Custom Color Clip-In Extensions

How to color custom clip in extensions.

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Hey y'all watch me use big and easy color to make some face. Framing clippings I saw y'all going to store and ask for Beijing and they pointed y'all to the maps. Y'All, that's vegan! Oh, look at all the helpful goodies. That'S a two-way applicator brush instructions. Of course, a two-part cream formula gloves and oh my God, a deep conditioner vegan - has the best deep, conditioner, okay empty the two part formula into the provided bowl at mix, mix, mix, mix, listen, don't be stingy when applying you want to make sure every strand is Covered and foils aren't necessary when you're applying this to your hair. They made it easier for you to see what I'm doing this is after rinsing the product out, and this is the money shot. Ladies and gentlemen, listen this honey boy has me on a whole nother level. Words! Don'T do this look Justice to me like I am so happy with the way this turned out. The link to the products I used is in my bio, and I hope you all try this out at home. Bye

Corinth Stark: You look great love how the hair turned out looks natural

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