bunnies

lavender: How to make that!?

💝Jessica and Brinlee channel💝: Can I please have one :(

ran_dom: want.. want.... WANT.. WANTT... WAAAAAAAANT!

Carla Lazzari:

Yarelis Carrion: 100 yen store (dollar store)


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