Apeasex Hair 18' Human Hair Extensions. 10 Pcs/Set With 22 Clips

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Straight Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair Soft Brazilian Virgin Straight Human Hair Extensions Clip Ins for Black Women Double Lace Weft Natural Black Color 18 Inch 120g 10 Pcs with 22 Clips https://a.co/d/h0OJgZb

Cost $49.99 plus an additional 15% off. We all should have this. Go purchase now


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Hello folks and welcome back so I just want to come in and just really say thank you for watching this video um. This is um a collab with a P6 and I received this hair complimentary. This is 18 inch. Human hair, clip-ins folks. This is an Amazon purchase um, so I say yes, this is definitely a go. Go out, purchase it's very affordable and it's so easy to install um after this clip is the video showing um the installation. Yes, I was looking a little crazy, but you know I went from crazy to this. Yes, folks definitely go out and purchase if you're just looking for that quick install, you know you have somewhere to go and you don't want to wear that wig, because here, where we live, it is hot and you just want to snatch that thing off. But with these no it's a go so folks check them out. It'S a P6 uh. This is an Amazon purchase 18 inch. Clip-Ins, yes, go check them out hello purse junkies and welcome back to another amazing video. So today, I'm coming to you with a review from. Is it a six, a ps6 that is a-p-e-a-s-e-x hair? This is 100 human hair 18 inch um. These are actually clip-ins, and I said you know what I think I'm gon na give them a try. So this is a review. I received this item complimentary um from my review. Suppose we're gon na get into it. I'M gon na try this as a just straight um hair down, but the style that I really want to try with this is a ponytail, so we're gon na get into this review we're gon na look at the hair. This is the first time I've pulled this hair out of the package, so we're gon na do this together and let's see what it comes with poo poo, because there are some goodies in here. Okay, so we have some bands. It looks like, and I thought there were some pins yes and some pins, and then you have this, so it gives you ideas on how you can style the hair. What scenarios can hair extensions be applied to? How do I properly maintain these hair extensions and can I use heat on this and the question is the answer is Pete? Yes, you can use heat, however, you know be careful with the washing. It says, because you know, as with any type of hair, that you purchase human hair, synthetic hair when you wash it a lot, it's gon na change. So just like the hair that comes out of your head, so oh whoa, she is nice and soft, I'm liking. This, oh wow, okay, come through now all right, so I am going to cut this and folks. Please excuse me with the sniffles, as I have a cold, I come back from vacation with a cold. That'S it but we're gon na go ahead and we're gon na clip this off and we're gon na get into this review. I'M excited because my hair is really thin, so I'm always looking for ways to make it full. But you know, as you all know, when you do weaves and things of that nature, it will tear your hair out and, as you all can see, my my ends are thinning and this is perfect because look look. What I want to do is something like and I'll show you put them here like going across like so, and just creating a nice ponytail, but we're gon na see that's what I would like to do with it, and this is what it's looking like. This is the West and it's not thick, so I think it is going to look well really nice. So let's get an up close in person. Look at this look at the quality of the hair better, but oh well, and then it just comes in different sizes, which is so so. If I have to get Fuller in certain areas, you know my niece is the master of putting in clippings, but I'm going to figure this out. Look at this. Oh wow. Folks, look at this all right, so we're gon na get started. I'M trying to figure out how am I going to style my hair and listen? I didn't have to have anyone um help me tangle this up, because I could do that all by myself all right, so we have one large piece. Give me one moment: okay, folks. So I'm back so I'll be looking here, because what I want to do, I might try um a style where I just clip them in first to see how it looks. Let'S just do a clip in style um, because I really want to see how that wears and then I will transition into um the ponytail. I have not dyed my hair folks, so please don't come for me. Please don't come for me now. I have a huge you guys know how I roll, although I I still can't see, but I can pretty much have a visual of what to expect so we're going to we're gon na make this do what it do. So I'm thinking the large pieces. So that's one! This is two right all right, so we're going to start from the back we're gon na start from the back and we're just going to part her down in the back and we're going to do large piece. We'Re going to do large portions because, like because, like I said, I want to do a ponytail now I want to see which one is the okay, so we're gon na do this piece here and we're gon na clamp her in the back and hopefully what I Want is, I don't want it to go all the way to the end, because, like I said I want to do a ponytail right, so she can't go all the way to the end, but she snug she's clipping in there. I think I am too far to