Watch Me Attempt The Trending Claw Clip Quickweave #Shorts #Reshinehair #Clawcliphairstyles

Trying the claw clip quick weave on myself, please

EVERYTHING LeANNA: It’s a hell nah for me and she knew that before she posted this damn video please don’t let y’all friend walk out the house looking like that

Sp Battlement: Me at the beginning: it's gonna turn out excellent Me at the end: na the colors ain't giving

Jaliyah_.Nicoleee: it’s ok pookie, keep trying you’ll get there❤️

Bre Love: This is what happens when we see one person with a hairstyle then everyone else wants to do it.

Z'Novia Caldwell: She can braid that's for damn sure but, I don't know about the rest. At least she tried ‍♀️

Tiara C: I trusted the process and I was let down

Brit: Don’t try it again

Anna the best: At that point she should have just put in a lace or just braided all the hair to do something better than this

Athena: Oh my gosh noooo. Colors are way off

QUEEN 👑 JAY: So on nobody ain't going to talk about the edges though

Al3xiaaaaa: Unt Unt

Aesthethicc: Some words of encouragement: NOPE. NEXT.

ᴄᴀʀᴇᴇɴᴀ ♡: It’s giving…Anna and Elsa vibesss Edit 1: Tyssssm for the likes!

Kissis McCrary: Bookie I'll do it tomorrow

•3xclusive•: I really hope she was playing

Kimberly D Thornton: You better get some sleep boo.

Foreverr CocoChenel: It’s giving “if you didn’t want to do the style, just don’t”.

~Cherry girl~: Honestly its pretty its just the colors

pipo839: I would suggest using a edge control or wax to slick down your hair so it appears darker so it will blend in. Or use a hot comb and shine and jam so it is easier to touch up.

TeaDaDon: Silk press before doing this would’ve helped a lot

iAmNiambiShele: *coughs loudly* …but what i CAN say is KEEP THIS SHIHH UP. This channel pays you Bae!♥️

Cinquanta Cox-Smith: I'm glad people weren't as vocal back when I uploaded hair tutorials. I would be bald in a corner. Y'all so mean.

Shay Mami: She started off good, she just needs better products and a hot comb for her roots

Gorgeous Toi: Not her biting her lip at the end like she ate

X DA GOAT: dont let it happen again.

ice penguin: The hair and color was cute everybody just want some laid down edges to finish it off

Jakera Jakera: She know damn well to use a kinky straight or kinky texture hair for that smh ‍♀️

EHerrera: I feel so bad for her. Beautiful you have a head full of hair, you could do so many hairstyles on your hair blown out or in a gel cast

Yacessa O: Well we all can at least say she definitely *did* that,

Malaysha Demeritte: - now she know damn well that looks bad her hair ain't even slicked down properly neither is the weave the right color

SilentStorm1: A 6/10 Ehhh, it's alright sis. Thanks for posting. We'll look for your next vid. So close!!! So close. Thanks again you're awesome!

Devona Winters: Fr fr why y'all let her leave the house like that she should've changed her hair to match first

Jess: I will never trust the process ever again…lol

TOKE DiOR: It’s okay if this is your first time

bricbrac28: I think you needed to press your hair more and maybe try to blend it a little better. But the color scheme was very cute!!

carter amani: y’all act like y’all nvr tried something new before. this is a good first attempt. practice makes perfect

becksxbanks: I don’t know what she thought

The1&only Beautifyingbar: She have to be kidding lol but if not hey it's ok.. practice makes perfect

ChristianGamer: Keep trying

Shy: She tried ❤

Adriana Paulino: I was under the impression that you were going to put them in the front as well.

Alma Vera: Se avessi i capelli come i vostri li terrei sempre sciolti... Avete dei meravigliosi ricci e di certo non li rovinerei stirandoli in continuazione

Kenyara Watson: she should have perm the top as her first time she did a okay job

I Y L I N ⚡️🦋: That shit crunchy

breyaun williams: "Mmm mmm get somebody else to do it”

Yana: I really was trying to trust to process but-

Courtney Clark: Aw man I trusted you but the end failed me

Shareece Wright: What’s going on honey do you not love yourself? Because that was not IT!!

Malaya: I think she’s joking . She’s joking right?

Nichelle: I thought she was about to start slicking the front once i seen her doing the edges

Lynnese LeShawn: A mess awww

Tracy Peprah: Where can i get the ginger bundles

Andi Pres: The edges???

Vegan nn: Now why I thought she really was about to eat, this is what it looks like when you trust the process but you shouldn’t have

cloudy days and soup: the comment section did not pass the vibe check y’all are haters

Marlayah Thomas: You should have put more hair in the back and straightened you hair a little better but the colors are popping

Kye Olukanni-Phelps: It’s a no for me dawg

Randy: Girl that shit a messsssssss

Yusra♡: Name song please

Teshawnna Smith: y she ain’t straighten the front all the way

Liaa .🧿💎: Yall . She tried

BlackWidowRowe: The colors are fine,but she needs to redo the front

Haseena Shabazz: OMG

Amber Logan: Nah sis, I give it a 4

Netty: It’s the hair My niece brought something like that it was cheap and so damn straight it didn’t look like real or synthetic hair. You needed hair that matched your texture. You still beautiful tho.

Lakeisha Wilson: You got to be kidding me ‍♀️

Vicky Williams: I kno she ain't done

Sandra Owens: I can't stop looking at this... its so bad

brittanybananax0: This ain't it. ‍♀️‍♀️

𝘒𝘪𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘺: No no no .

Arriyan Taylor: Why would she flat iron the sides of the pony and not the top…? Like come on man

Rae Chey: Try less leave out next time. The back looked good. You’ll get there with practice

Chelle Belle: Yikes

Tauheedah The Goddess: I can’t see y’all put that glue on y’all bare scalp.

Life with Veaha: Noooooo

Princess: Jesus loves all repent for your sins ❤️ I’m sorry but it’s a no for me

Kyoko Tanaka: It’s a joke you guys.

Shametrice Lanell: Y’all she did say attempt

Ce MilkMaire 🦋🖤:

chaynz41: #NooMa'am

Ella Rodgers: Come on now

Deanna: Yh no they don't match

Vonnie B: Nope....try again! You'll get better.

Rhonnie: Nice technique, wrong color for your hair.

Deondra Shepard: Maybe you should do a curly hair instead of a straight hair

Jazmyne Drakeford: Ooh baby girl…nooo

WhatSheDoing: Your hair is still to curly to match with the hair used.

Ty: That color is so off

Princess Jaye: Ummmmmm that’s all I’m going to say

Charm: Take it df out right df now

Tabitha Moore: It’s cute but the colors are kind of off

Kiyah: U left to much hair in the front

Squeaky Rantz: Naw baby u didn't blend it, the hair texture or color mommas. Everything isn't for everyone. U tried it and see atleast its a no.

elliebrown 🍒🍑: He'll yea girl

Aaliyah Aquino: Guys I think it was a joke

Jolie.19: Hmmm

Siya sims: No

Raiana Smith: This looks a mess

Mání Monét:

AYLA SIMS: I don’t like it. I thought you were gonna do the top more too lol

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