Steps To Start Your Own Wholesale Hair Business | K Hair Vietnam

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Steps To Start Your Own Wholesale Hair Business | K Hair Vietnam

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K Hair Vietnam is the best Vietnam hair factory providing raw hair to all wholesale hair vendors in the world. We have many special hair products: Vietnamese hair, Brazilian curly hair, Burmese curly, raw Indian hair, Cambodian hair, kinky curly, Brazilian curly hair. We have many types of hair extensions such as weft hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, long natural hair. Our main markets are Nigerian hair vendors, UK hair vendors, US, Canada, Russia, Europe.

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There are four main steps to start a hair business, but none of you may know keep watching to the end for clear directions before starting. You need to determine which you want your business to be wholesale, hair, vendors factories or wholesale hair vendors resellers. The basic difference between them is that wholesale hair vendor factories are the ones that directly manufacture hair extensions products, while wholesale hair vendor resellers cannot, but they just import here and resell them. The advice is that you should choose to be the wholesale hair vendor resellers, because this option is simple and less costly than the other get into four steps. We have step one two business research at the beginning. You should care about your hair sources. I will talk about three markets: asian european and american ones. We have the biggest wholesale hair vendor factories in asia. You must have heard about china, india and vietnam, as three biggest countries in importing here. Indian here comes from temples where women strip their hair to express their belief. For god, all hair is a mess and unshorted, so the quality is not assured. Other countries like china, myanmar and cambodia, also import these cheap hair for reselling at a higher price. Even south american countries buy hair from china, india and cambodia and sell them with another name, brazilian or peruvian hair attentions, but in vietnam, taking advantage of the abandoned vietnamese hair stresses hair factories always make sure to give the best quality hair to clients they use 100. Human hair for products and process them with high technique, but the hair provides is reasonable. If you are on a high bucket and ask for luxury hair quality, the european market is the place. You should come to read the article for price in details. There are two kinds up here: you need to know: human hair and synthetic hair as the names imply human hair is haircut from 100 percent. Human hair, including virgin hair, remy, hair and non-dreamy hair. Synthetic hair or man-made hair is not natural hair and it will wear out after a period of time based on hair types. We have wrapped ponytail, hair tensions, cleaving tape or tippings closure or frontal hair tensions and weak, b2b or business to business is a great choice for your new hair company. You can get some benefits from this type of shooting. However, you also need to know some considerable factors affecting b2b wholesale hair vendors to consider them step 2 make business decisions. Firstly, you need to answer the question: who are your potential wholesale buyers? Secondly, decide on a major market place where you can sell goods and get profit totally be aware of other wholesale hair vendors competitors last but not least, decide what to sell. You can choose the cheapest or the most high quality hair attentions, but the best way is to make both of them other than everything you have done. You need to pay attention to some tips as follows: number one: real-life reliable suppliers number two know how to get a bargain number three learn about customer behaviors to know how to attract them to your products. Step 3 build a detailed plan on this step. You need to list all of them on your business plan and prepare all needed resources, such as time, money, location and human resources. Moreover, you need to plan for your business appearance like logo, brand name or slogan. The last, but most important in long term, is plan for finance and unexpected risks number four carry out the plants after preparing everything, all you need to do is carry them out one by one. If your plan is detailed enough, you may encounter less obstacles during the implementation process. Foreign

Antonio Mayra: I am very hopeful about this product and want to save up for one. If it works as well as it seems it could change my life. I watched K-hair tutorials back in the day and now I suffer from hair loss. I’m interested to know how I can get a perfect color match.

Asare Martha: do y’all do student discounts? I’m a broke college student, but I have been eyeing these extensions for forever

Chase Chevy: I'm super late to the party, but I have SUPER thin hair because of a thyroid disorder. I'm wondering if this will work for me or if my hair is just too thin...

Elizah Owusu: Do you guys have any discount codes?

dustin hoffman: Can you do a video about how to place an order? I am new to this business and don't know how to start

Dyslys h: Will I be able to put my hair up in a bun or a ponytail while having them on?

Esther Kawisha: I am from Nigeria. But my client is from UK. Do you ship to UK? Or i need to receive your hair in Nigeria then ship it to UK myelf.

gardner ava: Can your natural straight hold curls very well? I want to curl the hair myself? I don't want the hair to be steamed

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