Customer'S Honest Opinion Of Nish Hair | Hair Topper #Hairtopper #Hairtransformation #Hairthinn

So, for how long have you been using this product since last one year and how did you find out about arts, instagram and you've had hair loss for how long now, i think since 18, when i was 18, i had frickin. I have hair fall okay and did that actually help you this this product yeah this completely changes my look every day, i'm using it, and can you tell whether it's something that you're wearing or can anyone tell that you're wearing something? No one has figured it out. It'S so lightweight that i even can't feel it when i'm wearing it. That'S amazing! Thank you so much. Thank you for this product.

Neha Mandal: How can I purchase this extension plz reply ( I have same problem )

Rupanwita Das: Hi I have same type of hair texture and similar hair loss.. Plz tell me price of the same product ur client wore in the video

Rubab Fatima: Order krna h

Sangeeta Rout: Price kitna hai

RAVINDRANATH SINGH: I have same type of hair

deepika kalwa: Price

Shubhangi Saskar: How we can buy this product

Sabrina Sayonty: I want to order from bangladesh please help

Kinza Rani: Price Bata sakti hai mujhe yah chahie aur kaise Milegi yah Bhi Bata De plz

Ayesha Khatun: Bike mai jor se hwa lagtihai toh.. Urtoh nehi jayega ?

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