How To Color Hair Topper Ombre Gray

In this video I show you how you can get ombre gray hair in your hair toppers for thinning hair. This hair color is very popular and decided to show you how to do it because it isn't that hard all.

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I am using our Hair Topper in TressPhoria shade:

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I'm Emina D. Sehovic, the founder of Tressmerize.

For years I've tried to grow my hair but the longest it seem to get is up to my shoulders and I'd always get frustrated with it and chop it all off.

To make matters worse 3 years ago I went platinum blonde and all the bleaching damaged my hair completely that there was no way to recover it at all, but the only solution was to shave my head, and I did.

As soon as my hair hit 3-4" inch mark, I was completely lost and hated it, I just wanted to have long hair.

Doing my research and wanting clip-in hair extensions everyone claimed that women with short hair can wear hair extensions. Fusion yes, but I just didn't have the income to go to the salon, shed, $700-$2000 for hair that I knew in 6 months I will have to come back for maintenance and shed another $700.

I also discovered that when women talk about short hair, that's usually shoulder length, and my hair wasn't even close to that. Everyone I looked on Youtube that talked about hair extensions for short hair had their hair shoulder length, but it didn't stop me from purchasing it.

When the hair extensions came I was so disappointed, The wefts were showing through and there were so many pieces in my hair that it gave me headache from all the clips.

I was sad, but didn't give up. I continued my research to how I could solve the problem and discovered a hair topper. When hair topper came, I finally felt that I found the solution, but again, the hair topper didn't match my hair extensions and the problem just kept escalating. The hair topper hair quality wasn't as hair extensions and I just got fed up, that I decided to make my own product that caters to women with very short hair who have thin hair just like me. That is how the idea of Tressmerize came.

Tressmerize it the only hair extensions system on the market that caters to women with very short hair. You have 6 pieces in a kit. It's light weight, it's easy to install and you'll feel beautiful, confident after you put it in.

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Hi, ladies Amina, here with another hair tutorial and this week, I decided to show you how you too can have this ombre gray, hair color in your sphere, stopper. The first step is you're going to mix the hair color of your choice, the way that the instructions say - and I have decided to use this natural brown hair color from Claire roll and then I am using our lightest blonde shade of our hair, stopper, tres foria And you're going to concentrate applying this color on the top of portion of your hair, stop or concentrating obviously on the roots and taking the brush and gently pulling the hair color towards the ends. We also want to make sure that the color is absorbed nicely in the hair topper, because if you do this, it's going to give you that natural look and you're not going to have any blonde seeping through so you're going to treat this coloring process. As your coloring, your own hair, which are also you're, going to be separating and lifting the hair just like this and making sure that the color is applied everywhere evenly, and I am going to speed up this process. But you're still going to be able to see what I'm doing so once you have all of the color applied on top of the portion of your hair, separate you're, going to take the you know, fingers and you're going to smooth this color too, with the ends You'Re not going to go all the way down, but you're going to have some pieces that will be covered in the hair, color and also you're going to have a lot, and this is how it's going to look you're going to leave the color to process. Obviously, based on instructions, I think I did it for like 30 minutes and then you're going to wash your hair paper all the way until the water is cleared once the wall is clear, you're going to take the shampoo I'm using this BB thickening shampoo. For my own hair - and I also use this to wash my hair extensions and my hair topper - it is a sulfate free, hair, shampoo and conditioner, and I love how it makes my hair feel so. I'M just using the same products on the hair extensions as well. Under here, so when you wash the shampoo out you're going to use the conditioner and you're going to apply the generous amount of conditioner on it, you want to put the moisture back in because it did go through the processing and also once you apply the conditioner You'Re going to take olive oil and you're going to apply a generous amount of olive oil into the hair stopper. We'Re going to leave this to sit for about ten to fifteen minutes so that it absorbs nicely odd. The conditioner and the olive oil is going to make the tapper look in here very smooth after fifteen minutes, you're going to wash the hair, then you're going to lay it down flat on the towel and you're, going to gently press on the hair stopper to absorb All of that water out now, I usually just leave the hair stopper flat to dry after I apply the products, so I'm applying some of the products I use on my own hair. You can use at this point your own heat, protecting spray or any type of a leave-in conditioner. These are some of the products that I enjoy using on my hair, so I'm using it on the hair topper and I'm using the wide tooth comb to comb everything ow starting from the bottom, always with hair extensions and your hair stop or you want to gently Start from the bottom to get rid of any tangles that might it have as you move upwards, it is much easier and it's not going to talk or pull on the air here, and this is the finished look once I dried it and I curled it. I hear doesn't match hundred-percent to this hair color. I wanted to cut the bangs in this hair topper. I wanted to show you this extra bonus clip how I did cut the bangs in the hair sapper. Basically, I just took the top portion of the hair and I did it on a mannequin and I left them longer and then once I put the topper on my head, I actually went back in and made it for my own length and you can see that They are much shorter on my hair because I did go in and I cut them even more. So I hope that you enjoyed this hair tutorial and if you did, please click that like button leave me the comment down below. If you would like me to create any other hairstyles hair tutorials for you or if you have any questions or comments regarding this, thank you so much for watching, and I will talk to you next week. Ciao

GothAngel261: Hello..thank you for sharing this tutorial..I am new at this..was the original color of the topper the color of the ends of the finished product..? I did not see how you achieved the lovely grey color on the bottom of the hair topper

Pink Truffles: Can you do a video for balayage but from dark brown to blonde?

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