the end on one side: that's, okay, that's okay, because I can fix it in the end being that this is going to be all right. The first clip-on or a clip in is there, and this is an 18 inch. So folks, we're gon na see how she goes. I'M pretty excited. You know, I'm happy that I have an opportunity to do something something different now, there's no, you know everyone to each his own. How you put your clip-ins in um. This is how I am deciding to put mine in folks, okay, second one, oh she's in there now we're gon na go to the longer pieces here you know, and I know yes there's. No, I'm sorry folks, but please excuse me but, like I said, I came back from vacation with a cold so and these clippings are not going to be said to anyone they're gon na, be here in my head all right. These are long, so I may have to go from one side all the way around to the other. What I'm liking is that they're easy to install um. This is just me putting them on to get a feel now. What I think I'm going to do is take this piece, the second large piece and I'm gon na go the other direction. I know you're like Laura. What is she doing? Trust the process? People trust the process, trust it, because if all I get out of this is a ponytail, then I've succeeded because right about now, definitely not me, but I'm loving these clip-ins all right. Okay, all right! She did go okay. What do you guys think so far? So now what I I is, I have these pieces here left here. So maybe I know people don't come for me, but don't worry when I'm done with this you're having to say she really did that she did the darn thing. Yes, I did yes blind girl. Doing clip-it extensions, crazy huh, but I am loving this all right. What is it? Don'T knock something until you try it. I'M not gon na tell you, try it all right so and, as you see, I'm not coming all the way out to my edges because I do have thin edges um. So I want to be able to you know, style, my hair, and I think what I'll do right here is take one of these smaller pieces like this one and there's a gap right here that down in there perfect right, let's brush this down, let's see how I did considering this was just like a blind girl, um clipping and just sitting here at the vanity. I must say I'm very unpleasantly surprised really to tell you the truth, pleasantly surprised with how it's turned out foreign people. What do you think? What do you think you know, like I said like my edges are thin, so I didn't lay them, but let's, let's do some baby hairs. What do you say? Let'S just for the sake of the video? Let'S just do some baby hairs all right. For the sake of the video now, in order for me to see what it's done or how I look idea, I can't see all right so folks, here's the big, reveal done what. Ladies ladies wait, ladies clip in human hair extensions all right. Folks, let's talk about this, I am legally blind. I have what they call um optic neuropathy extreme severe um. So a lot of a lot that I do is by touch a lot that I do is by touching. This is by touch because, if you saw how I was parting, my hair, but look at it, look at it. Oh listen! If a blind girl can do this, get it you could do it too, look at how it Blended in oh, my goodness. This is absolutely amazing. I am love all right, wigs who I'm gon na. Do some clip-ins give me one moment, folks, okay folks, so I'm back so I just had to get up and go. Take a look in the big mirror, because I really want to see what this hair is um, giving. I absolutely love love it. The only thing that I need to do now is just really um put some heat to just my hair here, and it's a go. It'S a wrap. It was just that simple and when I Tell You Folks, if I can do this just by touch for those of you who have great vision or Vision better than mine, you can make this rock. I am so happy that they reached out to me and gave me this opportunity to do this review um, I would say folks, go out, definitely buy it, get it. It is it's absolutely amazing. I love it. I love the fact that you get you know. So many different pieces and you can layer it. However, you want, as you saw I layered here, then I went to this side this side, this side, I didn't just go, you know to give it that full look and I'm loving it and, like I said I generally probably will wear this in a ponytail, but I can wear it down as well, so folks go out, give them a try um. The link will be in the description box below um. This is a purchase from Amazon and listen. You can't go wrong. I am so happy that I purchased that I was given the opportunity to review this. Like I said this is um human hair 18 inch. This is and honestly I don't need anything more than 18 inch. I'M gon na stop buying. You know 22 24 inch. I'M just gon na buy 18 inches of everything, but I am loving this so folks share with me your thoughts. What do you think do you like it? Like? I said I did not um put heat to my hair, which speaks volumes. I wash my hair. I let it air dry, no heat to the hair and look it just. You can't go wrong, give them a try folks, and I will catch you in the next video once again. Folks. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to like share and comment on the video. Please hit that like button folks as it really helps my channel. I am these new collabs that I'm getting um and I am just I'm at awe or in all with this install that I did myself so folks. If I can do it, so can you I will catch you in the next video bye.

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